A Fight between Terror & Humanity – My Heart Bleeds

Salute to Martyr Nitin Kumar, BSF Constable.

Let not his sacrifice go in vain. How many more will shed their blood in a fight between terror and humanity?

Heard Enough of the war between India and Pakistan, unfortunately it is the humanity at stake. It’s not a fight about the religion or even the nation, it is about our existence as “Humans”.

We have to fight unanimously against brutal Inhumanity, atrocity, savagery, callousness and extreme cold-bloodedness. And if that means boycotting a country, that in any manner comprehends and supports terrorism, I will. Because when those soldiers stand on the border fighting for my country and die in the name of my country, I feel my heart bleed.

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And when on National Television, the diplomats from my beloved neighboring country outrightly support terrorism and mention of it as a means to fight India, I condemn not just their conduct but of each person who thinks of them as worthy diplomats.

I support humanity. I support India. I will not live in pretense that there will be peace without feeling the urge to have it. And for once, I’ll not support a star because I follow him, but the Nation that made him who he is.

I condemn Inhumanity and such atrocity.
#Humanity #India #JaiHind

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