This Was Just The Perfect New Year’s Eve

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Dec 30th 2016 8 PM

Sister: What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

Me: I haven’t really decided yet. I have my office tomorrow, perhaps party with people from the Office. You got plans?

Sister: Yes I’d be celebrating with Kanav’s Family.

(For people who are not familiar with the name, Kanav is my to-be brother-in-law.)

Me: Wow! Sounds great! Have fun.

Dec 31st 2016 2 PM

Me: Guys, what are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Let us go somewhere?

Naren: I’ll be partying with my roommates.

Suraj: I have to come to the office tomorrow, so I don’t have any plans as such. I’d go with Harish, take a shot or two and sleep.

Manyu: Nothing much. My girlfriend has demanded a party as most of her friends are going. So, I’ll be taking her somewhere. Let’s see. Anyway, I don’t understand one thing, tomorrow, if all her friends start using the salutation ‘Dr’, will she also start doing the same?

Me: Nevermind (he could have created his own PKP saga)

Nayan: I’m going to my cousin’s place in Rohini.

**Everybody is doing something, they all got plans. What the hell am I going to do? Why on Earth do I not have plans ready, ever? **

Before any of you have second thoughts, let me replace the doubts with clarity.

It’s not that people didn’t ask me for the New Year’s Eve, many did but I refused. My refusal was based on two grounds;

First, I am not really a good friend with them that I give them a passing score of 5+ on the scale of 0-10 in terms of reliability and safety. Second, I just didn’t feel like going with them. I suppose, that’s a reason good enough.

With my eyes staring at the walls and sliding down to the laptop screen, and thoughts swirling, in fact, eventually storming inside my head, one thing was certain; I wasn’t even tad bit sad or gloomy. I was in a perplexed state, trying to figure out a way of the ‘What will I do’ dilemma; but even if I had to spend the New Year’s Eve alone at my PG, I was fine with it. I was absolutely comfortable with the thought of not having anything to do on New Year’s Eve and it didn’t invoke anger or anxiety in me. I was cheerful and contented; maybe it was supposed to be one of my happy days and not amongst the ones when my mood literally sits on a seesaw and abashedly slides up and down, exploring the extremes of the mysterious island.

Throughout the day was filled with laughter, and excitement of the weirdly complicated year ending and a new journey on the verge of beginning.

Dec 31st, 2016 6.45 PM

Everyone started to wrap up to rush to their New Year parties (or plans, whatever 😉 ). I was in no mood to leave early, so I continued my work until the phone beeped.

*One New Message*

Himanshu: What’s your plan for the evening?

Me: Nothing! Working throughout the night, maybe.

*Message Received*

Himanshu: Why don’t you come with me?

Me: To where?

*Phone Ringing*

Himanshu: Hey, will figure out something. You’ll have a wonderful end to the year, you have my word. Chalo?

Me: Okay. I’ll take an hour’s time as I am still in the office.

Himanshu: I’ll come to pick you up. Be ready by 8.

NOTE: Again, for the ones who don’t know Himanshu (name changed), he’s the most reliable man I know. Therefore, there were no second thoughts.

I wound up all the work and rushed to my place. In a jiffy, I washed my face and the search for the answer to “What should I wear” began. Replicating the same scenes as Bollywood shows, I found myself digging through my cupboard and throwing out the clothes, though not on the ground, but on the bed. Finally, I found the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress). All dressed up and dolled up,

I wore the LBD with Boots and Overcoat, along with my favorite Fuchsia Pink Lip color.

Dec 31st, 2016 8 P.M.

*Phone Ringing*

Himanshu: Hey, I’m downstairs. Are you ready?

Me: I’ll be there in 5minutes.

I walked downstairs and stepped out the main gate. Himanshu was waiting outside his car with his face on the opposite side of me.

Me: Hey, unlock the door.

Himanshu: Hey, you are so dressed up and dolled up. You look so pretty.

Me: Thanks *blush*

Started our journey on the utterly unromantic, brimming roads of Gurgaon to find a place that could accommodate us in the rush hour of the last evening of theTravelingvelling through the roads of Sector 17 to Sector 30 and then, finally entering the jam-packed roads of Sector 29, we were pretty certain that we won’t get a parking spot. Thanks to Himanshu’s driving and parking skills, he nailed the spot, just right.

Dec 31st 2016 8.30 P.M.

Himanshu: Will you be able to walk till the market? It’s a few steps away.

Me: Of course. I’m not in heels.

Himanshu: I mean you are wearing a dress, anyway.

Me: Don’t worry. Let’s go.

Ten minutes after entering the market, we found ourselves hopping different clubs with the motive of being able to hit upon one that could serve us with good food, good booze and good music. After taking almost half a round, we shortlisted two – The Factory and Sasural. Those of you who have been to Sector 29 would understand the contrasting options we had. With countless thoughts and discussions, we obviously made the wrong decision. Yes, Sasural it was. Since, it was a pre-paid entry we had no choice but to stay there. The first thought that came to me was “It is exactly like aj mere yaar ki shadi hai”. There was an indoor floor and also an outdoor one, which indeed was the element that triggered our decision in favor of Sasural.

The music was strictly Bollywood. No, wait. It was accompanied by the Bhojpuri ones. Let me list a few songs to give you an unmistakable picture of my excitement on the dance floor:

  • Tune Maari Entriyaan toh dil me baji ghantiyan
  • Munni Badnaam hui Darling Tere Liye
  • The Lipishtik Song – Jab lagawe tu lipishtik, hillela saara district
  • And the epic, Tinku Jiya

There were Punjabi songs playing as well. Considering my Punjabi background, and my incessant enthusiasm for dancing, this had been the craziest dance party ever, although, I feel Tinku Jiya could have been omitted from the playlist. Nevertheless, I was enjoying thoroughly. Not being sarcastic, just fanciful 😉 !

From decent boys seeking the pleasure to dance with me to putting down their offers, exchanging eye-contacts with the NSPs (Nain Sukh Prapti) to shouting and dancing my life out on the most hysterical dance numbers ever, I felt absolutely elated with every single part of the evening. It was turning out to be a great end to the year, plus it was the first time in 22 years (you just got my age :p) that I was partying outside on New Year’s Eve.

We kept hopping into the indoors and outdoors of Sasural party zones, laughing at some and adoring others for their fanatical drunk behavior. The dinner was delicious and so was Gajar Ka Halwa. We were on the dining tables when the countdown began.

Among the countless screams and yells, I heard 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

Everyone started to exchange greetings in the form of hugs and kisses. Himanshu and I hugged and wished each other a happy journey for the New Year. We ran to the dance floor as it was supposed to be the last song of the night, “Bappu Zamindar” it was.

I called my sister and parents and wished them a beautiful year 2017. Himanshu dropped me home at 12.40 A.M. I was so drained out that I rushed to the room and slept.

It was the most perfect end to the New Year’s Eve.

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