Based on a real-life story, Diary of A Girl Next Door features two distant personalities, Ranbir (prosaic & passive)  & Naira (intense and zealous). An enigmatic love story of Ranbir & Naira that takes a quirky turn leaving some questions unanswered. The whole experience is narrated by Naira describing the beautiful yet entangled phases of a complicated relationship.

Part I – Secret Confession

Ranbir & Naira - Secret Confession

There’s something I want to share with you. Something that is straight from the heart.There’s a confession that I have to make. It is about Ranbir and I … Read More

Part II – A Sip of Sangria


Until one day, when he suddenly asked me out for dinner. There was a text from him “Hi Naira, Let us meet Sunday Evening at 7, but it isn’t a date“. I felt awkward and thrilled all at once. But then I reluctantly agreed, because … Read More

Part III – Thoughts Swirling in Mind


It was like a terrific mount, you know something like, woosh *LotsofLove*. I know it sounds kind of crazy but undeniably true it was. And then I realized it might land me up in a huge problem… Read More

Part IV – In a Dilemma


Naira, what if I don’t drop you home tonight? I mean what if I take you to my place?

*What did he just say? Home? Why?* … Read More

Part V – Intense & Graver

Diary of a Girl Next Door - Intense & Graver

“Hi Naira, can we talk for a while?”
“What is it about?”
“There’s something I want to tell you, there’s something I am hiding from you…” Read More

Part VI – Ranbir’s Apartment


“Ranbir, why don’t you just tell me the reason, please?” 

“Fine. I’ll take you to a place after office. You’ll find all your answers there.”
“I’ll be waiting..” Read More

Part VII – Ranbir & Naira Kiss


Then I realized he took a different route, perhaps by mistake, I thought at once but he didn’t make a U-turn. If we continued on the same route, we weren’t going to reach office for sure… Read More