Why Are You Not That Successful – Dedicated to Discourteous Corporate Folks

Why Are You Not That Successful

Caution: This piece is triggered by emotions, therefore, please pardon my aggressive satirical speech. Especially dedicated to the Discourteous Corporate Folks – Men and Women!

Here’s something I want you to know about ‘specially challenged people’, and by ‘specially challenged people’, I mean those who contemplate themselves to be superior and sophisticated than others (For technically no reason at all). The ones who’d pretend to not see you because they think greeting or exchanging eye contact with you will belittle their “preposterously chauvinistic personality”. The ones who would not reach out to you at the first stance because that would mean dropping down their imaginary high standards, and come on how will they reach back to their level if they did.

Categorically speaking, they are the ones with little self-confidence struck by immense insecurity and yet showcase ostensibly high levels of ego, you know, just to recompense for their self-doubt.

And to all these people, here’s something I want to say, “Hear ye all, you’re not going anywhere. Get this printed, and post on your wall. Bye

Fret not, I am not gonna leave you in the middle of the ocean without circumventing you with the outrageous waves (Read: reasons) for you to ache with guilt, just in case, your conscience is pure enough.

Let me put this right into your perspective:

1. The more you swagger around place to place presumptuously ignoring the people near you, you build negative energy around you and for you. And this, definitely, isn’t taking you anywhere. Don’t believe me?

Try thinking about the people carrying persona of your kind and the ones who are generous and considerate.    You ’ll get what I’m sayin’.


2. Each time you walk past someone disgracefully disregarding the greeting message or the generous selfless smile, you portray a persona of none more than a jerk. And you actually end up demeaning yourself in the eyes of people. **Epiphany strikes**

As Theodore Roosevelt says, “Keep your eyes on the Stars and your feet on the Ground.”

However, you basically are good at neither of this. That’s certainly why you ain’t moving up the ladder as you should have had by now. Nevermind.


3. In your pursuit of boosting your ego, and following the discourteous culture, you end up causing distress to people, you transpire into victimizing them.

Well Amigo,

It’s called Karma, and pronounced as Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.

And KarmaSutra: When fake fucks you in all sorts of creative ways …

Need I say more?

4. And here on your face – You’re setting wrong examples for people. You make this society a difficult and insensitive place. You are feeding a non-indigenous society in which your kids would be raised in.


Wrapping Up

Nevertheless, I won’t get down to your standards and become another ‘You’. You know why?

Because perhaps you have long forgotten that you once wore my shoes and faced it all, experiencing and contemplating exactly how I am today. But trust me, I won’t forget it. I’ll rather create an improved legacy for people to follow and carve a society your kids deserve to be raised in.

And if at all, this leaves you heart-struck, please CHANGE!



Making Her Mark in the Corporate World – From an Ambitious Independent Woman

I entered the Corporate World with high dreams and aspirations, much like the rest of the World or as they categorically put it, much like the men. Thoughts swirling in mind, eyes twinkling with dreaming of skies, head held high, and with feminine poise, I was determined to make my mark at a place dominated by the men holding highest positions.

Do I feel apprehensive, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date.

I walked in and I saw read the judgements in the eyes, ‘eye-candy’ they declared I am. No, they didn’t announce it but I knew it from their eyes, for I’m a Scorpion and that’s what my Scorpion traits have taught me, ‘pierce into the thoughts through the eyes’.


An ambitious Scorpio woman

Did I feel miscalculated, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date. However, I did feel underestimated.

I placed myself in my seat, and got the warmest welcome with the coldest eyes. Yet, I smiled ear to ear accepting the most hurtfully common human phenomenon. I got my first project, typically least challenging per-se, but work is work and worship and responsibility so I performed quite well. That was my first chance of proving my true estimation to counter that underestimation. But oh well! A less challenging task can’t really lead you anywhere.

Days passed and months too… I didn’t feel enriched. Being impatient, it became unnerving each day until one day, I decided to talk it out to the person concerned and so I did. “Naira, it’s about 20% work that you do and 80% how well do you connect with people and people mean your Boss “, and that was my first reality check into the world I entered. The person continued, “You need to keep your Boss happy”, I was of course aware of this sassy formula, however, my ears weren’t ready to receive the same by the Boss himself. Yet, with a poker-face I sat there trying to make the most sense of his words because honestly, I was rather stuck at 20:80 ratio.

My mind had started going to a different level because I barely could grasp the corporate mindset, words like ‘submissive’ and ‘compromises’ made little sense to me. As I tried to subdue the wrong thoughts and tried to admit that words can be misinterpreted, I heard him say explicitly ….

To be continued…