Check Out the Responses of these Bollywood Actresses to Body Shaming

Criticizing is a good thing, but when it crosses a defined limit, it takes the face of a shameful act. The female body has always been objectified no matter what.

In spite the breeze of modernization has struck the nation, there are still some brains that haven’t yet shaken hand with the modernist ideas. They choose to follow the path of orthodoxy and hence, bash anyone going against there norms of the so-called ‘sabhyata.

One such act is body shaming of our lovable female celebrities. The mob of cheap minds haven’t restrained themselves from thumping them with the dirtiest comments. But our actresses are bold. Their responses are indeed the personification of the slogan ‘Aj Ki Naari Sab Pe Bhari‘.

Scroll down and see the hilarious ways in which they have responded to the cluster of negative people.

The Hit You Back With Elegance- Priyanka Chopra

We all are aware of the meeting between the Miss World 2000 and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What made this meet to the headline was nothing but Priyanka Chopra’s ‘asanskari’ way of dressing. Little did she know that she would be attacked with comments like, “showing her legs”,” sitting cross-legged”, and forgetting “Indian culture”.

Responding effortlessly to all the body shaming comments she posted a picture with her mother captioned as “Legs for Days”. Now, this is PC for you!

The Heart-Hitting Message of Disha Patani

Dressed beautifully for the Filmfare Awards 2017, Disha posted a picture of her wearing plunging neckline dress at the event. As soon as the picture caught the glimpse of the audience, the comments full of abuses hit the post, one such being,

“You look like a Wh*re, exploring your b**bs, we got the point you have implants, no need to show off.”

Instead of getting depressed over the sexual and hypocritical comments she slammed her haters by bringing in the notice the prominence of the evils of society against women. Have a look!

Cheers To the Intelligent Kriti Sanon

After releasing her video in which she is seen dancing to the tunes of the ‘Hawa Hawa’ song of film Mubarakan, Kriti Sanon fell prey to Bhairavi Goswami’s stupidest act.

Response of bollywood actresses to body shaming
Source: Businessofcinema

Fighting as a lioness she in a public event reacted to this disgusting attempt of the Hate Story actor by saying, “Who is Bhairavi Goswami?” she questioned and later added, “I think, I’m just happy for her. She got a lot of publicity. Now you guys know her name also, so yeah”. 

The Silent Attack of Deepika Padukone

The Padmavati actress was bashed for being too skinny! The moment she posted her picture from the Maxim Photoshoot, the Internet Moral Police went mad by commenting things like, “Don’t be a pornstar. Don’t destroy your admiration which India has“, “You forgot about the Indian Culture” and what not!

But Deepika’s action towards this showed that she has some more important work to do rather than wasting time with these sick minds. She silently posted another picture of hers from the same photo shoot showing how indifferent and unperturbed she is to the illogical media hate.

We crazily follow the Bollywood celebs. While some shower on them love and blessing the other have nothing but brutal words. But are celebs are no less. They have their own coolest ways to handle the mess which these unwanted people create.

Kudos to the brave actresses!

Know About These Important Personality Traits of the Pisces you Love

Carrying the heart of a soldier, there is nothing called weak in a Pisces! Resembling the water, they go with the flow!

The Pisces symbol features a pair of fish swimming head to tail in a circle representing reincarnation – the life after death. They are the most intuitive and naive creatures. Deeply empathetic, often exhibiting a gentle and patient nature they seek out for inspiration. Possessing an extrovert personality they always find themselves in a group of very different people. Being a water sign, they quickly get absorbed in the environment.

Here are few things you should know about Pisces which make them unique.

Personality Traits of Pisces

Source: Pinterest

Tag them as everything from an “Einstein” to a complete “Fanatic” personality. When given a closer look to the distinct characteristics of the people born under this zodiac, they carry a compassionate soul and extremely optimistic spirit. They prefer to live in their castles build in the air. Being real dreamers, they make their path to lead their lives, crazy enough to throw the rules book altogether.

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They are socialites and popular in the group because of their easygoing and likeable manner. They, however, prefer to respond only to the circumstances and events unfold themselves. Pisces are exceptionally gifted to be artistic and intensively imaginative often expressed in music, literature, drama and art. They are headstrong and lionhearted, always ready for new ventures. Loyal, highly family oriented, kind and giving sums up Pisces for you.

Friendship and Pisces

Source: Your Tango

The friendly nature of Pisceans allows them to get along with almost all the zodiac signs at the friendship level. They can do anything and everything in friendship without expecting anything in return because of their “Selfless” nature. You will never regret being friends with a Piscean.

Pisces and Relationship

Source: tumblr

Seeking for romantic love, Pisces is the most emotional on the sun sign panel. A union with them makes you feel wanted. Their mysterious personality trait acts as a magnet to the opposite sex. They are compromising hence everytime try to fit in their partner’s pants. The kind of person they automatically turn them into a perfect lover. Where Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus are the most compatible signs, Gemini and Sagittarius are the least.

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Pisces and Sex Life

Source: libidoenhancers

Making love with a Piscean is quite satisfying. Pisces is a provider, hence, to them, sex is an opportunity to bring their partners the feelings of overwhelmedness and happiness. They are very sensitive to the needs of their partner, sometimes ignoring their personal needs. Foreplay is often long and sometimes even substituting the intimating moments altogether. Pisces are very gentle and caring about the intercourse. Cancer and Scorpio are considered as the best sex partners.

Pisces and Health

Source: PsychicsVideo

Pisces are prone to health problems related to their feet, lungs and heart. Being emotional creatures, they get into a habit of eating like a horse. They should work on getting an adequate rest and sleep to avoid mental overload. Pisceans are not very good patients. Also, they are dependent on their loved ones to look after their health.

Pisces and Fears

Source: Tweak Your Bizz

Pisces fear rejection, and when they get angst, they get the mid-life crisis. Being easily lured to drugs or alcohol for escape, they should be more careful with obvious reasons, but particularly because of their highly addictive and compulsive nature. A Piscean is highly indecisive and is shaky on the path towards fulfilling their objectives.

The Twelfth sign in the zodiac has such a proper depth. A typical Piscean is an extraordinary creature whose ideas and way of living are always “out of the box”. On the surface, like water in a lake, you’d never suspect how deep those water run. Time should be taken to explore those depths!

Know About These Important Personality Traits of Aries You Love

Everything you should know about the Aries you are connected to

Commanding, prophetic, and fiery an Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac series!

Like a coin has two faces, an Aries also does. Though they are self-centered and compelling, their approach to the world is innocent as that of children. Primal in nature, they represent the free will and ego in its purest form.

Here are a few things which you should know about the Aries in your life.

Personality Traits of Aries

Aries love to exist the way they are rather than contemplating the reasons behind what they do and what others think of them. Aries are spontaneous, open, and frank.

But on the other hand, the risk of breaking down is higher when they lose their confidence and are not given the time of their day.

Everything you should know about the Aries you are connected to

They have a desire to lead but at times are not able to nurture the inborn quality of leading in a right way. This makes them look selfish and frustrated. However, whenever they provide the right direction to their leadership skills, they prove to be the most idealistic and fruitful sign of the Zodiac panel.

Usually, they have a bug of exploration inside them. You can call them natural adventurers.

Kind of people they like

Very particular about their preference, they are straight shooters. Independent and optimistic beings do well with an Aries.

Friendship and Aries

The perfect partner in crime! Boredom will be converted into an adventure if you tag around an Aries. They have a bucket full of wit, sarcasm, and loyalty. Lying to them is not a good idea. Befriending them means spending your days with a childish yet a sober personality.

Everything you should know about the Aries you are connected to
Source: YourTango

Aries and Relationship

Dating an Aries is exciting! Once they love, they do it with utmost dedication! They do not consider the risk of the limb if their beloved is in danger.


Everything you should know about the Aries you are connected to
Source: Trusted Psychic Mediums

Thrilling, loving, and curious they are best suited for the people who know the tactics to control their impulsiveness. They cannot be restricted. Hence, they want partners who are capable of maintaining a balance between compassion and freedom. On the compatibility scale, Gemini is the most whereas cancer and Capricorn are the least compatible with Aries.

Aries and Sex Life

Dominant and surprising they are Wild! If not stopped they can carry it all night long. Being a fire sign, they are passionate and bold.  As they are competitive they will never stop until they please their partners. Be free and get rolling in Bed!



Everything you should know about the Aries you are connected to
Source: Ak9

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Aries and Health

Ruled by the head, painful migraines and severe headaches often knock their doors. Always active, their body fights for rest and relaxation.

Everything you should know about the Aries you are connected to
Source: HuffingtonPost

Aries and Fears

Source: Psychology24

Their insecurity is their biggest enemy. Due to this, they live life under a perpetual fear which makes Aries behave crazy in front of their crush. Moreover, this fear is reflected in their love and hate relationships. Their greatest fear of is being hurt again.

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In the nutshell, an Aries is enthusiastic and do not like things in a subtle way. Longing to move ahead and best of friends, if you have an Aries in your life you will never lack confidence.




Five Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

Things you should never say to your boyfriend

Each one of us here craves for a perfect relationship which has excellent communication as its base. But ever wondered if telling everything has some ill effects?

To have a healthy and happy relationship, you must figure out the things that are better left unsaid. Yes, good communication and transparency are required, but at times this becomes the sole reason for the clinginess between you two. Now, we aren’t saying that cheat on your partners, but for some shared benefits avoid telling almost everything irrelevant that pops into your head.

To prevent the hustle of sorting the stuff about what to tell and what not we have listed a few things you should never tell your boyfriend.

1. Your friend is HOT

Would you like if he does the same? Of course not! You would burn into flames then why to make him feel insecure? He and only he should be in your mind. Yes, window shopping is no harm, even if you do keep it to yourself.

2. This is what my EX has also done

Things you should never say to your boyfriend
Mars vs. Venus
Never make the mistake of comparing your present partner with your ex. Surely there might be a big reason for why your ex is your ex and not your present. Leave him there itself. Now, you have a new person who loves you. Guys hate being compared, especially with your ex.

3. The cliched “We need to talk”

Things you should never say to your boyfriend

If you start a conversation with these wordings your boyfriend might get defensive. This would make him jump to wrong conclusions resulting in tiffs between you two.

4. You need to work on your stamina

Charles Sledge

It’s okay if you want him to improve his skills in bed but saying this straightforwardly to him will surely break his heart. Moreover, this will make him feel less manly. So instead of saying exactly these words, you could rephrase it by saying “Why don’t WE join the gym, after all its good to be healthy.”

5. You are immature

Things you should never say to your boyfriend

A single line of yours and he will transform into a man walking on a grave. In return to this, he might bash you on behaving like his mom and being extra careful. Moreover, inside you also want a blend of spoiled child and a sober man.

So, zip your lock when necessary and cherish the essence of the beautiful bond that you share with your boyfriend!

7 Reasons Why Girls Choose Friends Over Boyfriends

The tiff between Friends and Boyfriends is never ending. The former has been with her through all the roller-coaster rides of her life while the other has bought an all new meaning to her life. To choose between these 2 gems has never been easy, but it seems girls value their friendship more than their love relationships.

So, before you get into a relationship with your dream girl, make sure she doesn’t have a best friend, I mean definitely not the one in Pyar Ka Punchnama. Have a look at the reasons which convey why girls are inclined more towards their friends. And you never know, these might act as best relationship tips for you.

A peep into the psychology of Girls:

1) Friendship is forever

Once a girl has chosen her soul-sister, dare you to replace her! They might fight like cats but in hard times you would watch them being each other’s back. Oh! Just to be a clear, a girl never finds a soul-brother in her best male friend. Fights with best friends are free from any knots whereas a single fight with the boyfriend can ruin the fairytale dreams.


2) Deeply entrenched in each other’s life

Friends have been stuck to her for obviously a longer period of time and anybody would place their old relations above the new ones. From her grunge and gross dress up as a teen to a perfectly dressed adult, they have seen it all. Although, there’s no denial that boyfriends can do romantic things to melt their women’s heart, but friends steal the show often.

3) The lightness of mind and soul

When compared to long hours spent with boyfriends, even a few minutes with friends feel more honest and relaxed. She is an open book in front of her friends. Moreover, she can share anything and everything with them. Therefore, being loyal is not a big task for her.


4) The Rescuers

After all the pebbles that life has thrown at her, she has got her friends to bring her back together. Boyfriends might become ‘ex’ but friends are never getting older. Be it the scolding of her parents or a fight with boyfriend, she finds home in her friend’s hug.

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5) A Bucket full of Weirdness

All crazy and quaky things find their place in her friend’s lap. She can be drenched in foolishness and still no one would judge her. They have their own humorous dancing steps on the world’s weirdest yet funniest songs. Her A-rated talks find a higher level when she is with her gang.

6) No need of space

Most of the fights in a relationship revolve around the space each partner need. They quarrel over minimal things results in a tensed atmosphere. But with friends, you need no space as you already have the freedom of speech and action.


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7) Friends are Family

Friends spend long hours in her house doing nothing as if it is their own house and her parents are their parents. Also, with passing days they become a part of her family, while on the other hand, she needs to think hundred times before bringing her boyfriend to meet her parents.

5 Extra Useful Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

save your hair in monsoon: Avoid Shampoos with more chemicals

The season has begun when all you have is oily scalp and sickening hair fall. With the beginning of Monsoon, an alarm for extra hair care has to be set. It’s time for you to pay a little more attention to your long locks. For building a shield of protection, you need to incorporate good hair care products accompanied by proper oiling and washing routines.

Here are a few beauty tips and hacks for hair in order to make them survive the monsoon:

1) No matter how unattractive it may sound, AVOID GETTING DRENCHED IN RAIN

Rainwater is usually acidic which is harmful to your hair. You might have the urge of getting under the drizzling water of rain but remember your hair is more important to you. Try to keep your hair as dry as possible. Cover your hair properly when you are out in order to protect them against harmful pollutants.

save your hair in monsoon: Avoid Shampoos with more chemicals

2) Keep a check on what you eat

Eating healthy is the key to healthy hair. During monsoons, your hair gets weaker. You need to have a high protein, mineral and vitamin diet. Consider eating spinach, yogurt, foods rich in omega 3, salmon, eggs, walnuts, etcetera.

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3) Avoid Shampoos with more chemicals

Oily Scalp, Hairfall and Dandruff are three devils which stick to your hair during this season. You need to wash your hair regularly in order to avoid these problems. But this also has side effects as shampoos today are full of harmful chemicals. The ideal choice is to have herbal shampoos which strengthen your hair and are least harmful.

save your hair in monsoon: Keep a check on what you eat

4) The Choice of Comb

Hair during monsoon, become frizzy and unmanageable. Comb your hair with a wooden comb having wide tooth instead of using plastic combs.  Wooden combs untangle your hair without any breakage.

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5) Champi is the ultimate solution

Oiling and massaging your scalp on regular basis is the best thing you could ever do to your hair. The process of oiling increases blood circulation resulting in healthy roots. Strengthened roots defeat Hairfall which automatically increases the volume of hair. It keeps hair frizz free and soft.

In order to prevent dandruff, add some lemon juice to coconut oil. After massaging it over the scalp cover your hair with a warm towel for 15-20 minutes. Next, wash your hair with mild shampoo. Try this twice a week for a month and you will notice the difference.

save your hair in monsoon: Champi is the ultimate solution

Hair forms an important part of one’s personality. Silky smooth hair is all we desire to have. In order to have beautiful long locks, it’s mandatory to look after them properly. Follow the above-mentioned tips to have shiny frizz free hair during the monsoon season.

11 Things That Boyfriends Do That Makes Our Heart Beat Faster

11 Things that Boyfriends do that makes our heart beat faster

Receiving love and affection from that one special person, boyfriend, means the world to us. No doubt a girl once in love with someone leaves no stone unturned to make her better half feel loved and happy. Coming to us, it is a huge myth that we fall for big and flashy things. Instead, it is the cute little things that our boyfriends do that make us feel on the top of the world.

Love is the most amazing feeling one can share with someone with complete loyalty for a lifetime. No matter how kiddish and troublesome they get at times, they are the ones making us feel lucky and positive about life.

Here are a few things our boyfriends do that melts our heart and we can’t stop awing at them!

1. Hey Honey, You are Beautiful! The whispering compliment does it all

Yes! Yes, Guys! That’s all! The sudden compliments that boyfriends pass to their girlfriends just make their day. The intimacy and love in your whisper lead to a swarm of butterflies in her stomach.

The whispering compliment does it all
Img Credits: Wattpad

2. Smelling Delicious

The sexiest thing about a man is his amazing fragrance. A guy’s irresistible smell makes women go crazy for you and therefore all she wants to have is YOU!


3. “Good Morning Gorgeous” is a sudden uplifter

Boyfriends really have no idea what their good morning text means to their girlfriends! The cute text makes her feel wanted which in turn makes her a keeper of you. Your text adds a spark to her dull morning otherwise.

Good Morning text to her
Source: Pinterest

4. The Purity of a Forehead Kiss

Nothing in this world is more passionate than an alluring kiss on the forehead. It shows your respectful and protective behavior towards her.

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5. The Ticklish Feel While Holding Hand

There go your fingers over her palm giving her goosebumps and making her realize that you won’t let her go anywhere.

6. The Perfect Sudden and Back Hugs

Long hugs from back with slight kisses on the neck can make any girl go weak on knees. The sudden rush of her blood leaves her feeling aroused and enamored.

The Perfect Sudden and Back Hugs
Img Credits: Scoopnest

7. Remembering her major contacts

Remembering everything about her friends is a sign that you are serious about her. Your involvement makes her feel good and secure.

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8. “She is my girl, my future”

Introducing her to everyone you know with complete faith and confidence is all she needs.

9. With her head on your chest “Cuddle All The Way”

Grabbing her, kissing her, talking to her in her eyes, noticing the inner beauty she possesses and everything that combines to form a perfect cuddle is the cutest and the most amiable thing for your girl. This gives her a chance to get more into you.

With her head on your chest “Cuddle All The Way”
Source: Tumblr

10. Singing your heart out

Even though you aren’t a great singer, grab her waist, pulling her closer run your fingers through her hair with the touch of your lovable humming in her ears. Your magical tunings will seem as melodious as honey to her as it is a way of showering love upon her. Grooving a little is an icing on the cake.

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11. Having a Worthy Conversation

Telling her about your ambitions, your fears and insecurities might not always get you solutions but it surely gets you an extra care and love. You get more comfortable and easy to handle. Seeing you happy and relaxed takes the lines off her forehead. You tend to build a deeper mental and emotional connection as you discuss things with her.

Having a Worthy Conversation
Img Credits: Silsm

Relationships are built on trust, love, sacrifices and honesty. It’s important to have a note of things that make you partner happy. After all being by the side of your love forever is not in everyone’s destiny. If it gives you it knows to take back. So, cherish the small things you offer to each other!