The Striking MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

Ritika Bhateja MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

Hi Guys,

Today, I will be reviewing a lip shade from MAC’s latest range of Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The launch of this line was their first step into the world of velvety Lips. At first, they released 15 shades which were mostly in purples and pinks and I must say they were highly pigmented and super smooth to apply on the lips. As a part of this ongoing series they launched 12 more shades in deep and muted tones and I will be reviewing the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade “High Drama.” So let’s get started.

Product Presentation

It is a liquid lipstick formula, which offers full coverage and a completely matte finish to the lips. No matter which shade you choose, you will get a feeling of glamour that is hard to forget.


Ritika Bhateja Striking MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 


My thoughts on the MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour:

  • Packaging: High Drama is a dark plum color which will suit all skin tones perfectly especially if we talk about the dark skin tones. The lip color comes in a glass bottle with simplicity and elegance. It contains the codes of the brand and the cap of the lipstick is the same as other MAC lipsticks which make it a perfect member of the family.
  • Texture: It applies easily on the lips and is very creamy while being liquid in texture. But you will have to apply it quickly as once out of the tube it dries pretty fast.
  • Application: I love the applicator. It’s really smooth, allows easy swipes and helps to define and perfect the lip shape.
  • Color: The color is dark plum and it’s veraciously bold. It totally stole my heart away. It covers pigmentation well and provides sheer coverage to the lips.
  • Staying Power: It stays on pretty long. If you have a heavy meal it can last for 3-4 hours and a good 6-7 hours after light meals.  In case you have to touch up, you won’t face the problem of cakey lips.
  • Occasion: I would personally use this shade when I’m going for a night around the town or for those big functions we all have to attend once in a while. Or once in a while when to make a statement. *wink*

Pricing: Investing in a MAC lipstick is a dream of every girl.  This shade will cost you INR 1850.

The Striking MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

Quick Summary


  • The packaging is simple and elegant
  • Veraciously Bold color
  • It’s easy to do touch ups without that cakey feeling on your lips
  • The applicator offers precision and helps to define the lips well


  • Being matte, it’s a little drying formula. I recommend using a lip balm underneath
  • Less Pocket Friendly

Ritika Bhateja MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

So, would I buy it again?

I have a fair skin tone, and when I apply it, it gives a statement look. I personally love striking colors. I would definitely repurchase this shade and would also recommend it.


My Rating: 4/5

My Experience With New Tata Hexa In One Word – ‘Enthralling’

Tata Hexa

The previous weekend was no less than an ‘Enthralling Experience’ for me. Undeniably, my stars got lucky as I got the opportunity (Thanks to Indiblogger) to attend Tata Motors recent initiative of hosting Tata Hexa Experience Center in Gurugram (EO Huda Gurgaon II, Sector 29). Tata has a lot riding on its upcoming crossover, an all new Lifestyle Vehicle – The Beast, Tata Hexa.

First showcased as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, Tata Hexa was unveiled later as a production version at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016. Tata Hexa will be available in showrooms shortly after its launch in January 2016. From twining in the ‘Rock On 2’ star-cast to the latest trends on Blogs, Tata had already given a Loud Shout Out to the SUV segment.

The latest in the line is the ‘Hexa Experience Center’, a three-day Hextraordinary affair that kicked off in Gurugram from November 25 to November 27. Yes, it was not just a Hexa Experience but an entire center dedicated to Tata Hexa. Along with the car, there was a gamut of activities happening under one roof.

Apart from the amalgamation of various Tata Brands such as Taj Resorts, Tata Capital, Tanishq, Croma Retail, the Hexa Experience Centre included a mini coffee bar, special kids’ zone, a pet adoption zone and food kiosks. Being a family car, the quintessence of the event was to engage every member of your family, from kids to parents. The highlight of the Hexa Experience Centre was a small off-road course that displayed the Crossover’s off-road prowess, where one could test the Hexa’s off-roading capabilities, its 4×4 system, the driving modes, ABS, braking, and almost every feature on offer.

The Sporty Arizona Blue Beast – Tata Hexa stood in the Middle


Tata Hexa is a power packed and feature loaded vehicle. It is a complete vehicle package, with an exceptional combination of design, luxury and off-road and on-road capabilities. Flaunting modern and exciting architecture, plush interiors and class-leading features, the vehicle is designed keeping in mind the customers with an active lifestyle.

img_1978The SUV is equipped with first-in-segment race-car mapping that provides a thrilling experience. It is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine which will be available in two states of tune, VARICOR and VARICOR400.

With its aggressive front grille with the right amount of chrome, contoured bonnet, classy lower bumper which embodies the projector headlamps, scuff plates, and fog lights, LED DRLs above the fog light, the Hexa is a 7- Seater Sports Beast with a smashing touch screen infotainment system.

The Thrilling Off-Road Experience

After waiting for long in the queue, I heard my name. It was time for the thrilling Off-Road Experience. It was an enclosed area inside the Huda Ground filled with terrific challenges, from uneven tracks to driving on planks, and slopes with stairs, they had literally kept almost every kind of hurdle for the Tata Hexa. But the ultimate Ground Clearance, Hill Hold Control, Hill Descent, and the ABS made every hurdle easy for the Hexa.


After being stunned by the car and its features, I strolled around to get an experience of the entire event. The ambiance of the center was all set to add a third dimension to the Hexa.

Live Entertainment


There was live entertainment which appeared no less than a Gala fest. There was a Live Band performing, indeed back to back excellent performances by Medival Pundits. A lot of other fun activities were also happening in the arena, like a cool gif station where in your pics were converted into a gif on the spot, there was also an instant photo opp. Celebrities like Rocky & Mayur, Manish Paul and many others also graced the event with their presence. The event was spread across 3 days and made for a truly enjoyable outing for the entire family.

With the Gurugram chapter being a major success, Hexa Experience Center is now headed to Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Affimity –The Place You Meet People Who Share Your Passion

Indian Bloggers

Zeroes and Ones are consuming the Universe. The creation, storage, communication and sharing of information, have all being digitized. It has led to the “digital transformation” which has turned digitization into new processes, and transactions. And one process that evolved the most through digitization is the Social Networking. Social networking has evolved into one of the biggest and most influential components of the vast web.

What exactly is Social Networking? How is it different from Social Media?

Well, a lot of people use both of these terms synonymously. However, that’s not the case. Social networking, in actuality is a subcategory of social media. The difference lies in the terms “Media” and “Networking”. Where media refers to the information being shared such as links to an article, a GIF, a video, an image or simply a status update, networking is concerned about your target audience. So, basically you share media with your network.  For instance, Facebook is an Online Social Media and Social Networking Website, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Bebo, etcetera are the Social Networking Websites.

As a blogger, one of the most sought-after platforms was to find a Social Networking channel where I could build my social networks and social relations with people who share similar interests, and where my target audience could resonate with my writing. And my search ended at With Affimity, there is absolutely no need to see posts on your feed that doesn’t interest you!

What is Affimity?

Affimity is a social networking channel which provides you a platform to connect with people sharing the same interest and build a lasting relationship with them. It also helps you to get social & informative content in your feeds basis your interest and relevance.



My Experience with Affimity

I recently created my profile at Affimity and I have been using it for almost two weeks now. There are around 40 different channels on Affimity and each channel has the content specific to its niche. I shared few of my posts on Affimity’s Beauty and Wellness Channel and I witnessed instant dynamic traction on my posts.


Users can subscribe to multiple channels and share their thoughts, add posts, hold a poll, or simply browse through the feed that shows content of their interest. And like every social networking channel, you can add and follow someone to see their posts on your feed.

Apart from providing a platform to share content and blog posts, it allows you to share not on images and videos as well, much like Facebook but it provides you a targeted audience that increases the chances of increasing the traffic on your website. I experienced a boom in my Blog statistics and it feels absolutely awesome.

My Verdict

Affimity is an outstanding idea that provides a platform to reorganize social media into specific channels that helps in developing social networks who have the same interests as you. This is an excellent platform for not just the bloggers but even brands and businesses to gain traffic and build networks.

My Favorite Channel to Best Whatsapp Status – Check this Out!

Indian Bloggers

The advent of digitization and the in-turn rise of social media have revolutionized the way we communicate, right from our work life to our personal life. Social Media is a platform where people come together to generate and read content and visuals. The explosion of this media has led to us being online for quite a considerable number of hours each day. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat, everything is keeping us occupied but how can I forget to mention – Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Messenger has become an inevitable part of our professional as well personal lives. We literally stay online 24×7 with Whatsapp. It has provided us with the unlimited chat time, exchange of images, videos, contacts and even more interestingly, the display picture and status features. Talking about the cool features of Whatsapp, I personally find the status part extremely fun. I mean, we can keep changing the status based on our moods. And what can be better than being able to express your mood with the best words! Yes, I’m talking about Good Whatsapp Status.

Take, for instance, my Amazing Whatsapp status,,

One day, people who didn’t believe in me will use my name to quote Success”

And do you know from where I got this?

Whatsstatus Website

I just came across this really cool website while I was searching for good whatsapp status. I was stunned with the plethora of social media status they have in stores for us. They have over 60 Categories for the status, to name a few, Cool Whatsapp Status, Love Whatsapp Status, Funny Whatsapp Status, … the list goes on. Can you beat that? But you know what the best part is? They upload unique and new status every single day.

Now, you must be wondering, how do they manage the huge number of categories along with the unique content, well; even I wondered the same, until I came across the Contributors List. They have around hundreds of contributors. So, here’s the catch. Anyone can submit the status and get paid for each status they write. The process is also simple, just sign up and submit the status. Once it gets approved, you receive the payment. Isn’t this really simple and fun? Write status and get paid feature

Here are few of my favorite picks from the galore of status options:

Funny Whatsapp Satus

  • Mood of the day: Leave me a loan.
  • Yes, I can do whatever I want but need mera rasta rook leti h…
  • My mom is better than Google; she can find anything but her mobile phone.

Cool Whatsapp Status

  • Fairness is just a myth. Half the population on this planet is dark-skinned and the remaining has dark hearts!
  • I make same mistake two times, just to be sure.
  • I don’t follow any trends but whatever I wear, becomes a trend.

So, why don’t you go check out this pretty cool website and share your favorite picks in the comments below.

Happy StatusUpdating!