Walked on Different Paths …

Walked on Different Paths ...

The night has almost reached its pinnacle,

And the sleep doesn’t seem to embrace my eyes…


As I lie down on my bed under the warm blanket,

I feel the void of sleeping to your voice over the call…


My uncontrollable anger, you mentioned, was the problem,

But with every problem comes the solution of “understanding” …


I did believe in the beautiful mess that existed between us,

For it made sense to me more than the routine life…


You elected to not perform the only act we did with perfection,

You chose to not talk it out with me but narrate a decision…


Perhaps, you didn’t want to resolve it rather decide otherwise,

For once in all these days did I miss the “talking” between us…


Had I been aware there would be unpleasant moments,

I would have refrained you from entering my world…


However, now that we choose to walk on different paths,

Here’s something I want you to know, I’ll be there for you like you always did…

The Beautiful Raw Moments…

Beautiful Raw Moments

Once upon a time, under the wintry clear sky and innumerable twinkling stars,

Amidst the chaoticness of life, one of the most incredible things happened.


As I quietly studied the messages on my phone, my face gleamed with a peaceful smile, 

Shedding the insecurities and revealing the imperfections, we walked on to define ‘Raw’


It was perhaps just another night, yet I noticed the beauty of it more than ever,

In the freezing winter season, I could feel the heart melt to the sound of him.


The days passed, as they do… and the nights became frozen than ever,

Yet, nothing seemed to have changed for us; we talked each other to sleep.


Waking up to his ‘Morning babe’ text each morning, and the warmth of his voice,

He never forgets to bring me my favorite Roses, even though he knows his talks are enough.


Freezing bike rides, hot evening coffees, cushy car drives and the quiet things…

We were two authentic people trying to make sense of the beautiful raw moments.


He tends to unravel my mysteries and decipher emotions that pass through my eyes.

I just adore the way he notices the little things even when they aren’t that noticeable.


With the fondness in his eyes, dominion in his touch and the innocence in his gestures,

Each day he continues to cast the secret spell to bind me to him for hours endlessly.




I Opened Up To You Even Though I Knew Better

A Girl Who Opened up to her boyfriend

I succumbed to you, despite the fact that I knew you weren’t right.

When I initially met you, I knew you would give me inconvenience. Something about that sassy grin. Something about the way you snickered and made jokes. Something about the way you took a gander at me. Something about the way you influenced me to feel. I knew you aren’t right.

I figure the most noticeably awful part is that I was cautioned about men like you – the smooth talkers, the loving backstabbers, the ones whose appeal can veil their most profound and darkest goals. What’s more, despite the fact that the signs were all over the place, waving their brilliant warnings, imploring me to pivot and to go no further, I disregarded them with expectations of demonstrating the Universe as wrong.

I Opened Up To You.

I could converse with you about anything. You supported me even when I was unaware that I required it. Some way or another you influenced me to surmise that you were what I was searching for. Not just that, you kissed me and revealed to me I was gorgeous and that I was what you were searching for. You made me believe that we’re meant for each other.

With each warm touch and with each promising and motivating word, I let you tear down my walls. And with every message you sent me, and every call you made to me, you let me trust that you were digging in for the long haul; that you were genuine.

Yet, now, as I lay here in my bed, alone, knowing very well indeed that you are out there setting your lure for the next, I’m proud that I understood your game before becoming a victim. You saw me as an amusement to be played. An empire to be conquered.

I knew you couldn’t have cared as much as you said or as much as your false signals would persuade. Be couldn’t I notice all of it much before? I could but I chose not to. I needed to absorb the sentiments of adoration. I needed to be a piece of something so gravely that I nearly risked myself.

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 You Weren’t One Amongst The Typical Bad Guys

You didn’t endeavor to hurt me or persuasively take my credulous heart. You were crafty and by one means or another persuaded me to offer it to you. Had I not been cautious enough, you would have rested my heart in your trophy case next to others.

 Here’s what I Want You To Know Player

I have stolen a large portion of my heart back, yet there is a part of me that needs you to keep that last piece.

Because I’m certain that one day when I discover the love I’m searching for, you’ll feel the guilt of deception, the guilt of being savagely selfish.  I need you to take a gander at yourself and consider how you could be so cold as to treat me as you did; to lose me.

I need you to keep that little bit of me as a reminder that you once broke me… But I was more grounded. I collected myself, pulled out this and I discovered bliss regardless of your constant efforts to torment me with your moving in and out of the relationship every now and then.

 You may have been sufficiently strong to break me, however I wasn’t weak either. 

Yet, in the event that it never happens, that you never realize what you made me suffer through, in the event that you never lament how things finished, I need you to realize that I’m glad. Happy without you. I’m proud of myself for being strong enough to move out of the toxic relationship before it was too late. I’m glad that I could move on with life even after all this. This contentment that I feel is the thing that drives me to continue making the most of my life regardless of you. It gives me trust in my capacity to continue walking ahead.

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A Girl Who Learned To move on over her boyfriend
Source: Pixabay

 What’s more, on the off chance that you never consider thinking about me again? Well, I trust you realize that I too intend to overlook you.

Gradually yet definitely, you’ve just begun to blur from my memories. Your scent, the feeling of your touch on my skin, your chuckle – it’s every one of the somewhat dimmer than it was some time back. I will overlook the surface parts of you, yet I will never forget how you broke me. Also that, how strong I was to overcome the game I was almost trapped into.

I think I see now the energy of intuition. First impressions aren’t always right, but the gut is never wrong.

Marriage Diaries Chapter III – Shagan Night

Marriage Diaries of Charu Bhateja Shagan Function

Just a night prior to the morning we had to leave was Mehndi, implying we had a fun and tiresome night. With all our family members coming together, dancing and drowning in the joys of marriage, there I was, strangled in the melodramatic thoughts of her leaving me and opting for a new roommate (her husband). Nevertheless, I felt emotional and excited, all at once.

We wrapped up the function by midnight; however, since we had to leave for Delhi at five in the morning, we planned to clean the house as the floor marble seemed to be engraved with Mehndi. Ahh! I, mom and my first cousin managed to clean the house and by one we were all set to doze a little. But of course, decorated with the divine designs of henna, my sister could barely understand how to place her body in a resting mode. The mehndi boy had directed to remove henna after two and so I, with eyes almost shutting and mind transplanting itself to hibernation mode, chose to give her company till the divinity crafted on her hand exemplified the love of her husband.

April 13th, 2017 6 A.M.
Mom: Wake up, we are late. It’s seven already.

Me: Eyes wide open, body half unconscious… Staring at my mom trying to understand what’s going on. *Epiphany hits*. We have to leave for Delhi. It’s her Shagan function today.

Blanket thrown aside, on my feet to rush to the washroom, looked at the wall clock five minutes to six it displayed. **Mom will be Mom**

We had booked one traveler and two cars, everyone seemed to get ready by seven and the house was not at all hushed up.

“Start moving the bags outside the house, we need to keep them in the traveler”, said elder cousin.

“On it bhaiya” I said.

My lane is a bit narrow, cars can come inside but traveler would find it difficult to make an about turn or even reverse for that matter. So, we were all making rounds dragging the bags, some lifting them and others with sweets boxes and if at all there’s a doubt about how many bags did we have approximately thirty-five.

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April 13th, 2017 7:30 A.M.

Mom to Dad: “We have to reach today, not after the function”

Dad said nothing and sped up his chores.

April 13th, 2017 7:45 A.M.

We were all in our respective seats, some in the traveler, some settled in the cars, we left for Delhi Cantt. The journey had been smooth and a little sleepy as we were all tired and had to stay up the entire night almost. And for the next two nights, things seemed no different.

**Marriages are serious ceremonies. We invest our time, energy, money and most importantly, our emotions in a two-day affair, in Punjabis stretched and made into a five- day extravagant affair.**

April 13th, 2017 3:00 P.M.

We reached the destination, Chief Engineers Mess, Delhi Cantt. We had our lunch and started settling into the rooms. We had booked 10 rooms in the officer’s residence and since they were given only for functions, only our family was there. Rest of the rooms were locked. It was nicely constructed a three-storied building in the shape of a circle with rooms at the boundary and the inside of the circle was filled with greenery with a lovely fountain in the middle. The rooms were almost as spacious as honeymoon suites and that helped us refresh ourselves in a jiffy. Some took a little nap, some unpacked stuff a little and then started off to get ready as the function had to start at six in the evening.

April 13th 2017 7:00 P.M.

Shagan, in punjabis, is a function where you exchange gifts with the other party (here, Kanav’s family) and show it off to the world. Here’s the catch. Although, it is said to be exchange of gifts, often than not, it’s mostly one party giving and the other party receiving. Accompanied by dance, drinks and hell lot of drama, shagan is one of the most in-demand functions in a Punjabi wedding.

We entered the hall, me, with my sister. And of course, we were the center of attraction. No, I’m lying here, she was the one. She had to be the one and that night, she, undeniably, was an enormously gorgeous thing. I saw my brother-in-law look at her and swoon in her love all over again. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and couldn’t wait to sit next to her on the crown.

Marriage Diaries of Charu Bhateja Shagan Function
The Bride – Charu Bhateja
Marriage Diaries of Charu Bhateja Shagan Function
Bride’s sister – *Me*

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Oh, did I not mention that my Brother-in-law is one of the most handsome men I have ever come across in my life? I just did 😉

**I’ll share his picture in the next and last chapter – Marriage Diaries Chapter IV – Kanav Ki Dulhaniya**

The larke-wale had prepared a dance performance and so did we. Everyone danced like crazy and some drank like crazy, same thing! We were thrilled, at the same time, tired and a little worried. The next day was marriage, and we wanted everything to be perfect, being a larki-wala does come with a bit of default tension and consciousness. But over anything else, we were happy rather delighted to have such a good family for my sister.

The clock struck 12! And her wedding day started …

Stay tuned for the Bhateja Sister’s Marriage Diaries! 



Marriage Diaries Chapter II – Beautiful & Emotional

Marriage Diaries Chapter II - Beautiful & Emotional

Since, the main marriage ceremony is to be held in Delhi, we threw a lunch function for the people of the town. We, of course, had invited everyone, the relatives, friends and acquaintances. The rationale behind the function was to treat people who might not be able to make up till Delhi to attend the marriage.

The function had to start with a Sundarkand Paath followed by grand lunch (with Dj of course!) The paath had to commence at nine o’ clock in the morning. However, since a few relatives stayed back on the night prior, we slept around four in the morning and therefore, got up late. Though my parents were up on time and were all ready, we, the Bhateja sisters, were a little drowsy and lazy. It wasn’t truly laziness, lethargy is the word! More so, I had been on my feet the entire night to serve dinner and change the music for the kids. I don’t know how I managed to put the nail paint in the middle of everything. Nevertheless, we were all dolled up by ten o’ clock, my sister towards a little more glamorous side, obviously. We reached the hotel by 10.30 A.M. Okay, so just to clear out the confusion, pooja and lunch both were held at the hotel. The pooja/paath was scheduled from nine to twelve and post that the lunch was supposed to happen.

charu bhateja in green dress marriage function
Charu Bhateja (to-be-bride)
Ritika Bhateja wearing blue dress In Charu Bhateja's Marriage
That’s me, of course!

Now, since the paath started an hour late, we had presumed it would wind up an hour later, which didn’t happen as it continued till 2 P.M. Here’s the funny part, though, we had invited everyone for the paath and lunch (clearly mentioned on the wedding card, supported by my father’s personal calls to almost each one of the relatives), no one, apart from our family members showed up before one o’ clock. So, to infer, most of them had planned to just have lunch, as they must have calculated that even if the paath gets prolonged, they still are going late by an hour. These are elders, I’m talking about! Anyway! God, on the other hand, was smarter 😉 and therefore, almost everyone was present during the aarti.

The Beautiful and Emotional Part

Just before the aarti, panditji asked me to distribute rose petals to everyone and announced that no one will shower them before the aarti. Once the aarti got over, he asked everyone to settle down and said, “The to-be-bride is sitting here, and on behalf of her, I want to apologize everyone for the mistakes she has ever committed, forgive her and shower your blessings on her for a successful married life.

Everyone came towards her and sprinkled the rose petals and in that moment she personified glory for me. She was surrounded with rose petals, one of the most beautiful sights ever! My sister was one pristine sight! Dressed in a light green gown adorned with silver stones, she dazzled with the rose petals, literally encircling her. And such blessings made us cry, however, I was the only one who didn’t break down but as I turned and saw my Dad, Mom and sister shed tears, I couldn’t hold back mine. We experienced bliss 🙂

Post that we moved over for lunch, which was arranged in another hall. I felt mature as I asked everyone if they had lunch or if they needed anything and that they have to be there on the wedding. With folded hands, I bid everyone goodbye and conveyed my thankfulness for coming. The food was amazing as everyone mentioned and the Dj was fun too. We had kept the function in Hotel Deep Residency again, as in the case of her Roka. Everything turned out beautiful and perfect 🙂

We are leaving for Delhi tomorrow, where we have Shagan and Marriage! Bags packed! Sleepless night! Bhateja Sahab ki Shadi!

Stay tuned for Bhateja Sister’s Marriage Diaries!

Marriage Diaries Chapter I – Adventurous Ride Home

marriage diaries part 1

I was all set to leave for hometown to attend my sister’s marriage ceremony. Actually, not just attend the marriage, but all the marriage related rituals, and customary practices. For the first time in my life span of 22 years, I was enthralled about being a part of such festivities. And why shouldn’t have I been, it’s my real sister’s cum best friend who’s getting married.

Honestly, I can barely fathom the perception people have, that girls are fascinated by the idea of their marriages since childhood because all I have ever thought about is “my sister’s” marriage. I have dreamt about every single thing concerning her marriage, right from the kind of husband she should have to how much money I need to make by then to buy her the wedding dress. I just wanted everything perfect!

10.30 A.M.

I still got three hours before the time of bus and I’m already set to leave. Bags packed, shoes worn, hair done, whoa! Being ready before time does feel good!

10.40 A.M.

***Oh, I have to collect my clothes from the tailor***

I had been going to the gym lately, of course, to get in the perfect shape to flaunt that Lehnga on her wedding. Luckily, I managed to lose a couple of inches and therefore, my clothes needed alterations.

I rushed to the tailor.

11.20 A.M.

Tailor check. Feeling a little hungry.

I planned to grab a sub from the market and rush back to the pg to pick my stuff so as to leave for bus stand.

***I still got more than two hours, it barely takes an hour to reach the bus stand***

So, I decided to have my favorite corn and pea sub instead of take away.

12.00 P.M.

My cab was waiting downstairs and I, somehow, rushed with my three bags, apparently.

Bhaiya, fast chalana please, bus hai 1.30pm

Ma’am, 80 Se upar drive nahi kar sakte hai, points deduct hote hain

1.30 P.M.

Two minutes to bus stand showed the GPS and with my fingers crossed, I hoped the bus had not started off. I stepped out of the cab with three bags and tried to run towards the bus stand. Thanks to my adorably cute height that my short steps could hardly cover any distance, especially with the entire luggage. You see, with the way I was trying to carry the bags and make an attempt to run, supposedly I must have qualified for the heavyweight championship.

Anyway, I saw the bus moving from a distance and suddenly I found myself as Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met, trying with all my might to catch the bus and guess what, I did too. Though for that moment, I personified ‘clumsiness’.


Everyone gave me those weird stares, of course, guys gave me nice ones 😉 but who cares, I was in the bus.

Moral of the Story: Never give up, because heavyweight champion, John Cena doesn’t give up!

Are you still with me? Really after all this? Thanks buddy!

Stay tuned for the Bhateja Sister’s Marriage Diaries! 

This Was Just The Perfect New Year’s Eve

Indian Bloggers

Dec 30th 2016 8 PM

Sister: What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

Me: I haven’t really decided yet. I have my office tomorrow, perhaps party with people from the Office. You got plans?

Sister: Yes I’d be celebrating with Kanav’s Family.

(For people who are not familiar with the name, Kanav is my to-be brother-in-law.)

Me: Wow! Sounds great! Have fun.

Dec 31st 2016 2 PM

Me: Guys, what are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Let us go somewhere?

Naren: I’ll be partying with my roommates.

Suraj: I have to come to the office tomorrow, so I don’t have any plans as such. I’d go with Harish, take a shot or two and sleep.

Manyu: Nothing much. My girlfriend has demanded a party as most of her friends are going. So, I’ll be taking her somewhere. Let’s see. Anyway, I don’t understand one thing, tomorrow, if all her friends start using the salutation ‘Dr’, will she also start doing the same?

Me: Nevermind (he could have created his own PKP saga)

Nayan: I’m going to my cousin’s place in Rohini.

**Everybody is doing something, they all got plans. What the hell am I going to do? Why on Earth do I not have plans ready, ever? **

Before any of you have second thoughts, let me replace the doubts with clarity.

It’s not that people didn’t ask me for the New Year’s Eve, many did but I refused. My refusal was based on two grounds;

First, I am not really a good friend with them that I give them a passing score of 5+ on the scale of 0-10 in terms of reliability and safety. Second, I just didn’t feel like going with them. I suppose, that’s a reason good enough.

With my eyes staring at the walls and sliding down to the laptop screen, and thoughts swirling, in fact, eventually storming inside my head, one thing was certain; I wasn’t even tad bit sad or gloomy. I was in a perplexed state, trying to figure out a way of the ‘What will I do’ dilemma; but even if I had to spend the New Year’s Eve alone at my PG, I was fine with it. I was absolutely comfortable with the thought of not having anything to do on New Year’s Eve and it didn’t invoke anger or anxiety in me. I was cheerful and contented; maybe it was supposed to be one of my happy days and not amongst the ones when my mood literally sits on a seesaw and abashedly slides up and down, exploring the extremes of the mysterious island.

Throughout the day was filled with laughter, and excitement of the weirdly complicated year ending and a new journey on the verge of beginning.

Dec 31st, 2016 6.45 PM

Everyone started to wrap up to rush to their New Year parties (or plans, whatever 😉 ). I was in no mood to leave early, so I continued my work until the phone beeped.

*One New Message*

Himanshu: What’s your plan for the evening?

Me: Nothing! Working throughout the night, maybe.

*Message Received*

Himanshu: Why don’t you come with me?

Me: To where?

*Phone Ringing*

Himanshu: Hey, will figure out something. You’ll have a wonderful end to the year, you have my word. Chalo?

Me: Okay. I’ll take an hour’s time as I am still in the office.

Himanshu: I’ll come to pick you up. Be ready by 8.

NOTE: Again, for the ones who don’t know Himanshu (name changed), he’s the most reliable man I know. Therefore, there were no second thoughts.

I wound up all the work and rushed to my place. In a jiffy, I washed my face and the search for the answer to “What should I wear” began. Replicating the same scenes as Bollywood shows, I found myself digging through my cupboard and throwing out the clothes, though not on the ground, but on the bed. Finally, I found the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress). All dressed up and dolled up,

I wore the LBD with Boots and Overcoat, along with my favorite Fuchsia Pink Lip color.

Dec 31st, 2016 8 P.M.

*Phone Ringing*

Himanshu: Hey, I’m downstairs. Are you ready?

Me: I’ll be there in 5minutes.

I walked downstairs and stepped out the main gate. Himanshu was waiting outside his car with his face on the opposite side of me.

Me: Hey, unlock the door.

Himanshu: Hey, you are so dressed up and dolled up. You look so pretty.

Me: Thanks *blush*

Started our journey on the utterly unromantic, brimming roads of Gurgaon to find a place that could accommodate us in the rush hour of the last evening of theTravelingvelling through the roads of Sector 17 to Sector 30 and then, finally entering the jam-packed roads of Sector 29, we were pretty certain that we won’t get a parking spot. Thanks to Himanshu’s driving and parking skills, he nailed the spot, just right.

Dec 31st 2016 8.30 P.M.

Himanshu: Will you be able to walk till the market? It’s a few steps away.

Me: Of course. I’m not in heels.

Himanshu: I mean you are wearing a dress, anyway.

Me: Don’t worry. Let’s go.

Ten minutes after entering the market, we found ourselves hopping different clubs with the motive of being able to hit upon one that could serve us with good food, good booze and good music. After taking almost half a round, we shortlisted two – The Factory and Sasural. Those of you who have been to Sector 29 would understand the contrasting options we had. With countless thoughts and discussions, we obviously made the wrong decision. Yes, Sasural it was. Since, it was a pre-paid entry we had no choice but to stay there. The first thought that came to me was “It is exactly like aj mere yaar ki shadi hai”. There was an indoor floor and also an outdoor one, which indeed was the element that triggered our decision in favor of Sasural.

The music was strictly Bollywood. No, wait. It was accompanied by the Bhojpuri ones. Let me list a few songs to give you an unmistakable picture of my excitement on the dance floor:

  • Tune Maari Entriyaan toh dil me baji ghantiyan
  • Munni Badnaam hui Darling Tere Liye
  • The Lipishtik Song – Jab lagawe tu lipishtik, hillela saara district
  • And the epic, Tinku Jiya

There were Punjabi songs playing as well. Considering my Punjabi background, and my incessant enthusiasm for dancing, this had been the craziest dance party ever, although, I feel Tinku Jiya could have been omitted from the playlist. Nevertheless, I was enjoying thoroughly. Not being sarcastic, just fanciful 😉 !

From decent boys seeking the pleasure to dance with me to putting down their offers, exchanging eye-contacts with the NSPs (Nain Sukh Prapti) to shouting and dancing my life out on the most hysterical dance numbers ever, I felt absolutely elated with every single part of the evening. It was turning out to be a great end to the year, plus it was the first time in 22 years (you just got my age :p) that I was partying outside on New Year’s Eve.

We kept hopping into the indoors and outdoors of Sasural party zones, laughing at some and adoring others for their fanatical drunk behavior. The dinner was delicious and so was Gajar Ka Halwa. We were on the dining tables when the countdown began.

Among the countless screams and yells, I heard 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

Everyone started to exchange greetings in the form of hugs and kisses. Himanshu and I hugged and wished each other a happy journey for the New Year. We ran to the dance floor as it was supposed to be the last song of the night, “Bappu Zamindar” it was.

I called my sister and parents and wished them a beautiful year 2017. Himanshu dropped me home at 12.40 A.M. I was so drained out that I rushed to the room and slept.

It was the most perfect end to the New Year’s Eve.

A Trip to Lansdowne … A Paradise On Earth!

lansdowne hill station review by A Fault By Default

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our mundane and monotonous lives that we forget to appreciate and embrace the immense beauty which Earth has stored in its graceful womb. There’s so much to explore and feel; to build experiences and create memories; places that our unmistakably soothing and undeniably stunning!

One such place blessed with bounty of marvels is Lansdowne, an art of nature situated at an altitude of 1,706 meters above sea level. Surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forests in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is indeed a paradise on Earth. The magnificent mountains, picturesque valleys, and silvery waterfalls, ornamented with lush green plantations and mystic clouds encircling the sky-high mountains – My eyes had never witnessed such a spectacular sight before!

Beautiful Lansdowne

The clear blue skies which turn pinkish-red at Sunrise and Sunset is a manifestation of the Sun unfolding the mesmerizing secret of Nature. And if this wasn’t enough to content your soul, the sound of rain would make it even blissful – how can one hold back from falling in love?

Farther from Urban advancements, the small hill station is one of the most peaceful places to be visited. Apart from the stunning views, Lansdowne also has in stores The War Memorial, Tip n Top View Point, Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Santoshi Mata Temple, Regimental Museum (also called the Darwan Singh Sanghralaya), Bhullatal Lake, St. Mary’s Church, Lover’s lane, and adventurous trekking zones. Lansdowne has a small market that stays open till 9 P.M. and also has a Cinema Hall. Surrounded by the Gharwal Cantonment, you can see Army Men patrolling the place in the mornings and evenings.

And one aspect that deserves a special mention is ‘The People‘. Such heartwarming gestures, polite tone and ever smiling faces will leave you awe-struck especially when you realize how difficult life becomes in such high terrains.

The Earth has hidden countless admirable secrets in its womb! We are sometimes so engrossed in living the worldly pleasures that we overlook creating memories and lose out on gaining experiences. And when reality hits us in the face, we sense the lack of contentment in life, which can be found in Nature’s humble aboard!

Here’s why Diwali 2016 Unexpectedly Became an Awesome One for Me

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On the eve of October 28th, I was sitting on my work desk trying to wind up the work before going on the most awaited Diwali vacation for 7 days.  It was previously decided that my parents would be coming to pick me up as they had to visit my sister’s to be in-laws who stay in the same city as I do but at the eleventh hour the plan got changed. And there I was vexed and sniveling on the eve just prior to the long awaited escape, stuck up in a dilemma as how to reach home during the rush hour of Diwali. I could not find a single booking for the Bus nor the train.

After a heck of a lot of efforts, I finally managed to find a booking for October 30th, yes, the day of Diwali. Even though a couple of tears rolled down my cheeks when I received the message “Your ticket has been successfully booked”, to be honest, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with it.

And why should I be, it is the Diwali time of the year! The time of the year when the air of the house infused with the aroma of the delicacies prepared by Mom, when the evenings come alive with a million lights, and when the markets are at a whole new level filled with joie de vivre. That one time of the year that is not just the homecoming of Lord Rama but all of us, the outstation students/professionals.

 Note: Diwali Celebration pictures are shared at the bottom

Honestly, I felt gloomy and miserable about staying back for two more days before I reach home. Also, considering my awfully sentimental side being a Scorpio, it should not come as a surprise to you that I cried twice that day. On my way back to the PG, I received a call,

Screen flashed – Gentle Soul Calling

“Hey, I have news for you.”

“What is it?”

“We are going home tomorrow.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m dropping you home tomorrow.”

“But when I asked, you mentioned that you have office”

“Yes, but I’m not going. We are going to your hometown Ms Bhateja”



“I’m hell excited. Thaaannnk youuuuuuuuu”

“I’ll be there at 6 a.m. dot outside your PG”

“Roger that”

Thrilled.. Elated..Filled with Joy..Screams..

I am f**cking going home before Diwali..Yaayyyyy!!

With the intention of sleeping early in order to be on time, I packed my stuff in a jiffy – Ethnic Clothes Check, Heels Check, Kohl & Moisturizer Check, Zipper Check….and so the list was checked.

11: 30 p.m. I prepared my bed and went to sleep  

After countless Twists and Turns..

12:30 a.m. Struck with wakefulness, I found myself sitting on the bed munching a bag of chips and staring at the walls.

01:40 a.m. Still staring at the walls, holding an empty bag of chips.

02:30 a.m. Finally lying on the bed again, trying to fall asleep.

05:30 a.m. Screen Flashing.. Gentle Soul Calling..

It was time to wake up, I was going home 😀

With the super relaxing night and the subsequent refreshing morning, I could perform the daily morning chores with utmost speed (Pun intended). We finally left for home at 7 a.m.

It indeed was a soothing yet entertaining road trip with a joyous mix of playlists and a dash of F.M. I reached home at 12:30 p.m. and he went all his way back to the place where he belonged. I could not thank him enough till date for the gracious favor he did.

My parents were surprised seeing me home a day prior to the booking and apparently, I made up a story and convinced them of a lie, that’s a different tale, anyway. Finally, I was home breathing the aroma of Festivities.

And Then Started The Diwali Decorations. . .

Whilst I stood on the ladder adorning the walls with lights, and of course trying not to fall standing on a pretty much higher step of the ladder, thanks to my adorably cute short height; my sister suddenly turned into a perfectionist of light placements, “Thoda Idhar Kar! Haan ab Thik hai! Ruk Chala Kar Dekhti Hun! Waise thoda Aur Right se lejani Chaiye”

Luckily the lights were done. Next on the list was making Rangoli. We searched for “Simple Rangoli Designs” and the results showed absolutely intricate, not at all simple designs and hence discovering that we already too late to become artists, we (I and My Sister) set out to make a weirdly fantastic Rangoli.

Ritika Bhateja Diwali Celebrations 2016

And lastly, settling a few lanterns and ‘Shubh Deepawali’ torans, Bandhanwar and other wall hangings, we were done with the Diwali Decorations. Now the only thing left was, donning that ethnic kurti I had specially bought for Diwali and clicking a few images.


Ritika Bhateja Diwali Celebrations 2016

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So, we were not really supposed to do Diwali Pooja this year as I got blessed with a beautiful niece just 2 days prior to Diwali and hence, we had sutak – a concept of ritual purity as per the Vedas which restricts the family members to perform rituals or go to the temples. But here’s the catch – basically my parents were not allowed to enter into the temple and perform the rituals, however, it does not apply to the girls as they are considered paraya dhan. Hence, I performed the rituals.

Ritika Bhateja Diwali Celebrations 2016

This Diwali became an awesome one for me because it gave me happiness in the following ways:

  1. I got blessed with a lovely little babydoll niece
  2. Finally, my laptop installments due over three months got over
  3. My Freelancing payments got credited and so I could buy gifts for my family
  4. Gentle Soul’s gracious favor
  5. The Unparalleled together time with family is the best thing in this world
  6. I looked stunning in the ethnic dress 😀
  7. And more, which I’d rather keep personal for now!

Diwali 2016 gave me special memories that will be tucked away in a corner of my heart which will undeniably make me smile each time I’ll think of them.

A Heartfelt “Thank You” to the Reason behind this Smile on My Face

Indian Bloggers

Here’s to the man who went an extra mile to make the curve on my face wider with his infinite sweet little gestures and endearing acts of care and admiration.

Note: I am not going to talk about the baffling emotion called ‘love’ because I am still struggling to ascertain the true connotation of the sentiment. I am talking about the emotion that is the most important ingredient of the recipe called ‘Life’. I am talking about “RESPECT” that he has deservingly earned.

When the world appeared to be a place that no more energized my inner being, he came to my miraculous rescue and illuminated the gleam of hope that was nowhere to be seen in the abyss I was in.

To answer the questions, I had been asking about the indispensable phases of life and to make sense of all the wrong choices I made, he came to create the sparkling memories and give those unforgettable experiences that were gone astray in my life.

When I failed to comprehend and appreciate own self amidst the mass for the imaginings I couldn’t surmount, he taught me to give time some time, and that to appreciate the beauty of spring, one has to experience the fall.

In all those unendurable times, when I just didn’t want to stand any further, he stood right in front of me as a witness of the goodness of God to reassure the faith in empathy and humaneness that had once gone dead.

With the righteousness in his conduct and valor in his acts, I learned the art of being strong and rationally wise. I learned that until I attempt to take a leap, I’ll never be able to unfold my wings.

And in midst of these lifetime lessons, he gave me endless smiles and enough happiness to be able to deal with the atrocities of life with utmost fortitude.

Many Thanks and Much Gratitude for your endless reassuring gestures!

A memory penned down for today and forever….