Incredibly Short Stories

Happiness & Contentment..

The world knew of her life as something full of happiness and contentment,

Only the pillow had seen her solitude and brokenness..

Water Or Flames..

She either craved for Water or Flames! There was no mid way for her.

For she knew hidden inside of her was an esoteric power that if harnessed,could light up the entire creation.

Making Love ..

He gazed into her eyes and penetrated into her soul.

For the first time in her life, she understood why they call it “Making Love”

Cherry Red Lips…

He kept gazing at her the entire night,
beautiful eyelashes, cherry red lips and that nose ring.

His wallpaper never changed ever since she left.

Updated Her Status…

“Never in my life shall I seek validation from a man to prove myself worthy”,
she updated her status.

And yet she waited for her phone screen to flash his Name just once.

Heard Her Melodies…

Her heart was like a Guitar, mesmerizing for all.
He played the strings and heard all her melodies..

Terribly Real Thing…

“You are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain. Come with me and I’ll take you where you belong.” Glazing in those eyes she knew, he lied to her again.

Sound of Cries…

With unbearable pain and swollen legs, she screamed her way to the hospital. Soon, everyone could hear the sound of cries. “It’s a Girl”, the doctor said.

Overwhelmed with Pride..

She was overwhelmed with pride while attending her son’s convocation. Needed a man to produce a child, not to raise one.

And Then You Happened..

And then you happened, and life seemed never the same again. It was more beautiful and peaceful like the sight of the Rising Sun.

A Stunning Mystery..

The World kept telling her she couldn’t do it. For they didn’t know that she was a Stunning Mystery.

Lips That Trembled..

Everyone in the crowd looked at her. With shivering body, tears rolling down her eyes and lips that trembled, she said “Yes” to the guy on his knees.

In the world full of regrets, he was her favorit