7 Reasons Why Girls Choose Friends Over Boyfriends

The tiff between Friends and Boyfriends is never ending. The former has been with her through all the roller-coaster rides of her life while the other has bought an all new meaning to her life. To choose between these 2 gems has never been easy, but it seems girls value their friendship more than their love relationships.

So, before you get into a relationship with your dream girl, make sure she doesn’t have a best friend, I mean definitely not the one in Pyar Ka Punchnama. Have a look at the reasons which convey why girls are inclined more towards their friends. And you never know, these might act as best relationship tips for you.

A peep into the psychology of Girls:

1) Friendship is forever

Once a girl has chosen her soul-sister, dare you to replace her! They might fight like cats but in hard times you would watch them being each other’s back. Oh! Just to be a clear, a girl never finds a soul-brother in her best male friend. Fights with best friends are free from any knots whereas a single fight with the boyfriend can ruin the fairytale dreams.


2) Deeply entrenched in each other’s life

Friends have been stuck to her for obviously a longer period of time and anybody would place their old relations above the new ones. From her grunge and gross dress up as a teen to a perfectly dressed adult, they have seen it all. Although, there’s no denial that boyfriends can do romantic things to melt their women’s heart, but friends steal the show often.

3) The lightness of mind and soul

When compared to long hours spent with boyfriends, even a few minutes with friends feel more honest and relaxed. She is an open book in front of her friends. Moreover, she can share anything and everything with them. Therefore, being loyal is not a big task for her.


4) The Rescuers

After all the pebbles that life has thrown at her, she has got her friends to bring her back together. Boyfriends might become ‘ex’ but friends are never getting older. Be it the scolding of her parents or a fight with boyfriend, she finds home in her friend’s hug.

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5) A Bucket full of Weirdness

All crazy and quaky things find their place in her friend’s lap. She can be drenched in foolishness and still no one would judge her. They have their own humorous dancing steps on the world’s weirdest yet funniest songs. Her A-rated talks find a higher level when she is with her gang.

6) No need of space

Most of the fights in a relationship revolve around the space each partner need. They quarrel over minimal things results in a tensed atmosphere. But with friends, you need no space as you already have the freedom of speech and action.


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7) Friends are Family

Friends spend long hours in her house doing nothing as if it is their own house and her parents are their parents. Also, with passing days they become a part of her family, while on the other hand, she needs to think hundred times before bringing her boyfriend to meet her parents.

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