Marriage Diaries Chapter I – Adventurous Ride Home

I was all set to leave for hometown to attend my sister’s marriage ceremony. Actually, not just attend the marriage, but all the marriage related rituals, and customary practices. For the first time in my life span of 22 years, I was enthralled about being a part of such festivities. And why shouldn’t have I been, it’s my real sister’s cum best friend who’s getting married.

Honestly, I can barely fathom the perception people have, that girls are fascinated by the idea of their marriages since childhood because all I have ever thought about is “my sister’s” marriage. I have dreamt about every single thing concerning her marriage, right from the kind of husband she should have to how much money I need to make by then to buy her the wedding dress. I just wanted everything perfect!

10.30 A.M.

I still got three hours before the time of bus and I’m already set to leave. Bags packed, shoes worn, hair done, whoa! Being ready before time does feel good!

10.40 A.M.

***Oh, I have to collect my clothes from the tailor***

I had been going to the gym lately, of course, to get in the perfect shape to flaunt that Lehnga on her wedding. Luckily, I managed to lose a couple of inches and therefore, my clothes needed alterations.

I rushed to the tailor.

11.20 A.M.

Tailor check. Feeling a little hungry.

I planned to grab a sub from the market and rush back to the pg to pick my stuff so as to leave for bus stand.

***I still got more than two hours, it barely takes an hour to reach the bus stand***

So, I decided to have my favorite corn and pea sub instead of take away.

12.00 P.M.

My cab was waiting downstairs and I, somehow, rushed with my three bags, apparently.

Bhaiya, fast chalana please, bus hai 1.30pm

Ma’am, 80 Se upar drive nahi kar sakte hai, points deduct hote hain

1.30 P.M.

Two minutes to bus stand showed the GPS and with my fingers crossed, I hoped the bus had not started off. I stepped out of the cab with three bags and tried to run towards the bus stand. Thanks to my adorably cute height that my short steps could hardly cover any distance, especially with the entire luggage. You see, with the way I was trying to carry the bags and make an attempt to run, supposedly I must have qualified for the heavyweight championship.

Anyway, I saw the bus moving from a distance and suddenly I found myself as Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met, trying with all my might to catch the bus and guess what, I did too. Though for that moment, I personified ‘clumsiness’.


Everyone gave me those weird stares, of course, guys gave me nice ones 😉 but who cares, I was in the bus.

Moral of the Story: Never give up, because heavyweight champion, John Cena doesn’t give up!

Are you still with me? Really after all this? Thanks buddy!

Stay tuned for the Bhateja Sister’s Marriage Diaries! 

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  1. Hey,

    I’m glad you are liking them! No wonder some rituals would appear as if from a foreign land!

    Stay tuned! Keep loving them!

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