Walked on Different Paths …

Walked on Different Paths ...

The night has almost reached its pinnacle,

And the sleep doesn’t seem to embrace my eyes…


As I lie down on my bed under the warm blanket,

I feel the void of sleeping to your voice over the call…


My uncontrollable anger, you mentioned, was the problem,

But with every problem comes the solution of “understanding” …


I did believe in the beautiful mess that existed between us,

For it made sense to me more than the routine life…


You elected to not perform the only act we did with perfection,

You chose to not talk it out with me but narrate a decision…


Perhaps, you didn’t want to resolve it rather decide otherwise,

For once in all these days did I miss the “talking” between us…


Had I been aware there would be unpleasant moments,

I would have refrained you from entering my world…


However, now that we choose to walk on different paths,

Here’s something I want you to know, I’ll be there for you like you always did…

I Opened Up To You Even Though I Knew Better

A Girl Who Opened up to her boyfriend

I succumbed to you, despite the fact that I knew you weren’t right.

When I initially met you, I knew you would give me inconvenience. Something about that sassy grin. Something about the way you snickered and made jokes. Something about the way you took a gander at me. Something about the way you influenced me to feel. I knew you aren’t right.

I figure the most noticeably awful part is that I was cautioned about men like you – the smooth talkers, the loving backstabbers, the ones whose appeal can veil their most profound and darkest goals. What’s more, despite the fact that the signs were all over the place, waving their brilliant warnings, imploring me to pivot and to go no further, I disregarded them with expectations of demonstrating the Universe as wrong.

I Opened Up To You.

I could converse with you about anything. You supported me even when I was unaware that I required it. Some way or another you influenced me to surmise that you were what I was searching for. Not just that, you kissed me and revealed to me I was gorgeous and that I was what you were searching for. You made me believe that we’re meant for each other.

With each warm touch and with each promising and motivating word, I let you tear down my walls. And with every message you sent me, and every call you made to me, you let me trust that you were digging in for the long haul; that you were genuine.

Yet, now, as I lay here in my bed, alone, knowing very well indeed that you are out there setting your lure for the next, I’m proud that I understood your game before becoming a victim. You saw me as an amusement to be played. An empire to be conquered.

I knew you couldn’t have cared as much as you said or as much as your false signals would persuade. Be couldn’t I notice all of it much before? I could but I chose not to. I needed to absorb the sentiments of adoration. I needed to be a piece of something so gravely that I nearly risked myself.

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 You Weren’t One Amongst The Typical Bad Guys

You didn’t endeavor to hurt me or persuasively take my credulous heart. You were crafty and by one means or another persuaded me to offer it to you. Had I not been cautious enough, you would have rested my heart in your trophy case next to others.

 Here’s what I Want You To Know Player

I have stolen a large portion of my heart back, yet there is a part of me that needs you to keep that last piece.

Because I’m certain that one day when I discover the love I’m searching for, you’ll feel the guilt of deception, the guilt of being savagely selfish.  I need you to take a gander at yourself and consider how you could be so cold as to treat me as you did; to lose me.

I need you to keep that little bit of me as a reminder that you once broke me… But I was more grounded. I collected myself, pulled out this and I discovered bliss regardless of your constant efforts to torment me with your moving in and out of the relationship every now and then.

 You may have been sufficiently strong to break me, however I wasn’t weak either. 

Yet, in the event that it never happens, that you never realize what you made me suffer through, in the event that you never lament how things finished, I need you to realize that I’m glad. Happy without you. I’m proud of myself for being strong enough to move out of the toxic relationship before it was too late. I’m glad that I could move on with life even after all this. This contentment that I feel is the thing that drives me to continue making the most of my life regardless of you. It gives me trust in my capacity to continue walking ahead.

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A Girl Who Learned To move on over her boyfriend
Source: Pixabay

 What’s more, on the off chance that you never consider thinking about me again? Well, I trust you realize that I too intend to overlook you.

Gradually yet definitely, you’ve just begun to blur from my memories. Your scent, the feeling of your touch on my skin, your chuckle – it’s every one of the somewhat dimmer than it was some time back. I will overlook the surface parts of you, yet I will never forget how you broke me. Also that, how strong I was to overcome the game I was almost trapped into.

I think I see now the energy of intuition. First impressions aren’t always right, but the gut is never wrong.

Five Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

Things you should never say to your boyfriend

Each one of us here craves for a perfect relationship which has excellent communication as its base. But ever wondered if telling everything has some ill effects?

To have a healthy and happy relationship, you must figure out the things that are better left unsaid. Yes, good communication and transparency are required, but at times this becomes the sole reason for the clinginess between you two. Now, we aren’t saying that cheat on your partners, but for some shared benefits avoid telling almost everything irrelevant that pops into your head.

To prevent the hustle of sorting the stuff about what to tell and what not we have listed a few things you should never tell your boyfriend.

1. Your friend is HOT

Would you like if he does the same? Of course not! You would burn into flames then why to make him feel insecure? He and only he should be in your mind. Yes, window shopping is no harm, even if you do keep it to yourself.

2. This is what my EX has also done

Things you should never say to your boyfriend
Mars vs. Venus
Never make the mistake of comparing your present partner with your ex. Surely there might be a big reason for why your ex is your ex and not your present. Leave him there itself. Now, you have a new person who loves you. Guys hate being compared, especially with your ex.

3. The cliched “We need to talk”

Things you should never say to your boyfriend

If you start a conversation with these wordings your boyfriend might get defensive. This would make him jump to wrong conclusions resulting in tiffs between you two.

4. You need to work on your stamina

Charles Sledge

It’s okay if you want him to improve his skills in bed but saying this straightforwardly to him will surely break his heart. Moreover, this will make him feel less manly. So instead of saying exactly these words, you could rephrase it by saying “Why don’t WE join the gym, after all its good to be healthy.”

5. You are immature

Things you should never say to your boyfriend

A single line of yours and he will transform into a man walking on a grave. In return to this, he might bash you on behaving like his mom and being extra careful. Moreover, inside you also want a blend of spoiled child and a sober man.

So, zip your lock when necessary and cherish the essence of the beautiful bond that you share with your boyfriend!

7 Reasons Why Girls Choose Friends Over Boyfriends

The tiff between Friends and Boyfriends is never ending. The former has been with her through all the roller-coaster rides of her life while the other has bought an all new meaning to her life. To choose between these 2 gems has never been easy, but it seems girls value their friendship more than their love relationships.

So, before you get into a relationship with your dream girl, make sure she doesn’t have a best friend, I mean definitely not the one in Pyar Ka Punchnama. Have a look at the reasons which convey why girls are inclined more towards their friends. And you never know, these might act as best relationship tips for you.

A peep into the psychology of Girls:

1) Friendship is forever

Once a girl has chosen her soul-sister, dare you to replace her! They might fight like cats but in hard times you would watch them being each other’s back. Oh! Just to be a clear, a girl never finds a soul-brother in her best male friend. Fights with best friends are free from any knots whereas a single fight with the boyfriend can ruin the fairytale dreams.

Source: Pexels.com

2) Deeply entrenched in each other’s life

Friends have been stuck to her for obviously a longer period of time and anybody would place their old relations above the new ones. From her grunge and gross dress up as a teen to a perfectly dressed adult, they have seen it all. Although, there’s no denial that boyfriends can do romantic things to melt their women’s heart, but friends steal the show often.

3) The lightness of mind and soul

When compared to long hours spent with boyfriends, even a few minutes with friends feel more honest and relaxed. She is an open book in front of her friends. Moreover, she can share anything and everything with them. Therefore, being loyal is not a big task for her.

Source: BollywoodShadis.com

4) The Rescuers

After all the pebbles that life has thrown at her, she has got her friends to bring her back together. Boyfriends might become ‘ex’ but friends are never getting older. Be it the scolding of her parents or a fight with boyfriend, she finds home in her friend’s hug.

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5) A Bucket full of Weirdness

All crazy and quaky things find their place in her friend’s lap. She can be drenched in foolishness and still no one would judge her. They have their own humorous dancing steps on the world’s weirdest yet funniest songs. Her A-rated talks find a higher level when she is with her gang.

6) No need of space

Most of the fights in a relationship revolve around the space each partner need. They quarrel over minimal things results in a tensed atmosphere. But with friends, you need no space as you already have the freedom of speech and action.

Source: Bollywoodshadis.com

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7) Friends are Family

Friends spend long hours in her house doing nothing as if it is their own house and her parents are their parents. Also, with passing days they become a part of her family, while on the other hand, she needs to think hundred times before bringing her boyfriend to meet her parents.

6 Absolutely Not-To-Do Things On Valentine’s Day

Not to do things on Valentine- A fault by defaul

Valentine’s Day is here and if you are in a relationship, you must be planning to spend it with your better half! It’s a day when millions of couples showcase levels of extravagance and waste countless amounts on things that don’t even make sense. As a result, all you are left with is empty pockets and to add to it, your partner’s incessant nagging.

So, here’s presenting 6 not-to-do things on Valentine’s Day! For all the happy couples out there, read on!

  1. Presenting a bouquet of Flowers: During Valentine’s the price of Flowers goes high, thanks to their superfluous demand. Instead of spending lump sums on flowers, opt for something useful. One red rose usually has the same impact.
  2. Overkilling The Heart-Shaped. Although, there is a wide assortment of heart-shaped gifts displayed in almost every store, but gifting everything heart shaped is exaggerating the feel of Valentine’s.
  3. Planning An Anonymous Valentine’s Surprise. ‘Really? What’s the point of gifting your partner something anonymously? Adding to the suspense and giving surprise? So, making them feel excited about a secret lover that as per them is not you, is exciting? I see!
  4. Proposing For Marriage Doing something just because that sounds romantic can be adventurous! So, brace yourselves! Rethink the major decisions and do it after analizying the same.
  5. A Simple Dinner Date. Going to a restaurant and eating together – how romantic! Watching 10 other couples doing the exact same thing is, indeed, so idealistic. Come on, plan something better than just a simple dinner time stuff.
  6. Making Pinky Promises. It’s time you grow up and act maturely. What good will those promises do when you are not looking forward to a committed relationship? On the other hand, if you already share one, what is the need of promises? Sounds fair?

If you end up by following the tips and excluding the things that fell under any of the points above, you are definitely going to have a rocking Valentine’s Day!

5 Hidden Secrets Girls will keep on forever!

Well, girls are complicated! And let us just accept it that way. But despite of this whole ‘complication’ saga and a lot more similar stuff, we somehow build a confined mind-set for women. And we start thinking that we know them in and out!

No wonder, we have dark hidden deep secrets that we want to keep on forever! There are things that we never want you to know. There are many, many more things that we ladies keep as secret from men:

  1. We don’t have commitment issues. But the whole marriage thing freaks us all!

3053144922. Yes, we love food! Let me repeat, we love food. After all, that’s what adds all that weight at the right places… 😉


3. The majority of us don’t really care about how much money you make as long as you are emotionally available.


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4. We don’t consider drunk kissing cheating…but consider sex with another man cheating


5. We relish our individuality and “me” time more than you’ll ever know


So, when you have read through the secrets, you must have realized how different a woman is, than the way you presumed her to be. Basically, understanding a woman is not the trick, In fact, it was never one. Oscar Wilde rightly said, “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.”

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle an Intense Woman

The more intense she is, harder it becomes for her to find someone who can handle a relationship with her. She might be slightly intimidating because she brings intensity and passion to the table. Her emotions are profound and so are her thoughts. She is never indifferent about things that matter to her. She goes out on a number of dates but at some point in time, the relationship fails to grow any further. And here’s why:

1. She asks deep questions. Because of the kind of intensity she possesses, she probes further into a man’s life and asks questions that he may not be prepared to answer. She will dig deeper and ask serious and philosophical questions – she does not enjoy a shallow conversation.

serious discussion between a man and intense woman

2. She is honest.Well yes! In fact brutally honest – right on the face. An intense woman takes her integrity very seriously and one thing is clear, if you ask her something, she’ll tell you the truth and only truth.

An honest intense woman

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3. She knows what she wants. An intense woman knows exactly what she wants and there, is something undeniably sexy about such a woman. She’ll know it right away if she likes a man or doesn’t and would not be seen struggling with it.

the woman who knows what she wants

4. She wants an intense and passionate relationship.She wants to have long beautiful conversations about life, about career, and about love. She is looking for something more than just hanging around. She wishes to add value to a man’s life.

a woman who wants a serious relationship

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5. She is not afraid of intimacy.This might come as a surprise to you but it indeed is true. She is not afraid of getting closer or risking getting hurt. For her, depth and intimacy go hand in hand and she will always treasure the splendor of intimacy in relationships.

6. She sees through a Man.Yes! She sees through her man in depth and as bold as it sounds, her character is indeed the same. She is not the one to hold back from pointing out what she sees in him or how well she can read him.

a woman who Sees through things

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7. She craves for consistency.This needs to be noted down. This woman gets completely turned off by inconsistency. She desires a strong connection and a solid bond and she knows that consistency is the foundation of that bond. She is not there to participate in the dating games. She’s looking for more!

an intense woman asking for consistency

8. She won’t wait for him.She will not wait for him to make up his mind or watch he be hesitant about her. She is a strong and bold woman and will not invest her emotions on someone who doesn’t appreciate her depth.


5 Things MEN Expect You To Know But Are Afraid To Tell You!

Dear Girls,

Men are said to be simple but with experience, we all have realized they too come under the category – ‘Complicated’ and hence, often that not, keeping your man’s interest to the pinnacle in the relationship, becomes one hell of a task. Gradually, the excitement fades away and so does the relationship. The sole question that needs to be answered here is:

What is it that keeps the man allied to his lady? 

Well, the answer to this is the FIVE rule policy that men expect us to be familiar with but are afraid to tell us:

1. Men need their Personal Space

Like every individual, your guy too needs his space – Please allow him. He knows his responsibilities towards you and the relationship but he has a life away from the ‘two of you’ as well. Understand and accept it! Instead of forcing him into the relationship, let him come to you willingly and with his intent. Men might not say it clearly but they want it.

man and his girl arguing over his personal space

2. Heard about Male-Ego? Yes! That exists!

The nastiest of all and the much thorny one to accept but however tough it appears, there is no escape from it. Male-Ego very much exists and no man has ever been able to conquer that. No matter what you do, just don’t hurt his ego and I repeat, don’t hurt his ego. You need to play the manipulation game to get it in your favor; else the ball will go to somebody else’s court. And you thought your man will say this to you?

the male ego is dangerous. Never hurt it

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3. Grant him some time before he can commit

Isn’t it better to be sure of commitment before promising it? Men are psychologically diverse. They think of a relationship over and above ‘Love Doze’. They need to be sure of being able to accept you as a responsibility more than just a partner. They are afraid of commitment and take time for the same. In fact, we all are afraid of marriage and commitment.It is okay! Grant him some time.

4. They too need to be complimented and appreciated

Every human has the right to be acknowledged for his obliging gestures and kind behavior. Men really do a lot for us even in the routine life and they deserve to be appreciated for the same. Men will not come to you and say this but they too want it. He needs to know that he is special and irreplaceable. And a compliment here and there helps earn you brownie points. After all, who doesn’t like compliments!

woman giving his man a compliment

5. Understand him than being an emotional Hurricane always

Being a man, he has been raised in a manner that makes it difficult to speak his heart openly. Men want you to know that they too have an emotional side.

Sometimes, he too has a bad day at work and wants to discuss the same. He too has family problems to sort. He too needs your support to fight the world. He too wishes to cry. He too needs a hug that promises him that everything would be fine. Yes, he is a man but he too has emotions that need to be understood. 

Guy explaining his girl that men too have an emotional side

Keeping a man is not rocket science. It needs emotions to be understood and desires to be expressed. It needs a reason to not give up on him when everyone else did. It needs to have faith in him and accept him as an individual first and then anything more.

7 Things That Make A Guy Irresistible To A Girl

7 Things That Make A Guy Irresistible To A Girl

Dear boys,

We know that you try really hard to convince us and may be harder to have a better hold on us but often than not things don’t work in your favor, and you end up turning off the lady’s interest. And the worse part is, there are secrets girls keep forever and never disclose. You’ll never know the reason of her fading interest.

So, here I have come to your rescue. I have gathered a list of 7 things that make a guy simply irresistible to a girl. If you follow the below-mentioned things that girls find irresistible in a guy, you are surely going to get back in the game.

1. The Way You Smell

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the most imperative one to be irresistible to girls, and there is no escaping from it. Although, the cologne advertisements go pretty much beyond the actual effect but the concept is undeniably true. A man who smells good clearly wins half the battle.

giorgio-armani-ultimate-cologne saying girls get attracted to the way men smell

2. Sense of Dress

Of course! You are no more into high school and neither would the ‘high school musical’ series help. If you want to be irresistible to women, you have to dress like a  man. And when I say like a man, I mean dress up decently, smartly and most significantly classy. No more cartoon T-shirts or any stupid code printed ones, especially on a date. An official date has to be formal. As they say, ‘Formal attire to a woman is what lingerie is to a man.

Man looking handsome in business formals

3. Sense of Humor

It does wonders, trust me. If you can make the girl laugh, you have pretty much done your part. Here, I mean, in unembroidered sense, ‘be funny and spontaneous‘. More specifically, it’s not just about those Facebook trolls or any classroom jokes, it has to be in the moment; just be in the moment. A man who can make his woman laugh becomes irresistible to her.

men can express women with their sense of humor

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4. Sense of Chivalry

Well, well, well guys. Want to be irresistible to a woman? Be chivalrous. Yes, we want equality and we are feminists, but chivalry never goes out of fashion. Holding the door for your lady or pulling the chair for her isn’t going off track ever. It is in there since the breaking dawn and will be till eternity.

Man-Being-Chivalrous to impress a woman

5. Level of Confidence

Boys, let us get this straight – if you are confident about yourselves, the girl too will be. I mean, you don’t have to make a fool out of yourself by pretending to know anything and everything but expressing your opinions about things you actually know is enough to impress and be irresistible to a girl.

body language of a man that shows he is confident

6. Level of Intelligence

Most girls, including me, are sapiosexual i.e. they are literally attracted to intelligence. There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows things and can talk sense. If you can hold an intelligent conversation with a girl, you will simply become irresistible to her. First, make your way to her mind and sooner or later to her heart.

girls get attracted to an intelligent man

7. Ignite the Romance

Lastly, of course, the topping; the cherry on the cake – if you want to be irresistible to her, ‘be romantic’. Ask her out on a date, gift her flowers and chocolates, take her for long drives, complement her, in short, use all your jazzy moves but make sure everything is smooth and not overdone, as the saying goes, the excess of anything is bad. For instance, there is nothing worse than a fake compliment, especially to a Scorpion Personality (ya! that’s me :p).

romantic dinner plans with gifts, champagne and flowers

Finally, If you manage to involve everything, as I have mentioned above, in the right proportion, there would not be any disappointment. Also, since every girl is different, there would be differences in the approach as well.

So, keep yourself open to experimentation!! 

Her 2nd Month Anniversary..<3 <3

Appears to be a really short duration, but the impact it has had on my life is huge.  You came in my life and taught me the meaning of happiness. You explained the definition of ‘love’ to me better than I could ever understand. You made me restore faith in “love“. Trust me, I had never thought, being in a relationship with you would be the best thing that has happened to me, but it is.

People say I smile for no reason but how do I explain that it’s you, I was thinking about. The way you hold my hand in the crowd and whisper in my ears “I love you” is the most beautiful feeling that I have ever felt. The way you make me laugh with your cute and stupid stories is the best time of my entire day.  When I come home tired from work, your sight gives me life. It just relaxes me completely. Each night when you talk me to sleep, I realize what I have been missing all these days. I have never slept such contented in my life. Each morning when you give me a wake-up call so that I am not late for the office is the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me.  When you wait for me in the cold outside my PG and do not get angry at me even though I am always late, you make me fall in love with you even more.


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I do not know what the future has planned for us but I do know that you have given me the best of memories anyone would ever give. I know that I get angry with you at times but believe me, it is your fault always 😛 Fine, most of the times. Just kidding, I know sometimes I too act childish and over react on things. I’m sorry for the times when you actually had to shed tears because of me.

On our 2nd Month Anniversary, I have to say this to you, “Thank you Love”

Thank you for handling my tantrums and silliness. Thank you for being patient with me when I have over reacted on things. Thank you for being there with and for me when I have needed you the most. Thank you for being the most beautiful part of my life.


I Love You!!