9 Sassy Quotes When You Need to Be Savage

People say I act like I dont care. It's not an act.

It’s great to simply be in a …mood. *shrugs* If you are sassy OWN IT.

Have you at any point been informed that you are sassy? Perhaps somebody said it to you adversely to influence you to feel like it was something you are expected to change.

Being sassy means you know how to go to bat for yourself. You have a spine and you are not hesitant to utilize it. Truly, that is very respectable. You must demonstrate the world you are not somebody who can be strolled everywhere.

Life is sufficiently extreme as it is and having a start to have the capacity to hit back (not physically!) but rather with spunk is dang cool. At the point when all the chips are down, you don’t surrender. You retaliate and you hit back hard.

Think about some solid ladies throughout your life. They are most likely super sweet and enjoyable to be near. A kind soul who you need to invest energy with. Be that as it may, when somebody crosses them, somebody they adore or tries to influence them to feel awful about themselves they turn into a BOSS.

Hell no, you can’t outrage them. Since they have a sassy mounted gun holding up to go.

So, on the off chance that you are a savage and furious lady be glad! We have a few statements for you that will help fuel your sassy shimmer.

  1. Even on my worst day I'm killing it


Before coffee: I hate everybody. After coffee: I feel good about hating everybody


4. Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack


5. This is my cup of care. Oh look, it's empty


6. 5'2 but my attitude 6'1


7. I do a thing called what I want



If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote



Cancel my subscription because I am done with your issues

6 Absolutely Not-To-Do Things On Valentine’s Day

Not to do things on Valentine- A fault by defaul

Valentine’s Day is here and if you are in a relationship, you must be planning to spend it with your better half! It’s a day when millions of couples showcase levels of extravagance and waste countless amounts on things that don’t even make sense. As a result, all you are left with is empty pockets and to add to it, your partner’s incessant nagging.

So, here’s presenting 6 not-to-do things on Valentine’s Day! For all the happy couples out there, read on!

  1. Presenting a bouquet of Flowers: During Valentine’s the price of Flowers goes high, thanks to their superfluous demand. Instead of spending lump sums on flowers, opt for something useful. One red rose usually has the same impact.
  2. Overkilling The Heart-Shaped. Although, there is a wide assortment of heart-shaped gifts displayed in almost every store, but gifting everything heart shaped is exaggerating the feel of Valentine’s.
  3. Planning An Anonymous Valentine’s Surprise. ‘Really? What’s the point of gifting your partner something anonymously? Adding to the suspense and giving surprise? So, making them feel excited about a secret lover that as per them is not you, is exciting? I see!
  4. Proposing For Marriage Doing something just because that sounds romantic can be adventurous! So, brace yourselves! Rethink the major decisions and do it after analizying the same.
  5. A Simple Dinner Date. Going to a restaurant and eating together – how romantic! Watching 10 other couples doing the exact same thing is, indeed, so idealistic. Come on, plan something better than just a simple dinner time stuff.
  6. Making Pinky Promises. It’s time you grow up and act maturely. What good will those promises do when you are not looking forward to a committed relationship? On the other hand, if you already share one, what is the need of promises? Sounds fair?

If you end up by following the tips and excluding the things that fell under any of the points above, you are definitely going to have a rocking Valentine’s Day!

It Happens Only in India! Funny Facts About India!

India is an extraordinary country and it houses extraordinary people with extraordinary characteristics. India is India. No other place like it. And likewise there are certain things that make me say “It Happens only in India”.

1. We are simply infatuated with the dialogue “Char log kya kahenge” but have never been able to figure out who those char log actually are!


2. Do not talk about families with us. We just treat everyone like family. We are so engrossed into the whole family thing that even Bollywood could not stay away from it.


3. Road traffic here doesn’t merely mean cars. Definitely keeping the value of the words, traffic in India is not only about vehicles; it constitutes cattle, dogs, cats and what not!


4. We celebrate every festival Diwali, Holi, Eid, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Shivratri and many more. You name it, we celebrate it!


5.  We can vote at 18, marry at 21 but can consume alcohol only at 25! They think marrying needs less sense than alcohol.


6. We are so much leen into bhakti that we believe in Babas more than Doctors. Samosa khaya karo, kripa barsegi. Whaaaat??


7. And of course the magnificent train journeys where you’ll find the passengers not only inside the coaches but also above them!


A place where cricket is a religion and Sachin Tendulkar is God. There’s no place like India! Incredible India!

5 Hidden Secrets Girls will keep on forever!

Well, girls are complicated! And let us just accept it that way. But despite of this whole ‘complication’ saga and a lot more similar stuff, we somehow build a confined mind-set for women. And we start thinking that we know them in and out!

No wonder, we have dark hidden deep secrets that we want to keep on forever! There are things that we never want you to know. There are many, many more things that we ladies keep as secret from men:

  1. We don’t have commitment issues. But the whole marriage thing freaks us all!

3053144922. Yes, we love food! Let me repeat, we love food. After all, that’s what adds all that weight at the right places… 😉


3. The majority of us don’t really care about how much money you make as long as you are emotionally available.


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4. We don’t consider drunk kissing cheating…but consider sex with another man cheating


5. We relish our individuality and “me” time more than you’ll ever know


So, when you have read through the secrets, you must have realized how different a woman is, than the way you presumed her to be. Basically, understanding a woman is not the trick, In fact, it was never one. Oscar Wilde rightly said, “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.”