Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part IV – In a Dilemma

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Naira, what if I don’t drop you home tonight? I mean what if I take you to my place?

*What did he just say? Home? Why?*

Ummm………Ranbir…..what are you saying? Did I hear it right?”
“Yes, Naira. Stay with me tonight. I want to talk to you the entire night.”
“But Ranbir, it’s already pretty late, and it just doesn’t make sense. I should be home before 11.”
“But what if I refuse to drop you home?” he asked with a smirk.

I was utterly baffled and amazed. I had those butterflies, leave the stomach, I could feel them everywhere. I was in a dilemma of going back or staying over. But somewhere deep inside, I made myself sure that I would not stay over.

I’ll come with you some other time, may be.

Ranbir isn’t a bad guy so I was pretty sure that his intentions were good and undoubtedly clean. If he said talking, I knew he meant talking and nothing more.

“Are you sure you want to go back Naira?”, he asked one last time..
“Okay, let’s go home then.”

He reversed the car and took the route back to my place. The destination wasn’t too far, but we took a while to reach back, he chose to drove slow. There was profound silence between us throughout the way.

Naira, we are almost here”, he broke the silence.
” Yeah, I know but..”
“But what?”
“What if I say I don’t want to go back? What if I say I want to talk all night? “
“Naira, we are outside your home. Why would you say anything like that to me now?”

*Really? That’s how he’s reacting..*

Because I am feeling this now”
“Feeling what?”
“I like being with you Ranbir and you know that. You make me happy.”
“You are a really sweet girl Naira but this is unreasonable.”
“Unreasonable? What do you mean?”
“You should go back.”
“Well, I get that but you asked me to stay. And now, you are behaving in an absolutely strange manner. I mean if you didn’t mean it, why did you say it?”
Oh come on Naira, I wasn’t serious. I was just being playful. This is so unreasonable of you to even think of it this way.” he said in a daunting manner but his eyes spoke something else.
*You didn’t have to be rude*

I stepped out of the car and went upstairs. That night, I saw another side of Ranbir, it was mysterious and attractive. I read his eyes, I knew he wanted me to stay, but why did he push me away? I could not understand what he actually wanted from me or his life, why wasn’t he ready to take a step forward.

Next day in the office, he kept looking at me constantly. He even tried to initiate a conversation but I walked away. And what else should have I done, I was mad at him for last night. And some how he had guessed it right.

Nine o’ clock: *Message from Ranbir*
“Are you angry with me?”
*Of course I’m angry* I ignored his message.

Quarter Past Nine: *Ranbir Calling*
Heart beat raising, hands shivering, thoughts swirling..

“Hi Naira, can we talk for a while?”
“What is it about?”
“There’s something I want to tell you, there’s something I am hiding from you…


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5 thoughts on “Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part IV – In a Dilemma

  1. I love your story! You have a wonderful gift of telling stories. Truly! I’m not sure if you have considered joining link parties but I do co-host one, called Thursday Favorite Things. It goes live on Wednesday 7 p.m MST. You are welcome to join us. I would suggest adding a photo or graphic of some type just because the thumbnails will be blank. People online are visual first and read second to what they see.

    I discovered your blog on Linkedin in the Problogger group.I’m really glad I came over to read your story. It was a nice treat for me. I so love to read but I don’t have time anymore. Plus, I’m the type to open a book and not put it down until I’ve finished. That does not do me any good in trying to get household tasks done or taking care of my own responsibilities for my own blog.

    I will definitely be back to see more.


  2. Hi Olivia, I am glad that you liked it. Also, thanks a lot for the invite. I would love to be a part. I will surely work on the feedback that you’ve shared with me. Hoping to hear more from you! Keep Supporting! Cheers!

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