Check Out the Responses of these Bollywood Actresses to Body Shaming

Criticizing is a good thing, but when it crosses a defined limit, it takes the face of a shameful act. The female body has always been objectified no matter what.

In spite the breeze of modernization has struck the nation, there are still some brains that haven’t yet shaken hand with the modernist ideas. They choose to follow the path of orthodoxy and hence, bash anyone going against there norms of the so-called ‘sabhyata.

One such act is body shaming of our lovable female celebrities. The mob of cheap minds haven’t restrained themselves from thumping them with the dirtiest comments. But our actresses are bold. Their responses are indeed the personification of the slogan ‘Aj Ki Naari Sab Pe Bhari‘.

Scroll down and see the hilarious ways in which they have responded to the cluster of negative people.

The Hit You Back With Elegance- Priyanka Chopra

We all are aware of the meeting between the Miss World 2000 and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What made this meet to the headline was nothing but Priyanka Chopra’s ‘asanskari’ way of dressing. Little did she know that she would be attacked with comments like, “showing her legs”,” sitting cross-legged”, and forgetting “Indian culture”.

Responding effortlessly to all the body shaming comments she posted a picture with her mother captioned as “Legs for Days”. Now, this is PC for you!

The Heart-Hitting Message of Disha Patani

Dressed beautifully for the Filmfare Awards 2017, Disha posted a picture of her wearing plunging neckline dress at the event. As soon as the picture caught the glimpse of the audience, the comments full of abuses hit the post, one such being,

“You look like a Wh*re, exploring your b**bs, we got the point you have implants, no need to show off.”

Instead of getting depressed over the sexual and hypocritical comments she slammed her haters by bringing in the notice the prominence of the evils of society against women. Have a look!

Cheers To the Intelligent Kriti Sanon

After releasing her video in which she is seen dancing to the tunes of the ‘Hawa Hawa’ song of film Mubarakan, Kriti Sanon fell prey to Bhairavi Goswami’s stupidest act.

Response of bollywood actresses to body shaming
Source: Businessofcinema

Fighting as a lioness she in a public event reacted to this disgusting attempt of the Hate Story actor by saying, “Who is Bhairavi Goswami?” she questioned and later added, “I think, I’m just happy for her. She got a lot of publicity. Now you guys know her name also, so yeah”. 

The Silent Attack of Deepika Padukone

The Padmavati actress was bashed for being too skinny! The moment she posted her picture from the Maxim Photoshoot, the Internet Moral Police went mad by commenting things like, “Don’t be a pornstar. Don’t destroy your admiration which India has“, “You forgot about the Indian Culture” and what not!

But Deepika’s action towards this showed that she has some more important work to do rather than wasting time with these sick minds. She silently posted another picture of hers from the same photo shoot showing how indifferent and unperturbed she is to the illogical media hate.

We crazily follow the Bollywood celebs. While some shower on them love and blessing the other have nothing but brutal words. But are celebs are no less. They have their own coolest ways to handle the mess which these unwanted people create.

Kudos to the brave actresses!