Why Are You Not That Successful – Dedicated to Discourteous Corporate Folks

Why Are You Not That Successful

Caution: This piece is triggered by emotions, therefore, please pardon my aggressive satirical speech. Especially dedicated to the Discourteous Corporate Folks – Men and Women!

Here’s something I want you to know about ‘specially challenged people’, and by ‘specially challenged people’, I mean those who contemplate themselves to be superior and sophisticated than others (For technically no reason at all). The ones who’d pretend to not see you because they think greeting or exchanging eye contact with you will belittle their “preposterously chauvinistic personality”. The ones who would not reach out to you at the first stance because that would mean dropping down their imaginary high standards, and come on how will they reach back to their level if they did.

Categorically speaking, they are the ones with little self-confidence struck by immense insecurity and yet showcase ostensibly high levels of ego, you know, just to recompense for their self-doubt.

And to all these people, here’s something I want to say, “Hear ye all, you’re not going anywhere. Get this printed, and post on your wall. Bye

Fret not, I am not gonna leave you in the middle of the ocean without circumventing you with the outrageous waves (Read: reasons) for you to ache with guilt, just in case, your conscience is pure enough.

Let me put this right into your perspective:

1. The more you swagger around place to place presumptuously ignoring the people near you, you build negative energy around you and for you. And this, definitely, isn’t taking you anywhere. Don’t believe me?

Try thinking about the people carrying persona of your kind and the ones who are generous and considerate.    You ’ll get what I’m sayin’.


2. Each time you walk past someone disgracefully disregarding the greeting message or the generous selfless smile, you portray a persona of none more than a jerk. And you actually end up demeaning yourself in the eyes of people. **Epiphany strikes**

As Theodore Roosevelt says, “Keep your eyes on the Stars and your feet on the Ground.”

However, you basically are good at neither of this. That’s certainly why you ain’t moving up the ladder as you should have had by now. Nevermind.


3. In your pursuit of boosting your ego, and following the discourteous culture, you end up causing distress to people, you transpire into victimizing them.

Well Amigo,

It’s called Karma, and pronounced as Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.

And KarmaSutra: When fake fucks you in all sorts of creative ways …

Need I say more?

4. And here on your face – You’re setting wrong examples for people. You make this society a difficult and insensitive place. You are feeding a non-indigenous society in which your kids would be raised in.


Wrapping Up

Nevertheless, I won’t get down to your standards and become another ‘You’. You know why?

Because perhaps you have long forgotten that you once wore my shoes and faced it all, experiencing and contemplating exactly how I am today. But trust me, I won’t forget it. I’ll rather create an improved legacy for people to follow and carve a society your kids deserve to be raised in.

And if at all, this leaves you heart-struck, please CHANGE!



Making Her Mark in the Corporate World – From an Ambitious Independent Woman

I entered the Corporate World with high dreams and aspirations, much like the rest of the World or as they categorically put it, much like the men. Thoughts swirling in mind, eyes twinkling with dreaming of skies, head held high, and with feminine poise, I was determined to make my mark at a place dominated by the men holding highest positions.

Do I feel apprehensive, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date.

I walked in and I saw read the judgements in the eyes, ‘eye-candy’ they declared I am. No, they didn’t announce it but I knew it from their eyes, for I’m a Scorpion and that’s what my Scorpion traits have taught me, ‘pierce into the thoughts through the eyes’.


An ambitious Scorpio woman

Did I feel miscalculated, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date. However, I did feel underestimated.

I placed myself in my seat, and got the warmest welcome with the coldest eyes. Yet, I smiled ear to ear accepting the most hurtfully common human phenomenon. I got my first project, typically least challenging per-se, but work is work and worship and responsibility so I performed quite well. That was my first chance of proving my true estimation to counter that underestimation. But oh well! A less challenging task can’t really lead you anywhere.

Days passed and months too… I didn’t feel enriched. Being impatient, it became unnerving each day until one day, I decided to talk it out to the person concerned and so I did. “Naira, it’s about 20% work that you do and 80% how well do you connect with people and people mean your Boss “, and that was my first reality check into the world I entered. The person continued, “You need to keep your Boss happy”, I was of course aware of this sassy formula, however, my ears weren’t ready to receive the same by the Boss himself. Yet, with a poker-face I sat there trying to make the most sense of his words because honestly, I was rather stuck at 20:80 ratio.

My mind had started going to a different level because I barely could grasp the corporate mindset, words like ‘submissive’ and ‘compromises’ made little sense to me. As I tried to subdue the wrong thoughts and tried to admit that words can be misinterpreted, I heard him say explicitly ….

To be continued…

Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Disclaimer: The worst part about depression is,

People who don’t have it

They just don’t get it


Has been a while since I penned down my real thoughts,

Unexpressed Emotions, unsaid stories and unsung battles …


All I did was frown over the lost battles and mistaken shots,

Looked down upon myself, smilingly accepting wrong blames …


I had become a part of a miserable mess, created with my own despondency.

Perhaps that’s depression, that’s what it does to people – Cause Misery …


Hurricane of emotions at once and empty at the other stance,

There were lighter nights and darker mornings, I felt broken not lonely


The fake smile got heavier on the face, the eyes craved to shed tears,

Nothing moved a bit each time they said the three words, “Are you okay?”


Until one day I saw the Sun shine brighter and world gleam with joy,

Sky seemed clearer than ever, life somehow seemed to make sense.


I saw a better version of me, the one that had identified the power of hope,

And what it could possibly achieve! How the heart could smile so blissfully!


Yes, things take time but you got to keep trying, you got to be patient,

It might not happen overnight but it will. I fixed myself, so shall you…


That’s what it does to people, that’s what hope does to people!

Even though the agitation remains, I don’t fall anymore but fly… I dream…



I Opened Up To You Even Though I Knew Better

A Girl Who Opened up to her boyfriend

I succumbed to you, despite the fact that I knew you weren’t right.

When I initially met you, I knew you would give me inconvenience. Something about that sassy grin. Something about the way you snickered and made jokes. Something about the way you took a gander at me. Something about the way you influenced me to feel. I knew you aren’t right.

I figure the most noticeably awful part is that I was cautioned about men like you – the smooth talkers, the loving backstabbers, the ones whose appeal can veil their most profound and darkest goals. What’s more, despite the fact that the signs were all over the place, waving their brilliant warnings, imploring me to pivot and to go no further, I disregarded them with expectations of demonstrating the Universe as wrong.

I Opened Up To You.

I could converse with you about anything. You supported me even when I was unaware that I required it. Some way or another you influenced me to surmise that you were what I was searching for. Not just that, you kissed me and revealed to me I was gorgeous and that I was what you were searching for. You made me believe that we’re meant for each other.

With each warm touch and with each promising and motivating word, I let you tear down my walls. And with every message you sent me, and every call you made to me, you let me trust that you were digging in for the long haul; that you were genuine.

Yet, now, as I lay here in my bed, alone, knowing very well indeed that you are out there setting your lure for the next, I’m proud that I understood your game before becoming a victim. You saw me as an amusement to be played. An empire to be conquered.

I knew you couldn’t have cared as much as you said or as much as your false signals would persuade. Be couldn’t I notice all of it much before? I could but I chose not to. I needed to absorb the sentiments of adoration. I needed to be a piece of something so gravely that I nearly risked myself.

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 You Weren’t One Amongst The Typical Bad Guys

You didn’t endeavor to hurt me or persuasively take my credulous heart. You were crafty and by one means or another persuaded me to offer it to you. Had I not been cautious enough, you would have rested my heart in your trophy case next to others.

 Here’s what I Want You To Know Player

I have stolen a large portion of my heart back, yet there is a part of me that needs you to keep that last piece.

Because I’m certain that one day when I discover the love I’m searching for, you’ll feel the guilt of deception, the guilt of being savagely selfish.  I need you to take a gander at yourself and consider how you could be so cold as to treat me as you did; to lose me.

I need you to keep that little bit of me as a reminder that you once broke me… But I was more grounded. I collected myself, pulled out this and I discovered bliss regardless of your constant efforts to torment me with your moving in and out of the relationship every now and then.

 You may have been sufficiently strong to break me, however I wasn’t weak either. 

Yet, in the event that it never happens, that you never realize what you made me suffer through, in the event that you never lament how things finished, I need you to realize that I’m glad. Happy without you. I’m proud of myself for being strong enough to move out of the toxic relationship before it was too late. I’m glad that I could move on with life even after all this. This contentment that I feel is the thing that drives me to continue making the most of my life regardless of you. It gives me trust in my capacity to continue walking ahead.

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A Girl Who Learned To move on over her boyfriend
Source: Pixabay

 What’s more, on the off chance that you never consider thinking about me again? Well, I trust you realize that I too intend to overlook you.

Gradually yet definitely, you’ve just begun to blur from my memories. Your scent, the feeling of your touch on my skin, your chuckle – it’s every one of the somewhat dimmer than it was some time back. I will overlook the surface parts of you, yet I will never forget how you broke me. Also that, how strong I was to overcome the game I was almost trapped into.

I think I see now the energy of intuition. First impressions aren’t always right, but the gut is never wrong.

15 Offbeat Thoughts About Life That Will Surely Make Your Day

15 Offbeat Thoughts About Life That Will Surely Make Your Day

There are times when we feel saddened and depressed with adverse situations and unfavorable circumstances. During such conditions, motivation can be difficult to come by, and so are the smiles.

These 15 offbeat thoughts on life will surely bring a scintillating smile on your face and will redefine your perspective towards life.

1. We mature with the damage, not with the years.

2. You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, irritated, annoyed, frustrated, scared, or anxious. Having feelings doesn’t make you a ‘Negative Person’. It makes you Human.

3. Monsters are real and they look like people.

4. I like people with depth. I like people with emotions. I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also people that can make me smile.

5. All Single People are not really single. They have some untold stories.

6. A wise woman once said, “Fuck this shit” and she lived happily ever after.

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7. “You think you know me? Think again.” – Scorpio

8. Just hold on. God knows what he’s doing.

9. You don’t know this new me; I put back my pieces differently.

10. “You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you. That’s why I’m here.” – Karma

11. Don’t over think life. Trust that you made the right decision and keep moving.

12. The more I find myself, the more people I lose.

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13. Sometimes all we need to feel happy is just the warmth of someone’s arms telling us, “Hey, don’t worry! I’m with you!”

14. If you feel too tired to speak, just sit next to me. Because I, too, am fluent in silence.

15. Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.

Satanic Angels & Angelic Devils

Satanic Angels & Angelic Devils - A Fault By Default

The world is meant to be a wonderful and happy place for all, irrespective of the incomprehensible emotions they savor. It is not just for a savage individual but for the victims too. The world is the answer to all innumerable, unreturned questions.

We humans are the unblemished reflection of our inner selves and core values. Nothing More … Nothing Less … These values turn us into what we poetically call as Satanic Angels and Angelic Devils. We all have given shelter to the unkind demons inside us, but only a few choose to feed them. And my incessant struggle is against them.

Against them who let down and take for granted the people who love and behold them, not because of the irreparable damage they cause (that’s a coarsely different deal altogether), but because,

Tomorrow when their ego is shattered and eyes are numb, they’ll see what they couldn’t before – The most devastating sight ever. The guilt of drawing someone into a merciless ignominy would be nothing less than ruinous and excruciatingly tragic.

A Fight between Terror & Humanity – My Heart Bleeds

Salute to Martyr Nitin Kumar, BSF Constable.

Let not his sacrifice go in vain. How many more will shed their blood in a fight between terror and humanity?

Heard Enough of the war between India and Pakistan, unfortunately it is the humanity at stake. It’s not a fight about the religion or even the nation, it is about our existence as “Humans”.

We have to fight unanimously against brutal Inhumanity, atrocity, savagery, callousness and extreme cold-bloodedness. And if that means boycotting a country, that in any manner comprehends and supports terrorism, I will. Because when those soldiers stand on the border fighting for my country and die in the name of my country, I feel my heart bleed.

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And when on National Television, the diplomats from my beloved neighboring country outrightly support terrorism and mention of it as a means to fight India, I condemn not just their conduct but of each person who thinks of them as worthy diplomats.

I support humanity. I support India. I will not live in pretense that there will be peace without feeling the urge to have it. And for once, I’ll not support a star because I follow him, but the Nation that made him who he is.

I condemn Inhumanity and such atrocity.
#Humanity #India #JaiHind

5 Reasons That Prove Being The 21st Century Generation Is Just Awesome

Even though the world has been modernized to an extent that is sometimes incomprehensible, yet there are certain things that we as a 21st Century generation have figured out for ourselves. Yes, we are not “Americanized” and neither are we a confused lot (I mean; only sometimes we are). We are not trying to bridge the yawning gap between two generations, just trying to pave our way to the World that can make peace with the two extreme outlooks.

We are not under the bad influence, just stuck up in neither-here-nor-there culture and we are finding our way. But there’s one thing that we have figured out – We can never be like you. And honestly, we don’t feel guilty about it. We feel being the 21st century generation is simply awesome because:

  1. Even for us Family is Top-Priority

We are often misjudged or misunderstood as a generation that has no affinity towards the family. So, before you misjudge or misunderstand us again, let’s get this fact clear. We may be different in our outlook towards life, and the definition of independence that we have learned is certainly beyond the acceptable limits of this society but you got to understand this – We, undeniably, love and respect our families as much as our previous generations.

  1. We have become ‘Rightly Intolerant’

Yes, rightly intolerant! We are done with racism, caste, classicism, and most significantly sexism. We do not understand the norms set by the patriarchal society. We are not gender-biased and believe in equality and respect for all. That’s what we have been taught since childhood, isn’t it?

  1. ‘Marriage’ is just a Stamp

We have to admit it. We are less convinced with the whole ‘Marriage’ thing. It just fails to impress us. We are yet to understand the basis of its existence. And especially, after the inspiring examples, people have set for us, we are certainly scared of setting down. So, why not let marriage be a personal choice?

  1. ‘Moving On’ is our first Lesson

A messed up love affair, quitting a boring job, an embarrassing family reunion or an unexpected night out with friends, we have accepted these things as a part of growing up and eventually a part of life. We have conquered the art of letting go & learned to move on.

  1. We are not ashamed of “Sex” or even “Sexuality”

Maybe we have come a long way here but this is how it is. We don’t feel ‘being virgin’ is anything more than Salman Khan’s confession on Koffee With Karan. We do not understand the stamps, society wants to engrave on us. We respect an individual’s privacy and outlook towards life. And we do not believe in any norm when it comes to sexuality.

It might sound preposterous, immoral and to some even promiscuous, but honestly we have evolved, evolved into better ‘individuals’. We are the 21st century generation and we aspire to set better examples.

Revealed: Hindu Traditions Are Actually Science Driven..

There isn’t a need of any sort of blind belief to qualify for heaven; because there is science behind every single thing. Well, yes. Even Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma functions on the principles of Science i.e principles that can be identified, intuited and experienced.

Here are 7 examples that justify the practices of Hindutva being inspired by Science:

1. Folding Hands for ‘Namaskar’

When we fold hands in Namaskar, it ensures union of the tips of all the fingers; which are the pressure points of eyes, ears, and mind. Joining both hands results in the activation of pressure points all at once which ultimately helps us to remember that person for a long time

.fldinf hanfs

2. Adorning Hands With Mehndi

Apart from enhancing the beauty of hands, Mehndi has multiple medicinal properties. Since, occasions like Weddings are nerve-racking, and often, result in headaches and fevers, Mehndi keeps the body and mind cool.


3. Science behind Fasting

The concept of Fasting came into existence from Ayurveda. It sees the basic cause of diseases as the accumulation of toxic materials in the human body. And fasting helps in release of toxic substances from the digestive organs as it lowers the acid content in the body thereby helping people to retain their sanity.


4. Application of Sindoor Or Vermillion

Yes. Even Sindoor has a reason besides notifying about a woman’s married status. Sindoor is prepared by mixing turmeric-lime and the metal mercury. Owing to its basic properties, mercury, apart from controlling blood pressure also activates sexual drive. Interesting!


5. Worshiping Peepal Tree

Although Peepal tree is more or less useless except for its shadow, it needed a strong reason to possess such glorified status. And our ancestors found one. Peepal is one of the few trees (or maybe the only one) that produces oxygen even at night. No wonder why they related it to God.


6. Wearing Silver Toe Ring

As I said, there’s science behind everything. The significance of wearing Silver Toe ring on the second toe is that, a nerve from the second toe connects the uterus and passes to heart. It is said that wearing Silver ring on this finger strengthens the uterus and ensures menstrual cycles are regularized.

Toe ring

7. The Logic behind Charan Sparsh

When you touch someone’s feet, their hearts emit positive energy. Your fingers and palms become the ‘receptor’ of energy and the feet of other person become the ‘giver’ of energy. It enables the increase in cosmic energy, resulting through a quick connect between two minds and hearts.

Charan Sparsh

5 Hidden Secrets Girls will keep on forever!

Well, girls are complicated! And let us just accept it that way. But despite of this whole ‘complication’ saga and a lot more similar stuff, we somehow build a confined mind-set for women. And we start thinking that we know them in and out!

No wonder, we have dark hidden deep secrets that we want to keep on forever! There are things that we never want you to know. There are many, many more things that we ladies keep as secret from men:

  1. We don’t have commitment issues. But the whole marriage thing freaks us all!

3053144922. Yes, we love food! Let me repeat, we love food. After all, that’s what adds all that weight at the right places… 😉


3. The majority of us don’t really care about how much money you make as long as you are emotionally available.


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4. We don’t consider drunk kissing cheating…but consider sex with another man cheating


5. We relish our individuality and “me” time more than you’ll ever know


So, when you have read through the secrets, you must have realized how different a woman is, than the way you presumed her to be. Basically, understanding a woman is not the trick, In fact, it was never one. Oscar Wilde rightly said, “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.”