Even The Universe Knew It Was Over…

Even the Universe Knew it was over- Poetry by A Fault By Default

He brutally shunned her out of his life saying “he felt suffocated in her presence
She was benumbed. Even tears could not roll down her cheeks.

It was a sight as heart-wrenching as death. After all, a relationship had died.
She had never experienced the gravely broken before, now she did.

Days passed away, she looked back and remembered the emotions that subsisted,
She realized she wasn’t getting over it. So, she chose to walk through it.

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She was punished for a mistake she didn’t commit, for a fault that existed by default,
For emotions that were aroused by a disguised belief that existed in ‘Love’

Years later, he passed by her. For the first time in life, her heart didn’t skip a beat.
She felt different now. Even the Universe knew it was over.


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