Marriage Diaries Chapter III – Shagan Night

Marriage Diaries of Charu Bhateja Shagan Function

Just a night prior to the morning we had to leave was Mehndi, implying we had a fun and tiresome night. With all our family members coming together, dancing and drowning in the joys of marriage, there I was, strangled in the melodramatic thoughts of her leaving me and opting for a new roommate (her husband). Nevertheless, I felt emotional and excited, all at once.

We wrapped up the function by midnight; however, since we had to leave for Delhi at five in the morning, we planned to clean the house as the floor marble seemed to be engraved with Mehndi. Ahh! I, mom and my first cousin managed to clean the house and by one we were all set to doze a little. But of course, decorated with the divine designs of henna, my sister could barely understand how to place her body in a resting mode. The mehndi boy had directed to remove henna after two and so I, with eyes almost shutting and mind transplanting itself to hibernation mode, chose to give her company till the divinity crafted on her hand exemplified the love of her husband.

April 13th, 2017 6 A.M.
Mom: Wake up, we are late. It’s seven already.

Me: Eyes wide open, body half unconscious… Staring at my mom trying to understand what’s going on. *Epiphany hits*. We have to leave for Delhi. It’s her Shagan function today.

Blanket thrown aside, on my feet to rush to the washroom, looked at the wall clock five minutes to six it displayed. **Mom will be Mom**

We had booked one traveler and two cars, everyone seemed to get ready by seven and the house was not at all hushed up.

“Start moving the bags outside the house, we need to keep them in the traveler”, said elder cousin.

“On it bhaiya” I said.

My lane is a bit narrow, cars can come inside but traveler would find it difficult to make an about turn or even reverse for that matter. So, we were all making rounds dragging the bags, some lifting them and others with sweets boxes and if at all there’s a doubt about how many bags did we have approximately thirty-five.

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April 13th, 2017 7:30 A.M.

Mom to Dad: “We have to reach today, not after the function”

Dad said nothing and sped up his chores.

April 13th, 2017 7:45 A.M.

We were all in our respective seats, some in the traveler, some settled in the cars, we left for Delhi Cantt. The journey had been smooth and a little sleepy as we were all tired and had to stay up the entire night almost. And for the next two nights, things seemed no different.

**Marriages are serious ceremonies. We invest our time, energy, money and most importantly, our emotions in a two-day affair, in Punjabis stretched and made into a five- day extravagant affair.**

April 13th, 2017 3:00 P.M.

We reached the destination, Chief Engineers Mess, Delhi Cantt. We had our lunch and started settling into the rooms. We had booked 10 rooms in the officer’s residence and since they were given only for functions, only our family was there. Rest of the rooms were locked. It was nicely constructed a three-storied building in the shape of a circle with rooms at the boundary and the inside of the circle was filled with greenery with a lovely fountain in the middle. The rooms were almost as spacious as honeymoon suites and that helped us refresh ourselves in a jiffy. Some took a little nap, some unpacked stuff a little and then started off to get ready as the function had to start at six in the evening.

April 13th 2017 7:00 P.M.

Shagan, in punjabis, is a function where you exchange gifts with the other party (here, Kanav’s family) and show it off to the world. Here’s the catch. Although, it is said to be exchange of gifts, often than not, it’s mostly one party giving and the other party receiving. Accompanied by dance, drinks and hell lot of drama, shagan is one of the most in-demand functions in a Punjabi wedding.

We entered the hall, me, with my sister. And of course, we were the center of attraction. No, I’m lying here, she was the one. She had to be the one and that night, she, undeniably, was an enormously gorgeous thing. I saw my brother-in-law look at her and swoon in her love all over again. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and couldn’t wait to sit next to her on the crown.

Marriage Diaries of Charu Bhateja Shagan Function
The Bride – Charu Bhateja
Marriage Diaries of Charu Bhateja Shagan Function
Bride’s sister – *Me*

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Oh, did I not mention that my Brother-in-law is one of the most handsome men I have ever come across in my life? I just did 😉

**I’ll share his picture in the next and last chapter – Marriage Diaries Chapter IV – Kanav Ki Dulhaniya**

The larke-wale had prepared a dance performance and so did we. Everyone danced like crazy and some drank like crazy, same thing! We were thrilled, at the same time, tired and a little worried. The next day was marriage, and we wanted everything to be perfect, being a larki-wala does come with a bit of default tension and consciousness. But over anything else, we were happy rather delighted to have such a good family for my sister.

The clock struck 12! And her wedding day started …

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Marriage Diaries Chapter II – Beautiful & Emotional

Marriage Diaries Chapter II - Beautiful & Emotional

Since, the main marriage ceremony is to be held in Delhi, we threw a lunch function for the people of the town. We, of course, had invited everyone, the relatives, friends and acquaintances. The rationale behind the function was to treat people who might not be able to make up till Delhi to attend the marriage.

The function had to start with a Sundarkand Paath followed by grand lunch (with Dj of course!) The paath had to commence at nine o’ clock in the morning. However, since a few relatives stayed back on the night prior, we slept around four in the morning and therefore, got up late. Though my parents were up on time and were all ready, we, the Bhateja sisters, were a little drowsy and lazy. It wasn’t truly laziness, lethargy is the word! More so, I had been on my feet the entire night to serve dinner and change the music for the kids. I don’t know how I managed to put the nail paint in the middle of everything. Nevertheless, we were all dolled up by ten o’ clock, my sister towards a little more glamorous side, obviously. We reached the hotel by 10.30 A.M. Okay, so just to clear out the confusion, pooja and lunch both were held at the hotel. The pooja/paath was scheduled from nine to twelve and post that the lunch was supposed to happen.

charu bhateja in green dress marriage function
Charu Bhateja (to-be-bride)
Ritika Bhateja wearing blue dress In Charu Bhateja's Marriage
That’s me, of course!

Now, since the paath started an hour late, we had presumed it would wind up an hour later, which didn’t happen as it continued till 2 P.M. Here’s the funny part, though, we had invited everyone for the paath and lunch (clearly mentioned on the wedding card, supported by my father’s personal calls to almost each one of the relatives), no one, apart from our family members showed up before one o’ clock. So, to infer, most of them had planned to just have lunch, as they must have calculated that even if the paath gets prolonged, they still are going late by an hour. These are elders, I’m talking about! Anyway! God, on the other hand, was smarter 😉 and therefore, almost everyone was present during the aarti.

The Beautiful and Emotional Part

Just before the aarti, panditji asked me to distribute rose petals to everyone and announced that no one will shower them before the aarti. Once the aarti got over, he asked everyone to settle down and said, “The to-be-bride is sitting here, and on behalf of her, I want to apologize everyone for the mistakes she has ever committed, forgive her and shower your blessings on her for a successful married life.

Everyone came towards her and sprinkled the rose petals and in that moment she personified glory for me. She was surrounded with rose petals, one of the most beautiful sights ever! My sister was one pristine sight! Dressed in a light green gown adorned with silver stones, she dazzled with the rose petals, literally encircling her. And such blessings made us cry, however, I was the only one who didn’t break down but as I turned and saw my Dad, Mom and sister shed tears, I couldn’t hold back mine. We experienced bliss 🙂

Post that we moved over for lunch, which was arranged in another hall. I felt mature as I asked everyone if they had lunch or if they needed anything and that they have to be there on the wedding. With folded hands, I bid everyone goodbye and conveyed my thankfulness for coming. The food was amazing as everyone mentioned and the Dj was fun too. We had kept the function in Hotel Deep Residency again, as in the case of her Roka. Everything turned out beautiful and perfect 🙂

We are leaving for Delhi tomorrow, where we have Shagan and Marriage! Bags packed! Sleepless night! Bhateja Sahab ki Shadi!

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