9 Sassy Quotes When You Need to Be Savage

People say I act like I dont care. It's not an act.

It’s great to simply be in a …mood. *shrugs* If you are sassy OWN IT.

Have you at any point been informed that you are sassy? Perhaps somebody said it to you adversely to influence you to feel like it was something you are expected to change.

Being sassy means you know how to go to bat for yourself. You have a spine and you are not hesitant to utilize it. Truly, that is very respectable. You must demonstrate the world you are not somebody who can be strolled everywhere.

Life is sufficiently extreme as it is and having a start to have the capacity to hit back (not physically!) but rather with spunk is dang cool. At the point when all the chips are down, you don’t surrender. You retaliate and you hit back hard.

Think about some solid ladies throughout your life. They are most likely super sweet and enjoyable to be near. A kind soul who you need to invest energy with. Be that as it may, when somebody crosses them, somebody they adore or tries to influence them to feel awful about themselves they turn into a BOSS.

Hell no, you can’t outrage them. Since they have a sassy mounted gun holding up to go.

So, on the off chance that you are a savage and furious lady be glad! We have a few statements for you that will help fuel your sassy shimmer.

  1. Even on my worst day I'm killing it


Before coffee: I hate everybody. After coffee: I feel good about hating everybody


4. Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack


5. This is my cup of care. Oh look, it's empty


6. 5'2 but my attitude 6'1


7. I do a thing called what I want



If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote



Cancel my subscription because I am done with your issues

Making Her Mark in the Corporate World – From an Ambitious Independent Woman

I entered the Corporate World with high dreams and aspirations, much like the rest of the World or as they categorically put it, much like the men. Thoughts swirling in mind, eyes twinkling with dreaming of skies, head held high, and with feminine poise, I was determined to make my mark at a place dominated by the men holding highest positions.

Do I feel apprehensive, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date.

I walked in and I saw read the judgements in the eyes, ‘eye-candy’ they declared I am. No, they didn’t announce it but I knew it from their eyes, for I’m a Scorpion and that’s what my Scorpion traits have taught me, ‘pierce into the thoughts through the eyes’.


An ambitious Scorpio woman

Did I feel miscalculated, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date. However, I did feel underestimated.

I placed myself in my seat, and got the warmest welcome with the coldest eyes. Yet, I smiled ear to ear accepting the most hurtfully common human phenomenon. I got my first project, typically least challenging per-se, but work is work and worship and responsibility so I performed quite well. That was my first chance of proving my true estimation to counter that underestimation. But oh well! A less challenging task can’t really lead you anywhere.

Days passed and months too… I didn’t feel enriched. Being impatient, it became unnerving each day until one day, I decided to talk it out to the person concerned and so I did. “Naira, it’s about 20% work that you do and 80% how well do you connect with people and people mean your Boss “, and that was my first reality check into the world I entered. The person continued, “You need to keep your Boss happy”, I was of course aware of this sassy formula, however, my ears weren’t ready to receive the same by the Boss himself. Yet, with a poker-face I sat there trying to make the most sense of his words because honestly, I was rather stuck at 20:80 ratio.

My mind had started going to a different level because I barely could grasp the corporate mindset, words like ‘submissive’ and ‘compromises’ made little sense to me. As I tried to subdue the wrong thoughts and tried to admit that words can be misinterpreted, I heard him say explicitly ….

To be continued…

Always Keep This Emergency Kit In Your Purse

emergency fashion kit

While you are dressed up like a diva, there is a chance that a small malfunction might take place. Wonder what to do in such situation?

Here is a solution for you. You could make your own emergency kit with these small items that would require just a corner of your bag. Now, your fashion crisis could come in handy with these products.

Protect your foot with Band-aid and foot cushions

emergency fashion kit
Via – img2.banggood.com

Whenever there is a shoe bite all you need to do is put a band-aid on the area of shoe bite and you are all set for the rest of your day. Whereas, shoes can make the foot uncomfortable from the surface areas for which, foot cushions plays its role of protection.

Safety pins to make your dress more comfortable

emergency fashion kit

Via – amazon.com

Safety pins are actually meant to be your friend in any fashion crisis. Having a boob gap while trying your favorite shirt? Use a safety pin to give it a classy look. Have a long strap on your favorite dress? Shorten it temporarily with the help of safety pin.

Get your hair organised with Bobby pins or clutcher

emergency fashion kit
Via –wisebread.killeracesmedia.netdna-cdn.com

You might go out with beautiful hair but end up having messy hair as you reach your destination. For such situation, your hair might become unbearable. Bobby pins or even a hair cluchter can hold them back for you and still doesn’t make you look less beautiful.

Wipes for emergency cleaning

emergency fashion kit
via – static.independent.co.uk

One-use wipes are the easily available and also, easy to carry in your emergency kit. They are not only meant to wipe away your makeup or skin cleansing but, at the same time, help in removing from fresh stains from your beautiful dress.

Magic Eraser to scuff the footwear

emergency fashion kit
Via – couponcloset.net

You might wonder how a magic eraser, which is used for cleaning walls, can be used in your fashion crisis. Such eraser can be used to clean the stain from your shoes and footwear. However, you just need a small piece of the eraser to keep it in your bag.

Wrapping up

Now, there is no need to worry about your fashion needs as long as you have these minor elements in your bag. Enjoy your style and your outfit.

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5 Contemporary Fashion Trends With Twisted Classical Touch

Where the modern trend has shaken up the sense of fashion in the industry so far, designers have fused the beautiful craftwork of new style with classical tradition. These styles have proved how such innovation can become a trend itself, like in the present world.

Cocktail dresses inspired by Indian classical style

Indian style is not only limited to lehengas, suits or sarees as the designers have come up with more cocktail dresses with the classical touch. Nowadays, we can see people wearing innovative cocktail and reception gowns with Indian touch that follows embroidery, sequins work, silk borders and much more.

classical trend
Via – i.pinimg.com

Jackets of classical print

Where leather jackets have it’s on the corner in the world of fashion, it has taken a new shape with the fusion of classical patterns and embroideries. Shrugs and jackets can now be seen in different patterns, may it be banjara kadhai, phulkari or Kantha print, that has become the ideal style for every girl.

classical fashion
Via – i.pinimg.com

Modern Accessories from classical trend

The twist is not only restricted to clothes but affects the style of accessories as well. At present, people carry tradition accessories with the modern look which makes them look more stunning. These accessories follow the Kundan work, turquoise stones or Ginni (coins). These earrings, necklace, bracelets or anklets make you look more trendy.

classical trend
Via – i.pinimg.com

Trendy footwear with classical touch

Mojari, jutti, Kolhapuri chappal, khussa, and many other classical footwears have now been flourished into moderns bellies and sandals that have become the favorite choice of many girls.

classical trend
Via – made-in-china.com

Plazos and pants taking the place of jeans

As jeans and modern pants are still in fashion, most of the times, plazos, and traditional pants are included in casual, as well as, party outfits. They may contain tradition patterns or borders but they make the best out of the classical trend when fused with modern clothing style.

classical trend
Via – i.pinimg.com

Wrapping up

These garments have turned out to be the best example of how classical style can never disappoint anyone. This is now the fashion industry innovate to give the best it can.

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13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman - Like *Me*

Dear Future Husband,
I am pretty sure that I’m not your dream girl (I’m not Deepika Padukone/Alia Bhatt/Jacqueline after all!) but, trust me, I am the girl who will walk with you to achieve your dreams, apart from the one mentioned above *rolls eyes*.
I am not perfect, but I’ll make sure that our lives are. You’ll have the freedom you need and the space you deserve. Each day with me would be one hell of a ride and yet when you come home, I’ll welcome you with open arms and twinkling eyes. I’ll bid you a warm goodbye when either of us leaves for work, and will not bombard you with those love-filled messages or calls (mostly *wink*). I’ll let you work in peace because that’s what I want from you and together I know, we can make this happen.
You may be scared of marriage and so am I, but marrying an imperfect woman (like *Me*) comes with some added benefits 🙂
1. I’ll not have the same opinion and perspective towards life, and might even have a completely opposite lifestyle, but I’ll not judge you for being who you are and for having dreams that seem worldly impossible.
… Because I know you’ll respect my opinions and make an attempt to understand them.

2. Well, I won’t lie here. I’ll take some time to get ready and dressed up, but when I’m done I’ll look like a proper patola as in total bombshell and I’m going to swoon you in my love each time it happens.
It’ll be worth every second of the wait, you bet!
 13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

3. Obviously, I will miss my parents and sometimes resort to crying about being away from them. But none of it will affect the relationship I have with your parents. I’ll love and respect them like my own.
… And I know you’ll make equally enough efforts with my parents too.

4. I might perhaps never be able to cook the earth shaped Rotis, but I’ll accompany you to the best food joints in the city and we’ll eat everything the world has to offer.
Discovering and exploring new places, and trying exotic yet delicious delicacies – that’s the dream, right?

5. I will argue with you and confront you each time I feel the need, but I’ll never bottle up my emotions, and let bitterness brew and affect our relationship…
… Because I’m conscious of the fact that an ideal relationship needs constant renovation. I will never give up on ‘us’.

 13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

6. There would be times I totally screw up and commit blunders, but I promise, instead of running away from them, I’ll accept them and apologize for them!
… For ‘you’ and ‘our relationship’ mean a lot more than my ego!

7. Often than not, I’ll crib, cry and even complain about the world to you, but each time you’ll need to vent, I’ll be the strong shoulder for you.
I’ll let you unburden yourself and will understand you because I know it’s not a perfect world out there, and we all need time to cool off.

8. I’ll never let a day slip away without creating lasting memories with you. From notes to cards, hugs to kisses, I’ll make every moment special for you.
Because all these memories will make us adore each other even more.
13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

9. With me you’ll always feel handsome, hot, brave, wanted, needed, special… I’ll treat exactly as I want you to treat me, never a percent less 
We don’t have to wait for the world to validate, as long as we are perfect for each other.

10. I might get too overwhelmed with my emotions at times, and suffer from cryptic mood swings, but I’ll calm down the moment you say, “babe I’m here with you.”
That’s all I would need then!
13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

11. I will understand your hardships and stand by you and help you endure.
… For I have tasted failure too, and I know what it feels like, but even more, I’ve picked myself up and breathed. And as one, we’ll do the same for you.

12. I don’t expect rather want you to be perfect either – that’s too much of a burden to handle.
I’ll rather accept you exactly the way you are – weird, flawed and genuine, like me!

13. And of course, the greatest advantage of getting married to an imperfect woman is that you’ll be spending your life with someone who is candid in her thoughts and actions.
…For my flaws and imperfections make me unique and one of my kind.
And a flawed original is still better than a perfect duplicate, right?

Forever Yours,
Imperfect Future Wife.

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Satanic Angels & Angelic Devils

Satanic Angels & Angelic Devils - A Fault By Default

The world is meant to be a wonderful and happy place for all, irrespective of the incomprehensible emotions they savor. It is not just for a savage individual but for the victims too. The world is the answer to all innumerable, unreturned questions.

We humans are the unblemished reflection of our inner selves and core values. Nothing More … Nothing Less … These values turn us into what we poetically call as Satanic Angels and Angelic Devils. We all have given shelter to the unkind demons inside us, but only a few choose to feed them. And my incessant struggle is against them.

Against them who let down and take for granted the people who love and behold them, not because of the irreparable damage they cause (that’s a coarsely different deal altogether), but because,

Tomorrow when their ego is shattered and eyes are numb, they’ll see what they couldn’t before – The most devastating sight ever. The guilt of drawing someone into a merciless ignominy would be nothing less than ruinous and excruciatingly tragic.

Never Get Along With People Who Fall Under This Category

Never get along with people who fall under this category by A Fault By Default

Dear Ladies,

After being surrounded by a ridiculously hysterical breed of people, my quest to establish peace with the demons inside me has reached a whole new level. Having heard volumes about the humanity still existing and the presence of good humans, the zest to encounter something of that genre has increased manyfold. The reason, perhaps, is the not so opportune countenance I have received from the hysterical breed.

Rather than going into the intricacies of the discomfort and subsequent displeasure I was subjected to, owing to their narcissistic demeanor, I would talk about the broader perspective which concerns with how to deal with such people.

How to Recognize Them?

1. With their ego-levels reaching cloud Nine and apparent emotional levels dug below the Earth’s crust, this is one of the most commonly found breed on the planet.

2. You’ll always find them acting selfish and defending their actions by phrases such as, “This is how I am”, “I can’t help it”, “I cannot change myself.”

3. Instead of lending you a helping hand at the time of need, they would pretend to lend you a helping hand. For instance, “I wish I could help but..”, “I know you need me but..”, “I really want to help you but..” The ‘but’, my friend, is their favorite word.

a woman blabberring

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4. They would expect you to go out of your comfort zone and do things for them, considering themselves to be worthy of all the privilege. However, when the tables turn, they act agitated, annoyed and ignorant.

Now, that you are able to recall most people falling under this category, let us lay our focus on how to deal with egoistic / self-centered/ narcissistic people.

Time and again, you have been told to realize and acknowledge ‘self-worth’ and I am reiterating the same ‘understand your worth’. Nobody knows you more than your ownself, therefore, always have unquestionable faith in your very being and let no one tell you otherwise.

Obviously, I am not going to introduce you to some full-proof plan nor typical Five-Step Solution, neither am I going to enlighten you with any hidden rocket science. I will rather share with you something which you might already know but have forgotten.
1. Being Strong is not an Option, it is a necessity.

2. Cry, if you must, but after the last tear has fallen, hold your head up, take a deep breath and just know..you’ll get through..

3. The more time you take in the beginning to choose the right man, the less time you’ll waste, in the end, dealing with the wrong one.

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4. You may not be where you want to be, but the truth is, you are nowhere near where you were. Be proud of that and continue on your journey to becoming the beautiful strong woman you know you can be.

5. Never waste your time trying to convince someone else of your worth. If they can’t see it, they are not worth the effort.

6. Take control of your space. If they’re not bringing something positive to your life, they are taking away from it.

And there you are the Bold, Beautiful and Magical Woman..

This Girl’s Honest Letter To Her Boyfriend Is The Best Thing Ever..

This Girl's Honest Letter To Her Boyfriend Is The Best Thing Ever - A Fault By Default

Dear Lover,

I have been in love with you for four years, and have known you for seven years now. I would not lie to you.

I blatantly regard you as someone extremely difficult to comprehend and embrace owing to your strict schedules and quest for a variedly contemplative and convict perspective towards life. I will not deny the discomfort I suffered because of your completely unjustified mood swings. And of course, how can I forget your continuous adorable (pun intended) reminders of ‘avoiding chocolates’. I so hate it each time.

Nonetheless, I cannot restrict myself from accepting the fact that I have loved you for the way you are and for the way you aspire to be. I have loved you in all the right and wrong ways, I have loved you for accepting me the way I am and wanting to make me into a better person. I have believed in every bit of you not just as a lover, but as an excellent human being. I have incontestable faith in you that you would be doing even greater in life today and more as each day passes.

I just want to be a part of you forever. I want to be an unforgettable emotion for you that you would want to cherish till eternity and beyond because that is exactly who you are to me.

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I want to become that one person to whom you can come home to no matter what life brings up. And I promise to ignite and rekindle all the happy emotions in you because you, with your weirdly unromantic ways, revive the passion in me, thereby giving a new definition to what they customarily call as ‘Love & Romance’

With your sweet little gestures filled with the ampleness of love, you make me feel enormously adored and special. And that’s what I want to do, not as to return the favor, but because it makes me feel happier.

Therefore, the perennial love of my life, I request you to not snatch away what I deem is mine, what I believe is mine, and what is supposed to be mine. Do not take away my right to be loved by you.

Let me be a minuscule part of your gorgeous life because when you are happy and contended, I see life smiling back at me 🙂

They Called Me Self-Centered And I’m Okay With That. You Know Why?

how to get gorgeous pink lips naturally - A Fault By Default

Someone rightly said,

“Once You Have Figured Out How Respect Tastes Like, It Tastes Better Than Attention.”

And so, because I have learned self-respect matters more than love or relationship, I’ll walk away and never look back. I realized that I have forsaken every single desire of mine in the name of your preposterous salvation. More than anything, I have lost my happiness the most. I have sacrificed a thousand smiles and accepted infinite tears. And yet, have received nothing but sheer censure and pessimism.

But Not Anymore.

If I want something, I’ll take it. If my being self-centered is what makes you realize the pain and suffering I have gone through, I’ll become one. I am ready to be called a Narcissist. You know why? Because I can feel a storm inside me, something that makes it difficult to survive this hatred and cruelty of yours; and if this means sabotaging the relationship that I have with you, I’ll.

Do not think of my softness as my weakness. Honey and wildfire, both have the color of gold. I am a force you can’t withstand. I am a passion you cannot hold. I am the darkness you can’t embrace. I am the sky beyond your limit. I am the beauty beyond your imagination. I am the ocean whose mystery you cannot unravel. I am the quake that will shake you from within. I am the sweetest chastisement you will yearn for. I am the smile you’ll cry out for. You’ll crave for each letter of my name.

I have let gone off people in the past and I can do it again, with greater preeminence and ease. My emotions do not go in vain, my time doesn’t go valueless. Because I evolve. I evolve into a better human being and a stronger woman.

This time again, I have evolved into an improvised individual formed of learnings and experiences. I have evolved into someone your level of maturity can’t comprehend. So, today, I shout out loud, “I am proud of myself for being immensely considerate and selfless. I am proud of being able to love beyond my permissible limits and rise higher after heart breaks. I am proud of being courageously able to stand out in the world where I, as a woman, am objectified and questioned. I feel proud while leafing through the pages of my life by means of this article and confessing to each of you right now. Because in a world of hypocrites, pretense, pseudo-humans, I have evolved into an improvised version and a powerful woman who knows what she deserves.”

But now, I want to turn the tables. I want you to walk in my shoes and face the world. I want to set myself free from every societal limitation and relationships that tend to bound me. I no more seek validation from the undeserving to prove myself worthy. And certainly in a world of ours, when women tend to become the way I have, they are called selfish and self-centered.