The Beautiful Raw Moments…

Once upon a time, under the wintry clear sky and innumerable twinkling stars,

Amidst the chaoticness of life, one of the most incredible things happened.


As I quietly studied the messages on my phone, my face gleamed with a peaceful smile, 

Shedding the insecurities and revealing the imperfections, we walked on to define ‘Raw’


It was perhaps just another night, yet I noticed the beauty of it more than ever,

In the freezing winter season, I could feel the heart melt to the sound of him.


The days passed, as they do… and the nights became frozen than ever,

Yet, nothing seemed to have changed for us; we talked each other to sleep.


Waking up to his ‘Morning babe’ text each morning, and the warmth of his voice,

He never forgets to bring me my favorite Roses, even though he knows his talks are enough.


Freezing bike rides, hot evening coffees, cushy car drives and the quiet things…

We were two authentic people trying to make sense of the beautiful raw moments.


He tends to unravel my mysteries and decipher emotions that pass through my eyes.

I just adore the way he notices the little things even when they aren’t that noticeable.


With the fondness in his eyes, dominion in his touch and the innocence in his gestures,

Each day he continues to cast the secret spell to bind me to him for hours endlessly.