Hottest Wedding Trends for Summer 2018

Striped-Graphic-Lehenga-Sabyasachi-Spring-Summer-2018-An-Endless-Summer-collection-Urbanclap-Weddings (1)

Weddings come with some reasonable reasons to dress up well and flaunt your ethnic wear. It’s a special day for the bride and bridegroom of course. Looking special is on high priority. This year we have some new trends in the wedding collection. Let’s look at what 2018 has for the beautiful bride and groom.

Celestial Inspired Theme

A beautiful gown with stars aligned and accessories that are crystal studded. A beautiful veil, also with stars, will compliment every beautiful bride out there.


Source: Purewows

Striped Lehengas

Striped-Graphic-Lehenga-Sabyasachi-Spring-Summer-2018-An-Endless-Summer-collection-Urbanclap-Weddings (1)
Source: Pinterest

Bold colored striped with a contrasting blouse is a perfect stylish outfit for the wedding celebrations. If not for the D-Day, it will go best for Mehendi or Sangeet. Compliment it with a cool pair of sunglasses and let your hair lose, says Sabyasachi, to give it a playful look.

Oversized Bows

A Faylt By Default - elle-bridal-trends-mega-bow
Source: Pinterest


A simple and elegant dress with a large or oversized bow is in trend for the beautiful brides. It has an Old Hollywood look and some chic feel to it. A beautiful bow will make the bride feel no less than special.



A Fault By Default - Sabyasachi bridal monochrome fashion
Source: Pinterest

A single color from top to bottom! Sabyasachi is of the opinion that it might sound loud, but looks perfect Give it a shot with fluorescent colors as well. Less makeup and minimal jewelry could do great with this outfit. Try to get the groom to wear white to compliment the beautiful color you wear.


A Fault By Default - bridal-trends-capelets
Source: Pinterest

Layering your pretty wedding gown with a beautiful capelet can add texture and interest to your outfit. Choose from a wide range of designs to suit your gown and liking. And this idea might be the best for the brides who tend to feel cold most times.

Multichromatic Lehengas and Sarees

A Fault by default - ritu-kumar-indian-bridal-dresses-collection-2-indian-wedding-dresses-designer
Source: Bouvination

Ritu Kumar’s bridal collection this year has multichromatic hues in a single piece. Her lehengas and sarees have shades of pink, purple, pastel orange, pastel red and so on.

3D Florals

A Fault By Default - bridal-trends-3dfloral
Source: Elle

Adding some dimension to your dress, 3D flowers are for sure to make the wedding outfit look prettier and fancier. Go beyond an ordinary wedding gown and pick this one to make sure people can’t take eyes off the beautiful bride and of course her special wedding dress.

Fluttering Sleeve

A Fault by Default - Bridal-trends-flutter-sleeves
Source: Pinterest

These fancy and flattering sleeves will add some movement to your wedding dress. When you walk past people, let the wind blow through your sleeves and create interest. Opt for a cut off sleeve or ruffled cap sleeve. Bring out the bohemian bride in you.

Keep up with these wedding trends of 2018 to rock the weddings lining up on your calendar, be it your friends’, cousins’ or your own.




6 Bollywood Celebrities Show How to Dress This Monsoon Season

Dia Mirza donning a floral dress in monsoon

We all look up to the Bollywood stars when it comes to style, fashion or even lifestyle changes. With the monsoon season setting in already, the celebrities have made changes in their wardrobes. Let’s look into what we could take inspiration from and rock the monsoon this year.

  1. Deepika’s Elegant Look
Deepika-Padukone-dresses - A Fault By Default
Source: Vogue

Fed up of the time your jeans and heavy fabrics take to dry during this monsoon season. Take inspiration from Deepika Padukone’s new look. Replace your jeans with some casual yet elegant dress for a dinner. Now enjoy your dinner, without any worry.


  1. Kriti Sanon’s Stylish Airport Look
Source: ibtimes


The young actress was spotted in the airport with a green bomber jacket. She wore a black slip dress under it. She accessorized it well with a tote and metallic sneakers to complete her outfit. The overall look is simple yet stylish and a nice travel look to try out. Complimenting it perfectly with her surrounding, she proves to be a great fashionista.

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  1. Dia Mirza’s Floral Outfit

The floral dress that Dia put on went perfectly with her cheerful face. She complimented the beautiful dress them with some sleek loafers. Though it could seem like she went on a outing with pals, it also looked like the perfect travel outfit for the monsoon season.

Dia Mirza donning a floral dress in monsoon
Source: FashionLady
  1. Sonam’s Outfit for the Festive Occasions

Managing a saree or ghaghra could be a pain in this monsoon season. But that shouldn’t stop you from dressing right for the occasion. Do it right and dress elegantly like Sonam to make sure that ethnic touch remains but without a pain. Get yourself a cropped and pre-draped saree. Enjoy the festive to the fullest.

Source: Vogue
  1. Alia Bhatt’s Airport Outfit

 Looks like this monsoon season, the airport look is all about green and black. Similar to Kriti’s airport look, Alia wore a black slip dress and topped it with a camo jacket. She completed the outfit with sneakers and stylish red bag. The talented, young actress shows how to travel with style.

Alia Bhatt monsoon Airport look
Source: LadyIndia


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Queen K’s Look

Kareena Kapoor Khan - A Fault By Default
Source: Pinkvilla


Kareena Kapoor Khan is known to be a fashionista and has not once disappointed the crowd with her fashion. This monsoon she chose to keep herself warm by throwing on a white sweatshirt. It had a pretty red print on it. For the bottoms, she wore a black jegging with red and white stripes which complimented the sweatshirt well.


Get inspired by these stylish and beautiful looks of these celebrities to make sure that you don’t miss the fun of the season and also find a reason to give your wardrobe a whole new look too!


The Celebrity Guide to Dressing in Summer 2018

Kendall Jenner - A Fault By Default

With the summer heat coming up it’s the time of the year to show off your skin (or not), flaunt light airy clothes and choose from a wide variety of combinations to wear.

Celebrities are known to be the trendsetters in the society so let’s look at some of the summer looks that we can adopt from them.

Bra Tops

One of the best clothing to wear this summer is bra tops and bralettes.  They are quite versatile pieces of clothing and can be worn with many different pieces of clothing. You can pair it with an A-line skirt and a long loose cardigan like Bella Hadid did in Cannes.

Bella Hadid in bra top - A Fault By Default
Source: Pinterest

Or you can also pair it up with a denim jacket and long pants like Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes - A Fault By Default
Source: Pinterest

Bralettes will help you in experimenting and innovate a new look for yourself. They have the ability to look good with anything.

Off Shoulder dress with a Tank Top

If you want to wow others with an out of the box look, this is going to be perfect for you. Inspired by Yara Shahidi this look may sound weird but with the right combination, it is the perfect look for an outdoor party.

Source: Popsugar

But be careful. It is a difficult look to carry and the wrong combinations can make you the laughing stock.

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Button-Down Boyfriend Shirt

Boyfriend shirts are best for the people who don’t have those perfect summer bodies. They will look best when styles with shorts. Kendall Jenner became the center of attraction with her Boyfriend Shirt looks at Oxford.

Kendall Jenner - A Fault By Default
Source: Daily Mail

Look how she gave a completely new look to it by tucking her shirt inside the shorts and letting them peek out a little.

Mini Dress and Boots

A stylish and bold mini dress paired with a pair of boots is another great summer look. It is an easy to assemble and great look. You can make it funky or soothing. It all depends on the choices you make both the ways this combination goes quite well in any situation.

spring+outfits-hailey+baldwin - A Fault By Default
Source: Where To Get It

Hailey Baldwin was seen wearing a white mini dress and a pair of black boots. She also fashioned a black backpack which greatly enhanced her look.

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Sundress with a hat

Sundresses never go out of style. They are evergreen piece of clothing for the summer and come in varied sizes and designs. One of the classic ways to wear it is with a casual hat like the one worn by Miranda Kerr. It’s the perfect dress to go for an outdoor party or picnics.

Source – Pinterest

Floral Designs

Floral designs are another evergreen design. They go well in any type of clothing be it your top a floral dress or even jeans with a floral pattern or floral embroidered skirt.

Celebrities-Wearing-Floral-Print-Dresses-Fall- A Fault By Default
Source: PopSugar

Colours that you choose in your choice of clothing are really essential as in the summer your clothes need to be in the lighter shade. White is most sort after colour even in the glam world during summers because of the calm and soothing look.

So be well dressed and feel good this summer.

The Striking MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

Ritika Bhateja MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

Hi Guys,

Today, I will be reviewing a lip shade from MAC’s latest range of Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The launch of this line was their first step into the world of velvety Lips. At first, they released 15 shades which were mostly in purples and pinks and I must say they were highly pigmented and super smooth to apply on the lips. As a part of this ongoing series they launched 12 more shades in deep and muted tones and I will be reviewing the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade “High Drama.” So let’s get started.

Product Presentation

It is a liquid lipstick formula, which offers full coverage and a completely matte finish to the lips. No matter which shade you choose, you will get a feeling of glamour that is hard to forget.


Ritika Bhateja Striking MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 


My thoughts on the MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour:

  • Packaging: High Drama is a dark plum color which will suit all skin tones perfectly especially if we talk about the dark skin tones. The lip color comes in a glass bottle with simplicity and elegance. It contains the codes of the brand and the cap of the lipstick is the same as other MAC lipsticks which make it a perfect member of the family.
  • Texture: It applies easily on the lips and is very creamy while being liquid in texture. But you will have to apply it quickly as once out of the tube it dries pretty fast.
  • Application: I love the applicator. It’s really smooth, allows easy swipes and helps to define and perfect the lip shape.
  • Color: The color is dark plum and it’s veraciously bold. It totally stole my heart away. It covers pigmentation well and provides sheer coverage to the lips.
  • Staying Power: It stays on pretty long. If you have a heavy meal it can last for 3-4 hours and a good 6-7 hours after light meals.  In case you have to touch up, you won’t face the problem of cakey lips.
  • Occasion: I would personally use this shade when I’m going for a night around the town or for those big functions we all have to attend once in a while. Or once in a while when to make a statement. *wink*

Pricing: Investing in a MAC lipstick is a dream of every girl.  This shade will cost you INR 1850.

The Striking MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

Quick Summary


  • The packaging is simple and elegant
  • Veraciously Bold color
  • It’s easy to do touch ups without that cakey feeling on your lips
  • The applicator offers precision and helps to define the lips well


  • Being matte, it’s a little drying formula. I recommend using a lip balm underneath
  • Less Pocket Friendly

Ritika Bhateja MAC High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Review 

So, would I buy it again?

I have a fair skin tone, and when I apply it, it gives a statement look. I personally love striking colors. I would definitely repurchase this shade and would also recommend it.


My Rating: 4/5

Why Are You Not That Successful – Dedicated to Discourteous Corporate Folks

Why Are You Not That Successful

Caution: This piece is triggered by emotions, therefore, please pardon my aggressive satirical speech. Especially dedicated to the Discourteous Corporate Folks – Men and Women!

Here’s something I want you to know about ‘specially challenged people’, and by ‘specially challenged people’, I mean those who contemplate themselves to be superior and sophisticated than others (For technically no reason at all). The ones who’d pretend to not see you because they think greeting or exchanging eye contact with you will belittle their “preposterously chauvinistic personality”. The ones who would not reach out to you at the first stance because that would mean dropping down their imaginary high standards, and come on how will they reach back to their level if they did.

Categorically speaking, they are the ones with little self-confidence struck by immense insecurity and yet showcase ostensibly high levels of ego, you know, just to recompense for their self-doubt.

And to all these people, here’s something I want to say, “Hear ye all, you’re not going anywhere. Get this printed, and post on your wall. Bye

Fret not, I am not gonna leave you in the middle of the ocean without circumventing you with the outrageous waves (Read: reasons) for you to ache with guilt, just in case, your conscience is pure enough.

Let me put this right into your perspective:

1. The more you swagger around place to place presumptuously ignoring the people near you, you build negative energy around you and for you. And this, definitely, isn’t taking you anywhere. Don’t believe me?

Try thinking about the people carrying persona of your kind and the ones who are generous and considerate.    You ’ll get what I’m sayin’.


2. Each time you walk past someone disgracefully disregarding the greeting message or the generous selfless smile, you portray a persona of none more than a jerk. And you actually end up demeaning yourself in the eyes of people. **Epiphany strikes**

As Theodore Roosevelt says, “Keep your eyes on the Stars and your feet on the Ground.”

However, you basically are good at neither of this. That’s certainly why you ain’t moving up the ladder as you should have had by now. Nevermind.


3. In your pursuit of boosting your ego, and following the discourteous culture, you end up causing distress to people, you transpire into victimizing them.

Well Amigo,

It’s called Karma, and pronounced as Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.

And KarmaSutra: When fake fucks you in all sorts of creative ways …

Need I say more?

4. And here on your face – You’re setting wrong examples for people. You make this society a difficult and insensitive place. You are feeding a non-indigenous society in which your kids would be raised in.


Wrapping Up

Nevertheless, I won’t get down to your standards and become another ‘You’. You know why?

Because perhaps you have long forgotten that you once wore my shoes and faced it all, experiencing and contemplating exactly how I am today. But trust me, I won’t forget it. I’ll rather create an improved legacy for people to follow and carve a society your kids deserve to be raised in.

And if at all, this leaves you heart-struck, please CHANGE!



9 Sassy Quotes When You Need to Be Savage

People say I act like I dont care. It's not an act.

It’s great to simply be in a …mood. *shrugs* If you are sassy OWN IT.

Have you at any point been informed that you are sassy? Perhaps somebody said it to you adversely to influence you to feel like it was something you are expected to change.

Being sassy means you know how to go to bat for yourself. You have a spine and you are not hesitant to utilize it. Truly, that is very respectable. You must demonstrate the world you are not somebody who can be strolled everywhere.

Life is sufficiently extreme as it is and having a start to have the capacity to hit back (not physically!) but rather with spunk is dang cool. At the point when all the chips are down, you don’t surrender. You retaliate and you hit back hard.

Think about some solid ladies throughout your life. They are most likely super sweet and enjoyable to be near. A kind soul who you need to invest energy with. Be that as it may, when somebody crosses them, somebody they adore or tries to influence them to feel awful about themselves they turn into a BOSS.

Hell no, you can’t outrage them. Since they have a sassy mounted gun holding up to go.

So, on the off chance that you are a savage and furious lady be glad! We have a few statements for you that will help fuel your sassy shimmer.

  1. Even on my worst day I'm killing it


Before coffee: I hate everybody. After coffee: I feel good about hating everybody


4. Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack


5. This is my cup of care. Oh look, it's empty


6. 5'2 but my attitude 6'1


7. I do a thing called what I want



If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote



Cancel my subscription because I am done with your issues

Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Unexpressed Emotions, Unsaid Stories and Unsung Battles…

Disclaimer: The worst part about depression is,

People who don’t have it

They just don’t get it


Has been a while since I penned down my real thoughts,

Unexpressed Emotions, unsaid stories and unsung battles …


All I did was frown over the lost battles and mistaken shots,

Looked down upon myself, smilingly accepting wrong blames …


I had become a part of a miserable mess, created with my own despondency.

Perhaps that’s depression, that’s what it does to people – Cause Misery …


Hurricane of emotions at once and empty at the other stance,

There were lighter nights and darker mornings, I felt broken not lonely


The fake smile got heavier on the face, the eyes craved to shed tears,

Nothing moved a bit each time they said the three words, “Are you okay?”


Until one day I saw the Sun shine brighter and world gleam with joy,

Sky seemed clearer than ever, life somehow seemed to make sense.


I saw a better version of me, the one that had identified the power of hope,

And what it could possibly achieve! How the heart could smile so blissfully!


Yes, things take time but you got to keep trying, you got to be patient,

It might not happen overnight but it will. I fixed myself, so shall you…


That’s what it does to people, that’s what hope does to people!

Even though the agitation remains, I don’t fall anymore but fly… I dream…



Walked on Different Paths …

Walked on Different Paths ...

The night has almost reached its pinnacle,

And the sleep doesn’t seem to embrace my eyes…


As I lie down on my bed under the warm blanket,

I feel the void of sleeping to your voice over the call…


My uncontrollable anger, you mentioned, was the problem,

But with every problem comes the solution of “understanding” …


I did believe in the beautiful mess that existed between us,

For it made sense to me more than the routine life…


You elected to not perform the only act we did with perfection,

You chose to not talk it out with me but narrate a decision…


Perhaps, you didn’t want to resolve it rather decide otherwise,

For once in all these days did I miss the “talking” between us…


Had I been aware there would be unpleasant moments,

I would have refrained you from entering my world…


However, now that we choose to walk on different paths,

Here’s something I want you to know, I’ll be there for you like you always did…

The Beautiful Raw Moments…

Beautiful Raw Moments

Once upon a time, under the wintry clear sky and innumerable twinkling stars,

Amidst the chaoticness of life, one of the most incredible things happened.


As I quietly studied the messages on my phone, my face gleamed with a peaceful smile, 

Shedding the insecurities and revealing the imperfections, we walked on to define ‘Raw’


It was perhaps just another night, yet I noticed the beauty of it more than ever,

In the freezing winter season, I could feel the heart melt to the sound of him.


The days passed, as they do… and the nights became frozen than ever,

Yet, nothing seemed to have changed for us; we talked each other to sleep.


Waking up to his ‘Morning babe’ text each morning, and the warmth of his voice,

He never forgets to bring me my favorite Roses, even though he knows his talks are enough.


Freezing bike rides, hot evening coffees, cushy car drives and the quiet things…

We were two authentic people trying to make sense of the beautiful raw moments.


He tends to unravel my mysteries and decipher emotions that pass through my eyes.

I just adore the way he notices the little things even when they aren’t that noticeable.


With the fondness in his eyes, dominion in his touch and the innocence in his gestures,

Each day he continues to cast the secret spell to bind me to him for hours endlessly.




Everything You Need To Know About The Personality of Capricorn

Originated from the constellation of Capricornus, Capricorn, the tenth zodiac among astrological signs is considered to be the sign of earth.

People born between December 22 and January 22 actually rule their fate by the movement of the planet Saturn. So, what all special a person could have when born under the Sign of Goat?


Let’s have a look at the characteristics of Capricorns.

Ambitious – Capricorn, or simply Goats, are the people who are loaded with ambition. When it comes to their professional life, they look forward to every opportunity with a strong desire to achieve. Also, Capricorns work with discipline and maturity which brings the best out of them.

Hard Working- Give a Capricorn any task, they will put their best to achieve it if they find it worth achieving. Therefore, such a sedulous sign proves to be goal oriented and working diligently to achieve more in professional life.

Honest – People born under the sign of Goat are considered, to be honest as they are fearless to deal with the truth may it be good or bad. This is the best quality a person can have as they hide nothing from their loved and dear ones.

Family Oriented – Apart from being lost in the world of professionalism, Capricorns take care of their loved ones. They are more concerned about their family and friends which make it an emotional sign.


However, like every other zodiac, Capricorn also have some negative qualities such as:

Pessimistic- Instead of looking at the best of the situations, Capricorns consider the worst of it. They are the people with snobby nature from deep inside. This is the particular side which they keep hiding from people and it’s hard for others to know about their negativity.

Secretive – Capricorns may seem a very simple and tranquil sign but there are a number of secret qualities coiled deep inside them.

Well, that’s what our knowledge about Capricorns say, tell more about Capricorns in the comments below.