A Heartfelt Apology

When life is not cruel and dreams had their freedom - A Fault By Default

I make a lot of mistakes, may be hundreds each day,
But trust me I try to make you happy if at all I may.
And so my efforts, I plead, shouldn’t be looked over,
Please bear with me one last time, let conflicts not hover.

Trust me, I am not always this way absurd and cold,
If not you, then who else can know it better as I unfold.
For once on this planet, I request you to be patient with me,
Sometimes I belittle every single attempt of letting my soul free.

You make me want to be a beautiful human being,
I’m able to perceive things that were earlier just unseen.
I am trying but failing to be the way I am supposed to be,
Nevertheless, it will meliorate and beyond you’ll see.

I’ll rise again and make things worth your every smile,
Trust me, it’ll never be less but worth your every while.
But for that, my efforts, I plead shouldn’t be looked over,
Please bear with me one last time, let conflicts not hover…

Lessons Learnt In Life…

Lessons learnt in life - poem written by Ritika Bhateja

You always pretended to be the best,

You always said “I’m here leave the rest”

Now what and who should I believe on,

After you turned out to be a moron.

Amazed I am by the fakeness you possess,

Difficult for a simple girl like me to assess.

But then I always doubted your emotions,

Kinda learning again the same lessons.

What else can I say about you,

Well, losers like you are few.

You are the reason for defame,

Yeah! On your community’s name.

And then, of course, it’s not easy to trust,

When many times one has been burst.

They tell me not everyone’s the same,

But whoeverIi believed played the game.

What did you think, I’d be hurt by you,

Nah; but disappointed I am, undeniably true.

But Em Trying to move to a new place,

Not physically but in my mind’s space.