11 Things That Boyfriends Do That Makes Our Heart Beat Faster

Receiving love and affection from that one special person, boyfriend, means the world to us. No doubt a girl once in love with someone leaves no stone unturned to make her better half feel loved and happy. Coming to us, it is a huge myth that we fall for big and flashy things. Instead, it is the cute little things that our boyfriends do that make us feel on the top of the world.

Love is the most amazing feeling one can share with someone with complete loyalty for a lifetime. No matter how kiddish and troublesome they get at times, they are the ones making us feel lucky and positive about life.

Here are a few things our boyfriends do that melts our heart and we can’t stop awing at them!

1. Hey Honey, You are Beautiful! The whispering compliment does it all

Yes! Yes, Guys! That’s all! The sudden compliments that boyfriends pass to their girlfriends just make their day. The intimacy and love in your whisper lead to a swarm of butterflies in her stomach.

The whispering compliment does it all
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2. Smelling Delicious

The sexiest thing about a man is his amazing fragrance. A guy’s irresistible smell makes women go crazy for you and therefore all she wants to have is YOU!


3. “Good Morning Gorgeous” is a sudden uplifter

Boyfriends really have no idea what their good morning text means to their girlfriends! The cute text makes her feel wanted which in turn makes her a keeper of you. Your text adds a spark to her dull morning otherwise.

Good Morning text to her
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4. The Purity of a Forehead Kiss

Nothing in this world is more passionate than an alluring kiss on the forehead. It shows your respectful and protective behavior towards her.

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5. The Ticklish Feel While Holding Hand

There go your fingers over her palm giving her goosebumps and making her realize that you won’t let her go anywhere.

6. The Perfect Sudden and Back Hugs

Long hugs from back with slight kisses on the neck can make any girl go weak on knees. The sudden rush of her blood leaves her feeling aroused and enamored.

The Perfect Sudden and Back Hugs
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7. Remembering her major contacts

Remembering everything about her friends is a sign that you are serious about her. Your involvement makes her feel good and secure.

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8. “She is my girl, my future”

Introducing her to everyone you know with complete faith and confidence is all she needs.

9. With her head on your chest “Cuddle All The Way”

Grabbing her, kissing her, talking to her in her eyes, noticing the inner beauty she possesses and everything that combines to form a perfect cuddle is the cutest and the most amiable thing for your girl. This gives her a chance to get more into you.

With her head on your chest “Cuddle All The Way”
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10. Singing your heart out

Even though you aren’t a great singer, grab her waist, pulling her closer run your fingers through her hair with the touch of your lovable humming in her ears. Your magical tunings will seem as melodious as honey to her as it is a way of showering love upon her. Grooving a little is an icing on the cake.

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11. Having a Worthy Conversation

Telling her about your ambitions, your fears and insecurities might not always get you solutions but it surely gets you an extra care and love. You get more comfortable and easy to handle. Seeing you happy and relaxed takes the lines off her forehead. You tend to build a deeper mental and emotional connection as you discuss things with her.

Having a Worthy Conversation
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Relationships are built on trust, love, sacrifices and honesty. It’s important to have a note of things that make you partner happy. After all being by the side of your love forever is not in everyone’s destiny. If it gives you it knows to take back. So, cherish the small things you offer to each other!







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  1. So beautiful. It gave me goosebumps but If someone has a relationship like this and it breaks, these things will haunt them. This is like putting all your emotions at stake

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