Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part VI – Ranbir’s Apartment

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“Ranbir, why don’t you just tell me the reason, please?”

“Fine. I’ll take you to a place after office. You’ll find all your answers there.”
“I’ll be waiting..”

That entire day at office, I couldn’t concentrate on work. I am an emotional being and I wasn’t ready to accept his hatred or indifference. I was afraid, what if Ranbir tells me something I can’t accept, something I can’t understand, or something I can’t comprehend. I just kept my fingers crossed.

Six O’ Clock
“Naira, I am winding up my work, how long would you take?”
“I’m almost sorted. I’ll see you at the exit.”

I was waiting at the exit with the thoughts swirling in my mind. Where is he taking me? What will he tell me? I felt my mind was getting jammed up with these continuous thoughts.

“Naira, you want to come along.” A colleague asked.
“No, I got to take the other route, you carry on.”
“Alright, see you tomorrow.”
“Sure, bye.”

Quarter Past Six
“You wait here. I’ll get the car from the parking.”
“No, I’ll come along Ranbir.”

*He reversed the car and headed towards the parking exit.*
*Dead Silence till the midway*

“Can I ask you something if you don’t mind?”
“Yes, please.”
“Naira, you remember the other night I asked you to come home with me?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Why did you say no?”
*I agreed later. You turned me down.*
” But I did say yes later.”
“That’s not my question, why did you say no at the first place?”
“Because I thought I wasn’t prepared for it.”
“Prepared for what?”
“You know…”
“Naira, I thought you knew me as an individual. Did you really think I meant to do anything of that sort?”
“Ranbir, why are you asking me these things now? And where are you taking me?”
“We are going to my apartment. I told you there’s something I need to tell you.”

I didn’t say a word, just kept looking outside the Window. I had no thoughts, nothing at all. I was nervous and scared.

“I got to park the car here. It’s a walking distance of five minutes from here.”
“Q-145, this is my apartment.”

*Unlocks the door*
“Don’t mind, it’s a little messed up.”
“Oh, that’s perfectly alright.”

It wasn’t a huge apartment. Just a 2BHK, but the way the interior had been decorated was beautiful. There were wall hangings, hand crafted items and wooden photo frames. I kept looking at the painted walls and the interiors. He had an impressive apartment. While I was looking at the photo frames, I kind of got a glimpse of Ranbir’s family.

“Hey, they must be your Mom-Dad?
“And that’s your brother, right? “
“Ahaan and his family!”
“Oh, a family photograph, you don’t have a joint family?”
“Well, I do have my cousins, but we all live separately.”
“Oh, Okay.”
“Hey, who’s this pretty woman in the family picture?”
“Ummm..her name is Ananya.”
“And she is your…?” while I was gazing at the other beautiful hand crafted items.
“Ananya is my wife.”

* For a few seconds, I just couldn’t react. I wasn’t sure if I heard it right. I felt a chill running down my spine.*

“I think I didn’t hear it right, what did you say, Ananya is your?”
“My wife.”
“What do you mean by my wife, how could you not tell me that you are married.”
*I was a little out of control. It was devastating.*

“Naira, it’s complicated.”
“How much complicated can it be than this? I want to go back.”
“Naira, you need to listen to me.”
“Listen to what? Your love story?”
“I’m leaving.”

*He held my hand and pulled me close. He looked straight into my eyes, and I realized that there’s something deeper than what I can see. But I wasn’t prepared for it, at least not now.*

“Naira, we don’t stay together anymore.”
“Oh, so that changes the fact that you are married? How could you hide it from me? You knew I was falling for you, you never thought about me even once?”
“Naira, if you don’t let me explain, how would you I prove myself worthy?”
“You broke me Ranbir.”

“Naira, at least listen to me once.”
“Do not ever try to contact me Ranbir. Stay away from me.”

I came back broke and crying. I wish he hadn’t lied to me. *How could he hurt me to this extent? Perhaps, Love isn’t meant for me, I should accept it.*

One Message Received
Ranbir: “There’s always more to it Naira…I wish one day you give me the chance to explain myself.”


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