of the crown pressure on the hair, but also away from the spread of hair such as ink, floating around her, such as silk. Red Palace wall, pink peach, glass glazed tiles, blue sky as wash. She looked out in the water, I feel, that seems to be immersed in a bark of transparent jade, virtu.al and ethereal, reminding us of scenes reminded us of a dream. She suddenly felt ironic. She was so thirsty, so stubbornly want to die. At the age of fifteen, she wanted to die when her clothes were not found and reputation was destroyed at the age of 17, when she first was forwarded and woke up from a strange bedside, she So long awaited the death of. It is, but not die. First, can not F5 Certification it exam after, is not. Death in her, into a luxury. For some F5 Certification time she even had the pleasure of imagining her own death. She is like walking in an endless dark swamp, covered with.dirt, mental and physical F5 Certification fatigue. Until one day, she returned to the country, but also into the palace. At that time, she did not want to die. She just wants to live well. Live above ten thousand people, live fresh and dazzling, a thousand times before the humiliation to be recovered. But the death may be partial to this occasion. Coronet close at hand, that glory and light at your fingertips, but she can no longer touch. She did not know who pushed her into the water. When she was slowly sinking into the water, there was no trace of the lotus pond, and t.he palace people who should have been with her disappeared in

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