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Someone someday said, “If you got it, flaunt it!” We at AFBD chose to keep the flaunting part a li’l mysterious and sassy!

It’s All In The Name – A Fault By Default

We wanted to give it a name that justifies our thoughts and invokes inquisitiveness and so, we rhetorically coined, A Fault By Default, implying that we have inherited class, elegance and style, and we got what it takes to stand out.

What We have In Stores For You

AFDB is the ultimate lifestyle journal that talks about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Dating and Relationships. We even feature Real life stories and lifetime experiences. The one with all that swag who leaves you feeling inspired and loving life more than ever! Yeah, that one!

Meet The Founder

Ritika Bhateja Founder at A Fault By Default


The bold and creative mind behind AFDB is Ritika Bhateja, a Digital Media Strategist, Brand Communicator and a successful Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger.

Her writings have been featured in International publications, such as Speaking Tree (Times Network), Thought Catalog and Huffington Post. She has also authored for various Social Giants such as SarcasmLol, RCVJ, Khurki, Girlsxp and more. She follows the motto, ‘Do it with passion or not at all’.


Voice Your Opinions

We love to put our readers in the spotlight. That means we’ll tell your stories, voice your opinions and let you tell us what you’d like to see more of. Just have a look at our submission guidelines and submit your article.

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  1. I mean wow, what a Name “A Fault By Default” I like!

    I’ve just landed on this blog just “ese hi” and I must say you’re writing is awesome!

    Let’s cache up, and explore more about Desire, Dreams, Motivation & Inspiration!

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