Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Disclaimer: The worst part about depression is,

People who don’t have it

They just don’t get it


Has been a while since I penned down my real thoughts,

Unexpressed Emotions, unsaid stories and unsung battles …


All I did was frown over the lost battles and mistaken shots,

Looked down upon myself, smilingly accepting wrong blames …


I had become a part of a miserable mess, created with my own despondency.

Perhaps that’s depression, that’s what it does to people – Cause Misery …


Hurricane of emotions at once and empty at the other stance,

There were lighter nights and darker mornings, I felt broken not lonely


The fake smile got heavier on the face, the eyes craved to shed tears,

Nothing moved a bit each time they said the three words, “Are you okay?”


Until one day I saw the Sun shine brighter and world gleam with joy,

Sky seemed clearer than ever, life somehow seemed to make sense.


I saw a better version of me, the one that had identified the power of hope,

And what it could possibly achieve! How the heart could smile so blissfully!


Yes, things take time but you got to keep trying, you got to be patient,

It might not happen overnight but it will. I fixed myself, so shall you…


That’s what it does to people, that’s what hope does to people!

Even though the agitation remains, I don’t fall anymore but fly… I dream…



Walked on Different Paths …

Walked on Different Paths ...

The night has almost reached its pinnacle,

And the sleep doesn’t seem to embrace my eyes…


As I lie down on my bed under the warm blanket,

I feel the void of sleeping to your voice over the call…


My uncontrollable anger, you mentioned, was the problem,

But with every problem comes the solution of “understanding” …


I did believe in the beautiful mess that existed between us,

For it made sense to me more than the routine life…


You elected to not perform the only act we did with perfection,

You chose to not talk it out with me but narrate a decision…


Perhaps, you didn’t want to resolve it rather decide otherwise,

For once in all these days did I miss the “talking” between us…


Had I been aware there would be unpleasant moments,

I would have refrained you from entering my world…


However, now that we choose to walk on different paths,

Here’s something I want you to know, I’ll be there for you like you always did…

Lessons Learnt In Life…

Lessons learnt in life - poem written by Ritika Bhateja

You always pretended to be the best,

You always said “I’m here leave the rest”

Now what and who should I believe on,

After you turned out to be a moron.

Amazed I am by the fakeness you possess,

Difficult for a simple girl like me to assess.

But then I always doubted your emotions,

Kinda learning again the same lessons.

What else can I say about you,

Well, losers like you are few.

You are the reason for defame,

Yeah! On your community’s name.

And then, of course, it’s not easy to trust,

When many times one has been burst.

They tell me not everyone’s the same,

But whoeverIi believed played the game.

What did you think, I’d be hurt by you,

Nah; but disappointed I am, undeniably true.

But Em Trying to move to a new place,

Not physically but in my mind’s space.