Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Disclaimer: The worst part about depression is,

People who don’t have it

They just don’t get it


Has been a while since I penned down my real thoughts,

Unexpressed Emotions, unsaid stories and unsung battles …


All I did was frown over the lost battles and mistaken shots,

Looked down upon myself, smilingly accepting wrong blames …


I had become a part of a miserable mess, created with my own despondency.

Perhaps that’s depression, that’s what it does to people – Cause Misery …


Hurricane of emotions at once and empty at the other stance,

There were lighter nights and darker mornings, I felt broken not lonely


The fake smile got heavier on the face, the eyes craved to shed tears,

Nothing moved a bit each time they said the three words, “Are you okay?”


Until one day I saw the Sun shine brighter and world gleam with joy,

Sky seemed clearer than ever, life somehow seemed to make sense.


I saw a better version of me, the one that had identified the power of hope,

And what it could possibly achieve! How the heart could smile so blissfully!


Yes, things take time but you got to keep trying, you got to be patient,

It might not happen overnight but it will. I fixed myself, so shall you…


That’s what it does to people, that’s what hope does to people!

Even though the agitation remains, I don’t fall anymore but fly… I dream…



Walked on Different Paths …

Walked on Different Paths ...

The night has almost reached its pinnacle,

And the sleep doesn’t seem to embrace my eyes…


As I lie down on my bed under the warm blanket,

I feel the void of sleeping to your voice over the call…


My uncontrollable anger, you mentioned, was the problem,

But with every problem comes the solution of “understanding” …


I did believe in the beautiful mess that existed between us,

For it made sense to me more than the routine life…


You elected to not perform the only act we did with perfection,

You chose to not talk it out with me but narrate a decision…


Perhaps, you didn’t want to resolve it rather decide otherwise,

For once in all these days did I miss the “talking” between us…


Had I been aware there would be unpleasant moments,

I would have refrained you from entering my world…


However, now that we choose to walk on different paths,

Here’s something I want you to know, I’ll be there for you like you always did…

The Beautiful Raw Moments…

Beautiful Raw Moments

Once upon a time, under the wintry clear sky and innumerable twinkling stars,

Amidst the chaoticness of life, one of the most incredible things happened.


As I quietly studied the messages on my phone, my face gleamed with a peaceful smile, 

Shedding the insecurities and revealing the imperfections, we walked on to define ‘Raw’


It was perhaps just another night, yet I noticed the beauty of it more than ever,

In the freezing winter season, I could feel the heart melt to the sound of him.


The days passed, as they do… and the nights became frozen than ever,

Yet, nothing seemed to have changed for us; we talked each other to sleep.


Waking up to his ‘Morning babe’ text each morning, and the warmth of his voice,

He never forgets to bring me my favorite Roses, even though he knows his talks are enough.


Freezing bike rides, hot evening coffees, cushy car drives and the quiet things…

We were two authentic people trying to make sense of the beautiful raw moments.


He tends to unravel my mysteries and decipher emotions that pass through my eyes.

I just adore the way he notices the little things even when they aren’t that noticeable.


With the fondness in his eyes, dominion in his touch and the innocence in his gestures,

Each day he continues to cast the secret spell to bind me to him for hours endlessly.




Even The Universe Knew It Was Over…

Even the Universe Knew it was over- Poetry by A Fault By Default

He brutally shunned her out of his life saying “he felt suffocated in her presence
She was benumbed. Even tears could not roll down her cheeks.

It was a sight as heart-wrenching as death. After all, a relationship had died.
She had never experienced the gravely broken before, now she did.

Days passed away, she looked back and remembered the emotions that subsisted,
She realized she wasn’t getting over it. So, she chose to walk through it.

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She was punished for a mistake she didn’t commit, for a fault that existed by default,
For emotions that were aroused by a disguised belief that existed in ‘Love’

Years later, he passed by her. For the first time in life, her heart didn’t skip a beat.
She felt different now. Even the Universe knew it was over.

Shadows Turned Into Darkness…

Shadows Turned Into Darkness - A Fault By Default

It was a Sky studded with sparkling stars,
She was the one he was staring at.

He turned her into an incredibly unraveled fantasy,
She made him her Darkest Fairytale.

Later that night with darkest passions known,
And with the unsaid spoken secrets,
Ended their wait to see two parallel lines meet.

They were completely destroyed and ruined in Love.
They chose to bleed in words and emotions.
It was terrifying, yet so beautiful…

Lightened My World Of Darkness…

Lightened my world of darkness - A Fault By Default

The way you look at me, makes me feel so good about myself,
Had I ever thought of someone like yourself entering my life.

No! May be my imagination could never have been this good,
It’s not really about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

Each time you say something, I am able to feel such intensity,
The intensity with which you penetrate into my heart and soul.

The passion with which you hold me tight and feel my skin,
Is something I had never felt before – Warmth of your breath.

Yes! There are untold stories and mysteries yet to be solved..
But beyond all of it and more, there is this beautiful reality!

No matter for how long you’d be a part of me and my life,
You’ll be the one who lightened my world of darkness!

Because They Are Memories…

In this chaotic world, there are innumerable things that happen to us each day. But amid those innumerable things are ones which stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives. They dig deeper than one can ever imagine, and graver than one can ever comprehend. We surely do not enter into this world with them but inevitably die with them.

These are “Memories” and they stay with us till eternity.

From the most Beautiful, Intense and Benevolent encounters to the Unimaginable, Unacceptable and Incomprehensible ones, if they could strongly impact you in any plausible manner, they become ‘Memories’.

On this beautiful planet, where the mother nature has been immensely generous and where she flaunts her mesmerizing and mystical beauty, we happen to create memories that are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Memories, that make us who we are, and why we want to be the way we aspire to be.

As Haruki Murakami poetically puts it, “Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.

Memories possess the power of giving us strength in the most miserable and lamentable predicaments, but also the power of shattering us down with fear and insecurity, even in the most fortunate occurrences of life. And whether remarkable or despicable, they are unavoidable and to an extent even unforgettable. Perhaps, sometimes that is what we want, no matter how much they make us suffer, we just don’t want to let go of them.

Because they are memories…

Happy Birthday, My Mentor

Happy Birthday My mentor - A Fault By Default

Dear Khushboo Ma’am,

You are the reason I see the world as a different sight.
You taught me to see beyond the Black and White…

You helped me perceive things in a different style,
You are the reason I learned to go an extra mile…

I believe you deserve everything that you desire,
On this Birthday, I wish you fly incredibly Higher..

You’ve given me a deeper understanding of things,
Dear Mentor, You are truly the wind beneath my Wings…