15 Wild Thoughts Every Bride Has Just Before The Wedding Night

Well, these days ‘marriage’ has become the smoking hot topic of every discussion. You know a torrid affair whose flames are rising briskly? For past couple of months, this is what ‘marriage’ has become suggestive of. So, this train of thoughts has a reason – My friends’ approaching marriage(s). While I was still recovering from these thoughts about the fears of marriage, I stumbled upon rather interesting musings.

Yes! If the whole marriage thing was not enough, please make way for the Wedding Night! I mean, cmon Bollywood made a full-length song about it. How can one forget “Suhaag Raat hai, ghunghat utha raha hun main?” Wedding Night as in Suhaag Raat certainly makes the talks about marriage a little more fascinating. Right?

So, I thought of channeling the wild thoughts every bride has before the wedding night by questioning the many would-be brides around me. So, here are 15 completely insane thoughts brides have before the wedding night!

1. Do I need to wear a veil (ghunghat) and sit on the bed with all the jewels on, till he arrives or is it restricted to movies?

2. And if yes, there are innumerable clothes and jewels. Would he understand them? How will they come off?

3. Oh Good Lord! Will the lights stay on or off? I like it with lights off. Yes, lights off.

4. I hope I don’t have to carry a glass of milk. What exactly is their obsession with such customs? A glass of Kesar-milk for him really? Only he needs the energy?

5. I think he will like the red lace lingerie I specially bought! Will it be too early to wear them? I think I should wait for a week!

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6. So, I think we should talk and relax a little, will he understand that? And do I look fat today?

7. The parlor lady has fitted my hair taut. These hair clips are certainly going to take the entire night!

8. Has he done it before? Does he even know how to do it? What if I don’t want to do that night?

9. Are there going to be rose petals on the bed? I think there should be candles too. Really! Wow, that seems romantic!

10. Should I say ‘No’ if he tries? Do I need to blush and blush a little more? And more? What exactly do I need to do?

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11. Whoa! Don’t tell me the elders will look at me like I’m a child-bearing machine. Stop dreaming about your grandchildren!

12. What will everyone think when they will leave us alone in the room? Will they think nasty of us? Now, that’s a little awkward.

13. They’ll definitely give me weird expressions tomorrow morning. Will those aunties be finally comfortable with me being with a guy? Ahh! Those Aunties!

14. Are they going to ask me estranged questions about the night? How it was? What I did? No way!

15. Damn, I Am Married! Even my parents would think I’ve had sex! This is embarrassing! They’d be sure about it when I’m pregnant. God!

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