Making Her Mark in the Corporate World – From an Ambitious Independent Woman

I entered the Corporate World with high dreams and aspirations, much like the rest of the World or as they categorically put it, much like the men. Thoughts swirling in mind, eyes twinkling with dreaming of skies, head held high, and with feminine poise, I was determined to make my mark at a place dominated by the men holding highest positions.

Do I feel apprehensive, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date.

I walked in and I saw read the judgements in the eyes, ‘eye-candy’ they declared I am. No, they didn’t announce it but I knew it from their eyes, for I’m a Scorpion and that’s what my Scorpion traits have taught me, ‘pierce into the thoughts through the eyes’.


An ambitious Scorpio woman

Did I feel miscalculated, you may ask? No, is my firm response till date. However, I did feel underestimated.

I placed myself in my seat, and got the warmest welcome with the coldest eyes. Yet, I smiled ear to ear accepting the most hurtfully common human phenomenon. I got my first project, typically least challenging per-se, but work is work and worship and responsibility so I performed quite well. That was my first chance of proving my true estimation to counter that underestimation. But oh well! A less challenging task can’t really lead you anywhere.

Days passed and months too… I didn’t feel enriched. Being impatient, it became unnerving each day until one day, I decided to talk it out to the person concerned and so I did. “Naira, it’s about 20% work that you do and 80% how well do you connect with people and people mean your Boss “, and that was my first reality check into the world I entered. The person continued, “You need to keep your Boss happy”, I was of course aware of this sassy formula, however, my ears weren’t ready to receive the same by the Boss himself. Yet, with a poker-face I sat there trying to make the most sense of his words because honestly, I was rather stuck at 20:80 ratio.

My mind had started going to a different level because I barely could grasp the corporate mindset, words like ‘submissive’ and ‘compromises’ made little sense to me. As I tried to subdue the wrong thoughts and tried to admit that words can be misinterpreted, I heard him say explicitly ….

To be continued…

What Do The Last Four Months of 2017 Have In Store For You (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

Last Four Months Of 2017 Horoscope Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are more than 100 days left into what will close one more year. The finish of one season. The begin of 2 others. And keeping in mind that it’s not that a big deal but what if your life is about to change in the next couple of months.

Let’s find out how is the year 2017 going to end for you, based on your Zodiac Sign.


(March 21 – April 20)

Half of your heart needs to renounce the individual you cherish, the other portion of you doesn’t seem to agree. As you take a gander at as to what extent you’ve been running in circles, you nearly get disappointed with yourself each time doing this.

Your heart needs a certain something and your head is instructing you to accomplish something totally extraordinary. I don’t have to instruct you to let go off this individual, you’ll so voluntarily when you’re ready.

In any case, just realize that you deserve better.

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(April 21 – May 21)

Perhaps you’re a little befuddled of lately.

You don’t know whether the path you’re strolling is the correct one. It’s alright to be confused and uncertain. Don’t let this confusion make you uncertain of the goodness that might be falling your way. At times, the hard way is the best way.

Perhaps the following four months of your life won’t be the best, however, what might come to you in the near future is a more prominent reward that you don’t see yet.



(May 21- June 21)

Your life has been somewhat rough in a positive manner for the majority of 2017.

Your career changed… Relationship status changed… Life decisions you were excessively apprehensive of, you finally made them. These decisions as terrifying as they were will pay off for you.

Furthermore, perhaps it’s not a relationship you find as the New Year arrives, but one thing is certain, you’re gonna find yourself again.


(June 21- July 22)

In the event that you needed to answer how 2017 has been so far in a single word, “how” shall be your answer!

How have you survived what appears like the most noticeably bad year of your life up until now? Be that as it may, I guarantee you it will improve. Because it wasn’t incredible in the start, in the first place doesn’t mean it wouldn’t wind up being your most loved year yet.

The fall heading into winter will be the point at which you prosper most. Simply hold tight until that happens.

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(July 23 – August 23)

You are the first to keep running from connections and fondness of any sort. Dating. You despise it. Connections. You don’t need anything to do with them.

2017 is essentially an obscure of uncertainty as you may think about how you’ve been doing all these things consistently and not going crazy.

In any case, you know where a great many people detest rain in the fall and snow in the winter and everything dull and frosty that is the point at which you do extremely well. You beat to your own drum. Giggle at your own particular jokes.

What’s more, love shall come into your life and remain with you even when you attempt and keep running from it.



(August 23 – September 22)

You’ve made a gigantic stride in your profession recently and as new and as unnerving as it is you will keep on doing extraordinarily well.

While it may have required you some investment to make, be glad for yourself for never abandoning your fantasies, never giving up on your dreams.

As to love you’ve done enough for someone who hasn’t even met you midway. I know you’ve sacrificed much for this individual. Now is the time you take the step back or forward, whichever makes more sense to you.  Because when the new year comes they are either going to take the game to the next level or you may turn out to be the one who chooses to quit playing. Keep in mind your value since you deliver a great deal to the table.

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(September 23 – October 23)

I know how harmed you’ve been of lately. There’s a wound profound inside you that will set aside some opportunity to heal you. What’s more, exactly when you think you’ve gained ground you fall a couple of steps moreover backwards. It’s alright to feel these things as overwhelming as you do.

While love may be what you trust heals you, what will actually mend you isn’t someone you lay down with at night, instead what you do in your free time and how you rise once again from this.



(October 24 – November 22)

You are somebody who has dependably been the wiser one amongst the ones of your age. Scorpios see things uniquely in contrast to everybody your age. You forever have.

You’ve generally been a solitary wolf pounding to your own particular drum and concentrating on your objectives. In any case, one day before this year closes you will run into somebody who is both similarly invested as you are yet additionally has each quality you require.

Be prepared for the individual in your life who will make you want to take chances.

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(November 23 – December 21)

I know you’ve been holding on to an old love for some time now.

Trusting perhaps they return around to you. Trusting that they might understand they adore you once more. That’s because you’ve actually loved them constantly regardless of the fact that you haven’t talked to them in a while.

Be that as it may, truly you don’t need someone to validate your worth. You need someone who can look into your eyes and feel that you’re their world. Possibly it won’t come until the finish of the year. In any case, don’t lose trust and don’t lose confidence that it will work out for you.

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(December 22 – January 19)

You’ve been fortunate to discover love in your life. Somebody who seems harsh around the edges yet you really do love with your entire existence.

As a couple, however, you will be confronted with on obstacle. Is the relationship going to proceed or would you say you are each going to make it to the following stride? You gotta approach yourself what are you prepared for? In any case, more than that would you be able to see yourself spending whatever is left of your existence with this individual?

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(January 21 – February 18)

In the following couple of months before the year closes your past will cause issues down the road for you.

Regardless of whether that is exes or individuals you’ve had a dropping out with. Also, despite the fact that you’ve changed and evolved, they take a gander at you and consider all that you’ve ever done is wrong.

Try not to permit another person’s supposition to make you believe otherwise than that you’re an amazing person.

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(February 19 – March 20)

You are at long last going to surrender the past and discover an affection that merits you.

Yes, you’re gonna fall in love by the time this year ends. It won’t be somebody who drives you on or influences you to address yourself; all that you’ve at any point given to somebody is at long last going to return to you.

Anyway, be cautious when that happens because when people begin to see you happy and doing well, they either try and bring you down or every ghost will come back from your past knocking.

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7 Most Unexciting Sex Partners based on their Zodiac Signs

7 Most Unexciting Sex Partners based on their Zodiac Signs

Most boring Sex partners of Zodiac Signs… Sounds intriguing? Is this even possible?

Astrology offers advice on relationship compatibility and if you are someone who consider zodiacs important for describing the tuning between you and your partner then you are at the right place. Because it’s better to not be with the zodiac signs that are least compatible with you.

Well, if your dream lover is someone who lies there like a least interested party, then you’ve probably won the lottery in boring sex partners.

There could be several factors that make a person boring while making love (sounds funny, right!) and we here are going to discuss about the factors that make some of the Zodiac signs absolutely worst at Sex.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo are too fussy about getting things right which includes sex as well and this is where issues creep in. In the process of making things right, Virgo ignore the passion and pleasure of love making which makes their partner wanting to run away.

Virgo being the cold sign isn’t quite demonstrative of emotions and love. Their perfectionist attitude towards everything, including love-making, screws up things with their partner. Virgo is not very compatible in bed!


Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Cancer ruins everything with their talks, starting from the beginning to the ending, talking is what they want to do.

Before the action begins, it’s talking, during the action also the chattering does not stop. Cancer is devoted and there is no denial that their love is immensely pure, having said that, Cancer is continuously nagging and their neediness can bore you to death.

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Gemini (May 21- June 21)

With Gemini nothing is permanent, they believe in enjoying in the moment.

So if you are looking for something playful, then Gemini in bed are the best. In the beginning you will feel everything is going great with them, however as the time passes by they lose interest and their attention diverts to something else and you might feel it even when you are doing it, which is a major turn off.

Special Note: Some Gemini are super Energetic and fun. The are unpredictable and so, yours sex life can be full of surprises!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Though Capricorns enjoy sex, but not with you is what you will realize after some time.

They like dreaming and fantasizing about someone else while they are in bed with you. And so this is not only a major turn off but a heartening realization and hence often ends up into early break ups.

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Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Being drawn to beautiful things and adored by them, Libras are a little sensitive to ambiance.

Their partner has to go an extra mile to make romance a priority. There might be times when Libras shall make the mood by themselves, but often than not, this sign isn’t much fun.

Special Note: Libras return the favor! So, you still have an option.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

With Pisces as your sex partner you might be able to enjoy the initial rounds however later on becomes more of crying and cribbing sex.

Starting from foreplay to orgasm there will be continuous crying which eventually becomes so boring that it turns you off, making you give up on the idea of having sex for a while.

Special Note: Having said that, I have been around friends with Pisces partners who absolutely rock their world, so yeah! Exceptions are always there.

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We hope that your partner is not boring in bed!


I Opened Up To You Even Though I Knew Better

A Girl Who Opened up to her boyfriend

I succumbed to you, despite the fact that I knew you weren’t right.

When I initially met you, I knew you would give me inconvenience. Something about that sassy grin. Something about the way you snickered and made jokes. Something about the way you took a gander at me. Something about the way you influenced me to feel. I knew you aren’t right.

I figure the most noticeably awful part is that I was cautioned about men like you – the smooth talkers, the loving backstabbers, the ones whose appeal can veil their most profound and darkest goals. What’s more, despite the fact that the signs were all over the place, waving their brilliant warnings, imploring me to pivot and to go no further, I disregarded them with expectations of demonstrating the Universe as wrong.

I Opened Up To You.

I could converse with you about anything. You supported me even when I was unaware that I required it. Some way or another you influenced me to surmise that you were what I was searching for. Not just that, you kissed me and revealed to me I was gorgeous and that I was what you were searching for. You made me believe that we’re meant for each other.

With each warm touch and with each promising and motivating word, I let you tear down my walls. And with every message you sent me, and every call you made to me, you let me trust that you were digging in for the long haul; that you were genuine.

Yet, now, as I lay here in my bed, alone, knowing very well indeed that you are out there setting your lure for the next, I’m proud that I understood your game before becoming a victim. You saw me as an amusement to be played. An empire to be conquered.

I knew you couldn’t have cared as much as you said or as much as your false signals would persuade. Be couldn’t I notice all of it much before? I could but I chose not to. I needed to absorb the sentiments of adoration. I needed to be a piece of something so gravely that I nearly risked myself.

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 You Weren’t One Amongst The Typical Bad Guys

You didn’t endeavor to hurt me or persuasively take my credulous heart. You were crafty and by one means or another persuaded me to offer it to you. Had I not been cautious enough, you would have rested my heart in your trophy case next to others.

 Here’s what I Want You To Know Player

I have stolen a large portion of my heart back, yet there is a part of me that needs you to keep that last piece.

Because I’m certain that one day when I discover the love I’m searching for, you’ll feel the guilt of deception, the guilt of being savagely selfish.  I need you to take a gander at yourself and consider how you could be so cold as to treat me as you did; to lose me.

I need you to keep that little bit of me as a reminder that you once broke me… But I was more grounded. I collected myself, pulled out this and I discovered bliss regardless of your constant efforts to torment me with your moving in and out of the relationship every now and then.

 You may have been sufficiently strong to break me, however I wasn’t weak either. 

Yet, in the event that it never happens, that you never realize what you made me suffer through, in the event that you never lament how things finished, I need you to realize that I’m glad. Happy without you. I’m proud of myself for being strong enough to move out of the toxic relationship before it was too late. I’m glad that I could move on with life even after all this. This contentment that I feel is the thing that drives me to continue making the most of my life regardless of you. It gives me trust in my capacity to continue walking ahead.

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A Girl Who Learned To move on over her boyfriend
Source: Pixabay

 What’s more, on the off chance that you never consider thinking about me again? Well, I trust you realize that I too intend to overlook you.

Gradually yet definitely, you’ve just begun to blur from my memories. Your scent, the feeling of your touch on my skin, your chuckle – it’s every one of the somewhat dimmer than it was some time back. I will overlook the surface parts of you, yet I will never forget how you broke me. Also that, how strong I was to overcome the game I was almost trapped into.

I think I see now the energy of intuition. First impressions aren’t always right, but the gut is never wrong.